Happy trails to Jeb the miniature horse, who’s about to leave West Seattle

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

One of West Seattle’s best-known residents is leaving.

It’s not because of the bridge closure.

It’s not because of the pandemic.

It’s … the grass.

Jeb the miniature horse has lived at an Admiral home, adjacent to a public street-end greenbelt, for more than 15 years. This Tuesday, a horse-transport firm will pick him up and take him to his new home in Taos, New Mexico.

Jeb’s human companion Mimi Miles contacted WSB because she wanted all his fans to know about his imminent departure. Word’s gotten out around the neighborhood. And there are signs up on the fence by his yard along that greenbelt:

Mimi’s not leaving – just Jeb. “I’m bracing myself for a hard transition,” she lamented. But maybe it won’t be so rough for Jeb – he’s leaving to live with Mimi’s daughters Hope and Celeste, who were living at home when he joined the family. They were “obsessed” with horses and “begged and begged” for one. So just days before Christmas in 2005, they got the then-2 1/2-year-old miniature horse from Mount Vernon, “packed him in the back of our Vanagon,” brought him to West Seattle, and the rest is history.

The main reason for the move is Jeb’s health. Much as he loves to graze the greenbelt, Seattle grass isn’t good for him – too much nitrogen and sugar, Mimi explains, and that contributes to health problems including Cushing’s Disease and laminitis. His main diet is a special type of hay she drives to Issaquah to buy. The wet weather also is less than ideal for his hoof problem.

“He’ll have a really nice life down there,” Mimi declares, living with four other horses, near trails and even the Rio Grande. Miniature horses can live into their 40s, she explains, so at 18, he has many potentially good years ahead, and deserves to be in the best place for him.

But he may not become the kind of celebrity he’s been in his West Seattle years, with appearances at community events. He gained fame within a few years of his arrival; we wrote about Jeb 10 years ago, taking a close-up look at his life with the Miles family (including the tale of a petition drive after someone complained he might not have enough room to roam, though he did).

Fast forward a decade. The girls are gone but others in the neighborhood have followed in their footsteps as Jeb devotees. While we were talking with Mimi and Jeb at midday today, more came to say farewell:

In fact, during this pandemic year, Mimi says, Jeb’s drawn even more visitors than before – with people working and studying at home, taking neighborhood walks, “let’s go see Jeb” has been a popular pastime.

She’ll miss him.a lot – “still trying to wrap my head around this” – too. He’s been relatively easy to care for, just a few problems over the years; he’s gotten out on occasion, and that’s even led to police bringing him home.

(Added: We received photographic proof of Jeb’s SPD encounter)

But he’s so mellow, “the earth could shake around him and he wouldn’t care.”

If for some reason New Mexico doesn’t work out, she reasons, he cam always come back here. But she’s certain the Southwest will be “a better life for Jeb.” Until the transport company comes to get him Tuesday, though, he’s holding court. Two more visitors stopped by before we left.

“Are you Jeb’s mom?” they asked Mimi, presenting her with a card.

And of course, even after he leaves, she always will be.

36 Replies to "Happy trails to Jeb the miniature horse, who's about to leave West Seattle"

  • Pam April 18, 2021 (6:15 pm)

     I will miss Jeb but I’m happy for him.   We will all miss seeing him walking around the neighborhood .  So many years of taking groups of childcare kids to see him while we would go for a walk, he’s brought a smile to many faces!  

  • Michelle and the kids April 18, 2021 (6:25 pm)

    We’ll miss you, Jeb! 

  • wsperson April 18, 2021 (6:32 pm)

    Bye Jeb! We loved seeing you on our walks, happy trails!

  • Kris April 18, 2021 (6:40 pm)

    Safe travels to Jeb! I have so loved stopping by to visit over the years during my weekly runs. Glad he has an option for a healthier environment. 

  • Peter S. April 18, 2021 (6:48 pm)

    That is so sad to hear :(  I just saw him munching on grass in the green space east of his “corral” while I was out walking this afternoon.   He’s a neighborhood icon and it’s always a treat to see him out and about.  Happy Trails, Jeb.

  • ITotallyAgreeWithYou April 18, 2021 (7:07 pm)

    After living 16 years just a couple blocks from Jeb’s home, I recently moved out of WS and in my top 5 things I’d miss was visiting him on my walks and Jeb walking past my place-my cat was enamored with him and I felt bad she couldn’t see him anymore. It was such a treat to have a horse in the city! He will be missed (and already is!) but knowing he’ll be some place better for him eases the sadness. Happy trails, Jeb!

  • Lol April 18, 2021 (7:27 pm)

    • Jeb’s neighbor April 21, 2021 (9:39 pm)

      “So long it’s been good to know yuh. So long it’s been good to know yuh….”  Woody Guthrie.  That the tune I had in my head since I heard that Jeb is leaving .  I will miss him! 

  • kevin April 18, 2021 (8:45 pm)

    I will miss him. All the best to your family and Jeb. It was always fun to see him being walked around the neighborhood. He brought me lots of joy over the years. Thanks Jeb and the Miles family!!

  • Joan April 18, 2021 (9:18 pm)

    So I’m not the only one who has transported a miniature horse in a Vanagon? Cool!

  • Lynda B April 18, 2021 (9:18 pm)

    Thank you for being part of our West Seattle family, Jeb.  Have a great time in New Mexico!  

    • Myron April 19, 2021 (8:26 am)

      Where can he be seen? I’d love to see him before he goes but I don’t know where he lives.

  • Mary April 18, 2021 (9:43 pm)

    Oh, Jeb; we will miss you so. Thank you for sharing the story, Mimi and WSB. We would have been so worried otherwise.

