About those black-bagged signs in Arbor Heights

From the “you asked, so we asked” file – those new black-plastic-covered signs in Arbor Heights are for the upcoming speed humps/cushion installations, and we’ve found the plan is for more than originally announced. When we first reported on them after a reader tip last month, SDOT‘s map showed them within a few blocks of Arbor Heights Elementary and Westside School (WSB sponsor). But now the plan has gone behind that map – three added on SW 106th “in the long block between 39th Ave SW and 35th Ave SW” (above), and two planned for Marine View Drive (below):

SDOT says the Marine View Drive speed humps are meant “to improve safety along the [bridge] detour route as part of the Reconnect West Seattle program.” All the signs will be uncovered when the speed humps/cushions are installed soon.

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  • Colby May 18, 2021 (7:49 pm)

    Now if we could get them on 35th south of 106th. We’ve had at least 4-6 instances of speeding cars leave the roadway since December. 

  • Jim May 18, 2021 (8:42 pm)

    Seattle continues its war on cars instead of making sure the roads are in good condition they just put in speed bumps

    • Auntie May 18, 2021 (9:12 pm)

      I guess the potholes don’t slow down the speeders!

    • Ant May 18, 2021 (9:28 pm)

      Thanks Jim for exposing the tyranny here in Seattle, I was also thinking how will our precious cars make it over a 3” gradual rise.

    • Jort May 19, 2021 (3:04 pm)

      Potholes, amirite?!?!?! How many car drivers have been killed or injured by potholes in Seattle in its 4,000 year history? Careful: being annoyed at potholes is not the same as being dead.

  • Rick May 18, 2021 (8:52 pm)

    Those damn car drivers!

  • sam-c May 18, 2021 (10:02 pm)

    Sounds good.  Maybe there will be lessened aggressive tailgating, for drivers who actually go the speed limit.    Maybe King County can continue the speed bump pattern on 26th?  With the WSB re-routes, lots of crazy drivers there too, including drivers passing (over the double yellow line) others going 35mph (still have 30mph speed limits there, vs. Seattle’s 25 mph).

  • Meebean May 18, 2021 (10:15 pm)

    Ugh- This location makes little sense and  is nowhere near the detour routes or close proximity to schools. SDOT needs to rethink spending dollars and priorities – sick of these little pet projects they roll out. 

  • Mj May 18, 2021 (10:32 pm)

    SDoT claims the project is to improve safety, I would like to see a detailed report that there is in fact a safety issue? 

    Switching streets – A year later after numerous requests, SDoT still has not provided any technical justification for lowering the speed limit on WMW from 40 to 30 mph but used the same language it’s a safety improvement without a technical report identifying a issue.  

    • reed May 19, 2021 (4:54 am)

      Hate to tell you, but SDOT doesn’t need to provide a technical report to satisfy every rambling of a retired traffic engineer.

    • Jort May 19, 2021 (11:20 am)

      Ooo, let me pull out a technical report for you, here it is: driving slower results in less serious crashes, which results in fewer deaths and serious injuries. There’s your report. You’re welcome. Would you also like a technical report on why rain is wet?

      • Keep Seattle Hostile May 19, 2021 (11:51 am)

        @Jort, opposite opinion: the safety culture these days instigates draconian measures and effects that would otherwise be mitigated by personal responsibility people seem to have forgotten about.

      • AdmiralFunkMaster May 19, 2021 (4:13 pm)

        Your reply is silly Jort – and maybe MJ didn’t well-articulate what they’re actually trying to convey? IDK?? A technical and detailed report may provide some clarity as to why the city’s tax dollars are being spent on what most rational individuals would consider aimless. The bigger question here I suppose, is why SDOT (and other city entities) feel that it’s OK to say traffic study this, and improvement study that? If you zoom out, these city entities are burning your dollars on these “aimless” tasks to keep their core employed. Employed, mostly “working” from home and producing 25% less than there usual 50% less yield. What that means, is that your measly 25% yield of work is spent on producing quick blips indicating that Seattle is SAFE and that are elected officials care. Most of them laugh out loud to themselves while utilizing the low bridge, driving to their homes in Snohomish county.  These are the facts – 

        • Jort May 19, 2021 (6:08 pm)

          “These are the facts.”    *Citation needed. 

