MUSIC: West Seattle band Aurora Avenue chosen for regional showcase SOUND OFF!

(L-R, Sam Llanillo, Gabi Meredith, Michael Smithgall, Dominique Ocaña, Koh Casaba, Henry Parker, Neizer Olivera, Peyton David Smith. Photo by Nate Watters)

Above are the members of Aurora Avenue – a band that’s not quite a year old but recently was chosen to perform in the annual regional showcase SOUND OFF! Founder Koh Casaba says it’s for “the top 12 under-21 musicians/bands in the greater Pacific Northwest.” Five members of Aurora Avenue are West Seattle High School students, and the band practices in Koh’s North Admiral front yard:

(2020 photo from Aurora Avenue’s first rehearsal)

SOUND OFF! is presented by MoPOP, which plans to stream the show two weeks from tonight – Saturday, May 15th, starting at 7 pm. Pay-what-you-can tickets are available at this link. Koh hopes West Seattleites will tune in: “I owe our success to the amazing community I was able to grow up around.” Before SOUND OFF! you can hear a sample of Aurora Avenue’s music – described as “J-Pop influenced” and “bright” – on the band’s Instagram page.

2 Replies to "MUSIC: West Seattle band Aurora Avenue chosen for regional showcase SOUND OFF!"

  • Rara May 2, 2021 (8:18 am)

    These kids sound so awesome! Check em out. Quite an honor to be chosen. 

  • Jeff May 2, 2021 (9:44 am)

    That’s awesome!   I love to see young musicians getting after it!

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