Tackling catalytic-converter theft, talking festival’s future, more @ Fauntleroy Community Association

Toplines from the Fauntleroy Community Association board’s July meeting, online last night:

CRIME: Southwest Precinct Lt. David Terry and Sgt. Simon Edison ( were first on the agenda. Crime is down in Fauntleroy, they told the FCA. One attendee asked them about the category of catalytic-converter theft, after it had happened in their neighborhood. They didn’t have stats on that, the SPD guests said, but they said there’s a regional operation under way “to put the kibosh on it.” It’s a nationwide problem, they explained, complicated by the stolen catalytic converters being taken across state lines for the removal of precious metals. Not only is a regional task force working on it, they said, but there’s federal jurisdiction because of the interstate transport of stolen items. If it happens to you, they urged, please report it.

FESTIVAL: The decision hasn’t been made yet on whether to bring back the Fauntleroy Fall Festival this year; last one was in October 2019 (WSB coverage here). Some families may not be too keen on the idea of a large gathering with many children if those under 12 are not yet eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations, it was noted; a community survey might be done to gauge the comfort level. Also, time is drawing short for the fundraising and volunteer-wrangling that’s needed to put on the free festival. The decision will be made by August 1st.

FERRIES: The FCA’s point person on ferry issues, Frank Immel, briefed other board members on the launch of the Community Advisory Group that was chosen for the Fauntleroy terminal-replacement project. They met last month (as covered here) and are set to meet again July 28th. Some in attendance wondered how – whether – CAG members will get feedback from the community at large; that’s yet to be determined.

MEMBERSHIP: A three-member committee has been working to raise awareness of FCA among community members, including pop-ups and door-to-door visits.

NEXT MEETING: The FCA board usually meets second Tuesdays but skips August; in September, the meeting likely will be in-person with an online option – watch fauntleroy.net for more on that.

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