UPDATE: Man injured in West Seattle Junction hit-run collision

10:02 PM: Firefighters and police are at 45th and Glenn right now on the west side of The Junction, tending to an injured motorcyclist. Witnesses say he was the victim of a hit-run driver. Medics have told dispatch that the victim is a. 46-year-old man, conscious and alert, possibly with a fracture.

(Texted photo)

10:19 PM: The victim is being taken to the hospital.

10:27 PM: One neighbor who was at the scene says, “From talking to neighbors no one got a good look at the car but heard it dragging its bumper. Big props to a nurse practitioner neighbor who evaluated the hit motorcyclist before aid arrived.”

10:43 PM: Added a photo of the bike – technically a scooter rather than motorcycle.

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  • Brian July 13, 2021 (10:14 pm)

    That’s such a dangerous intersection and cars fly along Glenn Way. People treat it like a freeway.  Hope the motorcyclist is okay

  • Alki resident July 13, 2021 (10:21 pm)

    This angers me to no end. I hope he’s ok. 

  • LAintheJunction July 13, 2021 (10:33 pm)

    It was a car vs moped crash, with the car speeding away afterward. I heard the crash and was outside and on the scene in about 30 seconds but the car was already gone. A neighbor who witnessed it said it was a blue 90s era sedan, and from the impact it should have significant visible damage. The moped rider was conscious and another neighbor who is a nurse practitioner stayed with him until the EMTs came. Word is that he’s going to be ok, with a possible broken ankle. It was a very scary situation. I hope they find the driver of the car.

    • WSB July 13, 2021 (10:35 pm)

      Small motorcycle. (It was dispatched as a motorcycle crash.) I have a photo from our person who was there. Scooter perhaps better term, although that’s been muddied with the standup kind. Looking up the brand…

      • LAintheJuncition July 13, 2021 (10:37 pm)

        Yes, scooter would be a better term – the motorized, seated kind. 

    • D Sorey July 13, 2021 (10:58 pm)

      Thank you for description of 90’s era blue seadan.  I also read, “bumper dragging” so if everyone reading/ following keeps eyes open we might be able to locate hit and run vehicle, or provide enough tips for SPD. -D

  • 22blades July 14, 2021 (5:56 am)

    Like Brian said above, please slow down. Speed equals less reaction time.

  • Carol July 14, 2021 (10:39 am)

    Wow…. June 28th a pedestrian was the victim of a hit and run in the Junction and also suffered a broken ankle.  Witnesses reported a different vehicle however.  I hope they can catch these drivers and throw the book at them.  I realize how frightening it must be to hit someone walking or on a scooter, but for Pete’s sake isn’t stopping to render aid and NOT leaving the scene of an accident the first thing one learns in driver’s ed?  And if the driver is scared, can’t they imagine how scared the person they hit must be?  

  • Alki resident July 14, 2021 (12:43 pm)

    I may have just located the car involved. I called police. Hopefully someone will update here if I got the right vehicle. 

  • Max July 14, 2021 (2:10 pm)

    The man hit was my father. I am angry to no end. He is in the hospital with multiple injuries,none fatal thankfully, but has gone into surgery today. I appreciate everyone who was at the scene who came to the aid of my dad. I do hope that they find the person who did this. Once again, thank you all who were there.

    • Lynn July 14, 2021 (5:29 pm)

      Max So sorry what happened to your father. I hope he heals quickly and they catch this jerk that did this.

  • Joe July 14, 2021 (2:54 pm)

    Does anyone know what direction the car took off in and about what time?

    • Ws witness July 14, 2021 (2:59 pm)

      West on Glenn street toward genesse, about 9:30

    • WSfromUT July 14, 2021 (3:39 pm)

      9:30 ish, down Glenn northwest towards genesse 

  • WSfromUT July 14, 2021 (2:58 pm)

    My partner and I were one of the first people there, we saw the car, called the police, and went to check on/guard traffic from the victim. The car looked a lot like the one below, maybe slightly brighter blue. Plastic bumper dragging on the right front side. 

    • Alki resident July 14, 2021 (3:22 pm)

      Would damage to the car be more on the left or right?

    • Joe July 14, 2021 (4:20 pm)

      Is this the car? Off webcam video at 9:32pm last night at the intersection of Glenn way/Alaska/44th.

      • WSfromUT July 15, 2021 (11:09 pm)

        Yes that looks exactly like it! And right street, right time, right color! That looks exactly like the car I saw. Btw I’m the one in the first picture, too right corner at the scene. That probably is the exact car. 

      • Linda July 16, 2021 (1:40 pm)

        That looks like the car I reported to the police.  I took a picture of the rear with the license plate,  but I won’t post it here.  Joe,  do the police have a copy of the webcam picture?

      • Ed July 21, 2021 (11:40 am)

        Hey, there, Joe, I am the rider who got struck that night. Do you mine getting ahold of me via email?  I have some questions that I would like answered about that night that very well may lead to the drivers apprehension.  Thanks!

    • 22blades July 14, 2021 (5:36 pm)

      Ford Fiesta. (1983-1989?)

  • Mj July 14, 2021 (7:16 pm)

    I hope they catch the driver and make him or her pay for all the pain and suffering the victim will be enduring as well as all the medical costs et al

  • Linda July 14, 2021 (7:19 pm)

    I saw a bright blue older Hyundi with extensive front end damage on the driver’s side in West Seattle this afternoon. . I reported it to the police.

    • Alki resident July 14, 2021 (8:56 pm)

      I reported it too. around 12:40 today. By Super Deli. I really hope that’s the car. MAX what can we do for your dad?

      • Linda July 15, 2021 (2:25 pm)

        Yes, that’s the car I saw.

  • Max July 15, 2021 (11:52 pm)

    This is the break and after the surgery, thank you all for your concern, he is in recovery now and reading all of your messages :)

    • Linda July 16, 2021 (1:42 pm)

      Max, best wishes to your Dad. Did you recover his scooter?

      • Max July 16, 2021 (4:42 pm)

        Yes, his scooter is with a friend now, pretty banged up but they said it looks rideable. :)

      • Kat July 17, 2021 (7:24 pm)

        Hi there!  we haven’t been able to pick up the scooter! I’m the friend Max was talking about. Is there anyone who could help move it tomorrow? 

        • Ashley July 19, 2021 (5:22 pm)

          Hi! I can ride it somewhere if you need the help!

        • Dez July 20, 2021 (11:08 pm)

          I live nearby and around next few days to help move it. 

          • Katrina A Hayes July 21, 2021 (10:31 am)

            Hi! So I checked on it the other day and it doesn’t run. Do either of you have a truck? 

        • Dez July 21, 2021 (12:08 pm)

          I might be able to borrow a truck. Any idea how heavy?And how close by would we be moving it?

          • Katrina A Hayes July 21, 2021 (6:23 pm)

            Thank you! I’m not sure how heavy it it but he lives on 50th so not too far.

        • Dez July 21, 2021 (9:16 pm)

          The blog has my contact so you can reach me directly. Please text me once you get my number. If it moves I can walk to the home. 

          • Concerned Witness July 22, 2021 (9:23 am)

            Hope it’s moved soon; starting to be vandalized ☹️, pieces being thrown around sidewalk (Thursday July 22nd)…

          • Jon July 26, 2021 (6:07 pm)

            It’s starting to be vandalized to what extent?  This is the owner of the bike and the victim of the hit and run. I am STILL at Harbor View.  

          • Katrina A Hayes August 1, 2021 (1:27 pm)

            I’m just going to leave my email here  Katrina0hayes@gmail.com 

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