SEEN OFF WEST SEATTLE: Submarine, northbound

(Photo by Duncan Dorris)

Thanks for the tips and pic! Just seen off West Seattle, that outbound submarine. The sub only shows on, as is typical, as “U.S. warship.”

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  • JohnW March 26, 2021 (2:10 pm)

    I enjoy it when viewers post additional info about these sub sightings.

  • Kurt Maurer March 26, 2021 (3:23 pm)

    Likely either the USS Connecticut or the USS Seawolf. The Jimmy Carter is the same class (seawolf class) of submarine, but has an additional 100ft section and only visits PSNS for major maintenance and repairs (it is based in Bangor on the Hood Canal).

    Not many other features to go by other than the sail, but it is possible it could be a Virginia class that stopped in for a brief repair or visit on its way up north. But more likely a seawolf submarine.Fun fact: there are only 3 of these classes of submarine because they were extremely expensive and designed for cold war operations. Once the USSR capitulated, they discontinued the program. Doing this caused a shortage of equipment and parts for these submarines, so the Jimmy Carter, doing especially secretive operations with who knows what in its additional 100 ft section, will often scavenge off of the other two causing delays and pushbacks in the schedules of the other submarines.

    There is one seawolf class designed reactor remaining that will be used to refuel the Jimmy Carter. It sits waiting at Hanford.

    Source: Former submarine officer stationed on a ballistic missile submarine that spent time in both PSNS and Bangor.

  • Ken March 26, 2021 (4:39 pm)

    That’s some nice info Kurt!  Thank you.

  • Zack Heistand March 26, 2021 (7:10 pm)

    She came by to visit Indian Island this afternoon. No identification features that I know of. I thought they had a number painted on the tower, but evidently not. 

  • John W March 27, 2021 (9:05 am)

    Interesting details.   Thank you: Kurt, Zack and WSB.  

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