CORONAVIRUS: Tuesday 6/15/2021 roundup

Tonight’s local pandemic notes:

MILESTONE: It was announced today that 70 percent of King County residents 16+ having had either two shots of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the one-shot J&J. So in two weeks the county mask directive will end.

STAYING THE COURSE: But the governor is saying no to suggestions that he reopen the state early. .

NEWEST NUMBERS: Checking the daily summary from Seattle-King County Public Health:

*111,242 people have tested positive, 78 new since yesterday

*1,616 people have died, 1 new since yesterday

*6,285 people have been hospitalized, 10 new since yesterday

One week ago, the totals were 110,565/1,607/6,239.


NATIONAL/WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: 176.6 million cases worldwide, 33.4 million of them in the U.S. – see other nation-by-nation stats by going here.

BRIEFING TOMORROW: State health officials’ weekly briefing is at 8:15 am Wednesday. You can watch live here.

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9 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: Tuesday 6/15/2021 roundup"

  • Stay well June 16, 2021 (7:22 am)

    Don’t want to speak too soon, but the numbers recently, such a relief.  We do seem to be headed towards a pandemic exit sign.

    Some thoughts regarding masking going forward.

    If public health experts advise masks are no longer required, think it should be up to individuals and businesses to choose wether to continue to wear or require masks in their establishments.

    Vaccinations are not 100% protective, and efficacy varies among the population, especially for those with certain medical conditions, which may also make them more vulnerable to covid complications, some are unable to get vaccinated for a health reason, and, some are just more prudent about their health, and I believe people should have this choice, without being shamed.

    Businesses are operated by people. People who may have health concerns for themselves and/or their customers and employees.

    I am fully vaccinated, and will keep a mask in my pocket for the foreseeable future, and will continue to wear a mask in stores when shopping at length (like grocery stores), on public transit, in health care settings, at crowded events, and in any business that requires them, without complaint.

    One thing we have seen from mask wearing is a reduction in all the bugs, so if anything, you should thank your fellow mask wearers for also helping to reduce the spread of colds and flus in the community!

    It’s been one heck of a year, and not without frustrations with one another.  Would be great if we could come out of this and move forward with more patience and respect for one another’s needs.

    • ws June 16, 2021 (1:11 pm)

      The clinic where I was vaccinated recommended that I continue to mask until we reach herd immunity so I’ll follow their recommendation.  No one in my family has had a cold since the beginning of the pandemic, I’m liking that.

      • JamesJ June 17, 2021 (10:00 am)

        Please don’t conflate the drop in cold and flu with mask wearing. That is factually incorrect. The drop in cold and flu is mostly caused by Viral Interference. Every year there is a strain of the cold or flu that crowds out the other strains. This year it was SARS-2. A smaller contributing factor was the closure of schools and office spaces. And it is to be noted that the CDC in prior years has stated that they have no evidence of  masking in the general public being effective at controlling spread of influenza. See the “Non-Healthcare Settings” section:

        • Stay well June 17, 2021 (5:46 pm)

          Thanks @JamesJ, you are right to point out those other mitigating factors, and there may be more as well.

          However, it is true that wearing masks helps reduce the spread of viruses that can be spread through droplets via sneezing, coughing etc. Not sure how you could even be debating that.

          Masks are recommended in clinical settings for patients with the flu, and there is now increasing evidence that they may help out in the greater community too. Social distancing and other mitigation has surely helped as well.

  • JJ June 16, 2021 (7:59 am)

    We’d be doing even better if it weren’t for the Delta variant.

  • AMD June 16, 2021 (9:48 am)

    It is encouraging to see hospitalization rates slowly starting to creep down after holding steady for the last few months.  Not going up is good, but going down is better.

  • Granted June 16, 2021 (12:53 pm)

    At this point we are being held hostage by the 30% of the eligible population who either can’t or won’t get vaccinated.

    West Seattle zip codes with higher vaccination rates are showing fewer cases but there are still new cases (92 in WS in the last 2 weeks).

    With the new variants being multiple times more contagious, we need just about everyone who can get vaccinated to do so. Here’s case count for the past two weeks for each zip code, along with vaccination rate (among 12+):

    98106, 23 new cases (71.5% vaccinated)
    98116, 5 (79.7%)
    98126, 25 (68.7%)
    98136, 4 (81.6%)
    98146, 32 (64.5%)

    • Pessoa June 17, 2021 (11:19 am)

      That is not quite the whole truth.  You are omitting the significant numbers of those who have recovered from the virus, often unbeknownst to them, and thus have naturally acquired immunity.   Some of these people will be vaccinated anyways, of course, but others will feel it unnecessary and thus remain uncounted.     

  • Mj June 16, 2021 (10:43 pm)

    Granted – interesting stats, when the vaccinated % nears/exceeds 80% cases drop off significantly. 

    The Governor has put out the carrot get vaccinated and potentially win $ or other prize.  Maybe a stick is also in order for adults who choose not to get vaccinated get Covid pay the medical costs.

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