DELRIDGE PROJECT: Early warning of 2 weekend closures ahead for SW Genesee

That’s the detour map provided by SDOT for closures of SW Genesee coming up the next two weekends – Friday, July 9th, until early Monday, July 12th, and the same timeframe July 16th-19th. Genesee will be closed between Delridge Way and 25th SW for “street upgrades” as part of the ongoing project to prepare for RapidRide H Line. Here are other key points of the weekly preview:

-Street demolition and paving along Delridge Way SW between SW Holden St and SW Thistle St to begin as early as July 12
This work includes upgrading several sections of the street in both lanes of traffic. We’ll share more details and a detour route for this work soon.

-Overnight and weekend demolition and paving in select areas between SW Henderson St and SW Cambridge St to begin as early as July 16
We will mostly work near Boss Drive-in and Two Fingers Social.

-Intersection upgrades at SW Henderson St continue into July. We are still working to upgrade the street at this intersection. Once this work is complete, we will begin upgrading sidewalks. We anticipate keeping the street closed during sidewalk upgrades due to the narrow width of the street and needing space for our equipment to operate.

Other details of upcoming work along the corridor are here. Still no estimate of how much longer SW Thistle, on the east side of Delridge, will remain closed.

6 Replies to "DELRIDGE PROJECT: Early warning of 2 weekend closures ahead for SW Genesee"

  • winniegirl July 2, 2021 (9:50 pm)

    I wish they would fix the buckled pavement on genesee at the bottom of the hill west of 26th.  It’s becoming increasingly bad. It seems like a missed opportunity to do it all at once.

    • Shawn July 3, 2021 (5:01 am)

      At this point it’s effectively an unintentional speed bump. 

  • Pdx77 July 3, 2021 (12:45 am)

    No word from Metro yet but I would Imagine the 50 bus will detour to Spokane Street and turn on Avalon similar to the route the 21 and C line takes 

  • PP July 3, 2021 (1:46 am)

    Thursday there was an SDOT truck parked there with a guy taking pictures of it. FWIW 

  • West Seattle resident July 5, 2021 (1:08 am)

    I’m just glad there was some sort of notice ahead of time this time.

  • John July 7, 2021 (7:46 am)

    Can you point me to the information about the SW Holden steps between Delridge and 20th SW?  My Google Fu is not working for me.  I remember reading about lighting upgrades, but walking down Holden yesterday it looks like a lot of that area had been cleared out.  I decided to go a different way since it didn’t look promising that it was open yet.

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