  • Amaya April 18, 2021 (11:52 pm)

    I loved walking by with my friend on the way to the park and seeing jeb and sending pictures of him to my family in other places I will miss him so much but glad that he will get what he needs in New Mexico 🇲🇽 

  • E April 19, 2021 (12:02 am)

    Ah, for goodness sake! I will miss seeing him around the neighborhood. Mimi and Jeb often walk by the house. They always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for letting us know Mimi. That’s super nice of you. :)

  • THOMAS MORNINGSTAR April 19, 2021 (12:46 am)

    Taos is such a wonderful place for Jeb.  I encountered him last on 47th hear Admiral.  The old neighborhood wont’ be the same without you, Jeb.  Your humans must be suffering unspeakable loss,  Godspeed to all.  It’s been a privilege Jeb.

  • YouCantHideJeb April 19, 2021 (2:52 am)

    Jeb owes me money. He better not skip town before paying me back.

  • Kimmy April 19, 2021 (5:57 am)

    Thank-you for reporting this sweet story of Jeb and his wonderful family!  A feel good story that will have a very happy ending!   

  • soadmiralk April 19, 2021 (7:23 am)

    In 2009, we moved to 48th Ave SW and Hanford.  We were unloading our moving truck and we saw Mimi walk by with Jeb on his rope.  We thought we were seeing things.  We weren’t.  It was just Jeb.  From that day forward, we always loved seeing him and speaking to Mimi or whoever had the joy of walking him.  We always walked our dog in the greenbelt so we could all stop by and say hi.  The smiles and joy he brought to our neighborhood and West Seattle are endless.  We moved out to Southern California at the end of last month and Mimi and told us he was leaving for his health.  We felt sad for our neighborhood but happy for his new life!  We are settling in well down here and we hope Jeb does the same in New Mexico. Thank you Mimi and family for sharing him all of these years.  Also, any updates would be appreciated once he settles in.  

  • LO April 19, 2021 (7:45 am)

    Love this story so much!!! What a lucky guy that his family loves him enough to do the right thing for him!!

  • Lola April 19, 2021 (7:50 am)

    Have loved Jeb for years.  Even my dog when I would walk her loved to visit with Jeb when we walked by.  Happy Trails Jeb thank you for your wonderful memories. 

  • Rick April 19, 2021 (8:32 am)

    Where ’bouts is he at? I’d like to do a walk by and extend my regards to him.

  • WSB April 19, 2021 (9:35 am)

    Regarding his location – look for the signs on the fence along the 47th SW street end just south of SW Stevens. (I’m sharing that description with Mimi’s permission.) – TR

    • Tracey April 20, 2021 (5:24 am)

      Thanks so much for sharing the location.  I went by last night to meet for the first time and say goodbye to Jeb.  I wish I had known about him earlier.  I would have made a point to walk in his neighborhood more often.  Although I am sure he had plenty of visitors.  What a wonderful story.  

  • shotinthefoot April 19, 2021 (9:44 am)

    I didn’t even know we had our own Lil Sebastian here and now he’s leaving. Fly, Lil Sebastian, we’ll miss you in the saddest fashion. 

  • ACG April 19, 2021 (10:56 am)

    If I read the article correctly, Jeb will be moving to live with Mimi’s children?  That’s lovely if that is the case. He’ll still get to be with his family, just in a new and healthier environment. Safe travels to Jeb and best wishes to Mimi as she adjusts to his absence here in WS. 

  • Susan April 19, 2021 (11:33 am)

    I come from Virginia to visit my daughter who lives in the neighborhood and i have always loved seeing Jeb. I will surely miss his presence when i come out to Seattle again

  • Pamela Allyn April 19, 2021 (9:18 pm)

    I will miss Jeb. He has always brought a smile to my face! One time I was returning home at about 2 AM and there was Jeb on my front parking strip eating grass! No one was around,  and I didn’t quite know how to get him home… but  figured it out. I know Celeste and Hope will give him all the love he needs!

  • West Seattle Lite April 19, 2021 (10:01 pm)

    Awwww Jeb.  We will miss you. I remember when the daughters first got Jeb for Christmas because I was one of their teachers at their school. I was kind of in disbelief. “You got a horse for Christmas?!” The cool thing is that Jeb lives right down the street and is a favorite of my son. Happy trails Jeb, and say hi to Hope and Celeste!

  • Jennifer April 20, 2021 (6:56 am)

    We will miss seeing Jeb in the neighborhood! I’m sure the girls will be happy to have him with them but I can imagine Mimi will miss him dearly even if she knows it’s best for his health to leave. Sending hugs to Mimi!!!

  • Rick April 20, 2021 (8:21 am)

    Thank you

  • Danny L. McMillin April 21, 2021 (8:52 am)

    Jeb and our Airedale Terrier, Keegan, were sort of friends… Jeb would come over and say hi to Keegan most days. Like this:

  • valvashon April 22, 2021 (7:46 pm)

    Jeb hasn’t left yet!  I just saw him at about 6 pm today as I was on my way to PCC, grazing in the street area thing next to his house.

    • WSB April 22, 2021 (7:53 pm)

      I’ll check with Mimi. Maybe like moving vans, horse transporters’ schedules flex …

      • Tracey April 23, 2021 (7:41 pm)

        Went by tonight with fingers crossed but Jeb is gone.  All signs removed and even his feeding station seems to be gone. 

  • Goodbyes are dang tough April 23, 2021 (7:00 pm)

    What a lovely and heart-warming story during these tough times, thank you to Jeb’s loving family – and to the terrific WSB.

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