  • Millie May 18, 2021 (10:38 pm)

    I noticed the signs going up Sunday morning en route to work.    First thought, “What a waste of taxpayer money!”   What is SDOT’s mission statement?   Is it merely placing more signs, speed bumps, “safe streets”, etc. ?   It surely is not road or bridge maintenance!!!   

  • 1994 May 18, 2021 (11:15 pm)

    Seattle’s very own department of un-transportation. What a waste of money.  Putting speed humps on an incline on Marine View Drive.  Just maybe if the un-transportation department actually worked on moving transportation efficiently then drivers wouldn’t feel the need to press on the gas pedal so urgently and everyone travelling the roads would be safer.

  • Peter May 19, 2021 (12:00 am)

    Oh no! Having to drive a bit more carefully!! And maybe a tiny bit slower!!! The horror!!!!

    • Smittytheclown May 19, 2021 (7:48 am)

      That’s an easy response, but the cumulative change to someone’s commute (35th, Fauntleroy, etc) over the last ten years X 520 trips per year starts to add up.  Death by a thousand paper cuts.

      • Jort May 19, 2021 (11:18 am)

        Speaking of “adding up,” the death toll from violence on America’s streets and roads continues to “add up.” We foolishly designed our entire transportation system around the fallacy that every motorist is entitled to a speedy, individual drive. The consequences of that design failure are ever-increasing rates of death, serious injury and property damage. When you say, “death by a thousand paper cuts,” maybe you should also consider, “death by tens of thousands of drivers,” because one of those involves ACTUAL deaths, and the other involves an additional 1 or 2 minutes to an already unnecessarily convenient driving experience. A speedy commute is not more important than saving lives, and slowly, painfully, we will be adjusting our road designs to recognize that.

      • KM May 19, 2021 (11:20 am)

        Isn’t that hyperbole better than death by speeding driver?

  • DetailedReport May 19, 2021 (2:12 am)

    I would like to see more speed bumps all along 35th ave and California ave. No matter the cost! I’ve got a FEVER! And the only prescription is more speed bumps!

  • Graciano May 19, 2021 (3:47 am)

    The people how live next to those, will not be so happy…, when trucks go over them and make a huge thud sound all hours of the day.  Wish SDOT would fix what is already in place.

  • Dan May 19, 2021 (5:09 am)

    If you see me swerve into oncoming traffic it’s because my truck wheels go right in between these humps of wasted money

    • Jort May 19, 2021 (11:19 am)

      “I think it’s OK to break the law and put people in danger because I don’t like having to slow down and be safe.”

  • anonyme May 19, 2021 (6:28 am)

    I’m all for speed control and safety.  However, I’m not at all convinced that the amount of money spent on multiple speed bumps will be cost-effective or make any substantial dent in the problem.   Enforcement is what we need, but haven’t seen in years.  Now that we’ve lost a third of the police force, where is the non-police traffic enforcement we were promised by Lisa and the council?  Is a non-effective speed bump supposed to be the substitute?

  • Lola May 19, 2021 (8:07 am)

    Thank you for more information on this as I saw them installing the signs this past Sunday.  I am all for being safer but it is getting to the point that every route you try to take out of WS now is being blockaded by either Speed Bumps, No Car Zone Streets, Must share the very Small Narrow Roads in WS with Bikes and now Walkers and Runners love to be in the bike lanes.  It is Looking like Seattle Does Not like Motor Vehicles (other than a scooter or motorized bike).  I am Imagining that pretty soon you will tell us that we are not allowed to have a Car if you live in Seattle Anymore.  When will it end???? I will wait for all of the nasty comments to come my way!!!!!

  • helpermonkey May 19, 2021 (8:16 am)

    meanwhile, all we really want in Arbor Heights is sidewalks. 

    • anonyme May 19, 2021 (12:14 pm)

      And a bus.

  • WASTE OF MONEY May 19, 2021 (8:35 am)

    A Speedhump was installed last week in front of my house in west seattle… No notice, not letters, no signs, and guess what? It is LOUD.. mainly because the people who are already driving too fast, WILL NOT SLOW down for the speedhump… it is a useless deterrent compared to radar signs, or actually properly marked streets that are maintained.. It went from normal to a constant barrage of KER-CHUNKLess than a week since intall my car has been damaged as a result of the speedhump. Someones door flew open and being jarred by the speedhump and it smashed into my parked car… what if it was a pedestrian or Cyclist? they could have been killed! Get the speedhumps out of here, and get actual effective speed deterrent measures.  So far this is going to be an expensive speedhump (specially if a death is attributed to it in the future)

  • KM May 19, 2021 (8:48 am)

    I like it.    

  • lr May 19, 2021 (9:39 am)

    These will make that road much more dangerous for bicycles.  Think about it. 

    • Foop May 19, 2021 (10:42 am)

      @LR FWIW Cyclists can’t go very fast through arbor heights due to stop signs at the bottoms of hills or uncontrolled intersections at the bottom of hills. This will be annoying for sure, but we’ll live. Not sure how else slowing cars down makes is dangerous, if you’re implying something else.

  • Alex May 19, 2021 (9:51 am)

    When arterials become inconvenient for drivers (speed bumps, queues, road diets and the whatnot), they speed through the residential streets.    I’m on a residential street impacted by the closure of the bridge and getting SDOTs attention has been a frustrating non-starter.   

    • Keep Seattle Hostile May 19, 2021 (11:57 am)

      I feel like pretty soon SDOT will be removing pavement on most streets to return them back to dirt roads because… HORSES! Yes, that’s right. I believe that is the ultimate goal of SDOT: turn back the clock 100 years ago when you can only ride a horse to get to your destination; seems like a perfect solution to their dubious vision zero goal as horses cannot simply speed, cannot easily kill people (though debatable), and are environmentally friendly (though debatable). I’ll show myself out.

      • cwit May 19, 2021 (3:49 pm)

        Nooooo! Those freakin’ horses always run stop signs and don’t obey the laws just like cyclists!  We need to make sure they get taxed for their road use, too! This tyranny against the oppressed car class must stop!

  • AdmiralFunkMaster May 19, 2021 (4:28 pm)

    Has anyone asked who is paying for all of these new signs? The manufacturing, the install?? Did anybody ask who made the “Safe-Street” signs during the beginning stages of the pandemic? Are those numbers publicly posted for audit? Those signs weren’t just up in WS, they were city-wide – and did they really make an impact??Wonder who is awarding these “contracts”?? How about the “do not block bridge” signs every 10ft on the low bridge? I know you see it too.

    Wake up folks – please for the love of the universe…

    • 1994 May 20, 2021 (9:13 pm)

      Probably  the hump and signage funding is coming from the MOVE SEATTLE Levy money.  Remember that vote a few years back for what, almost a billion bucks? What a joke – they are not interested in the least bit about MOVING SEATTLE. The un-transportation department is most interested in NOT MOVING Seattle. While I dislike speeders a much as the Jort and all the other car ranters, the un-transportation department’s job is to MOVE traffic as efficiently as they can.

  • rico May 19, 2021 (6:02 pm)

    Meanwhile, down here in Federal Way (recent WS departure after 30 years), there are no potholes, speed limts are reasonable etc… Nevermind

  • Jort May 19, 2021 (10:45 pm)

    Interesting. How is that working out for Federal Way? In 2019, one out of every 19,305 citizens of Federal Way died in traffic violence. In Seattle, 1 out of every 30,179 people died. (Federal Way, 5 traffic fatalities, 96,526 population. Seattle, 24 traffic fatalities, 724,304 population.) The roads are MORE dangerous in Federal Way. And the reason more people die on Federal Way roads is because people speed and kill people. If you are comfortable trading smooth, pothole-free roads for the lives of our citizens, I guess I don’t know how to approach that. I guess that’s what cars do to our brains.

  • Dunno May 20, 2021 (7:37 am)

    How about fixing our roads?  Fauntleroy, 35th SW, California SW…just to name a few…If needed I can give exact locations of many problems with all of these roadways…C’mon Man!  Hope someone runs for mayor on this roadway garbage!

  • Rory Calhoun May 22, 2021 (10:06 am)

    Hah… Those aren’t speed humps.  Come down to Mexico if you wanna see speed humps. “topas”. After you scrap yourself off the ceiling you’ll not be so impressed with PNW “bumps”

  • Stuck in WS June 4, 2021 (12:23 pm)

    Meanwhile…. on the West Seattle bridge project…. crickets.

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