GRATITUDE: West Seattle surprise gifts

From the WSB inbox, two more tales of welcome surprises:

MYSTERY MUG: The photo and report are from Robin:

About two weeks ago, this completely fantastic mug was left on the hood of my truck outside my home between 4 and 10 PM. I questioned friends and neighbors, but no one has yet fessed up to leaving it for me, so I wanted to thank whoever did. I live right on the Duwamish bike trail, so maybe it was someone traveling by the house who happen to see my unicorn sticker on the truck and thought I would enjoy it? I do, and I wanted to thank to thank my Anonymous secret Santa!

THESE ROCKS ROCK: The photos and report are from JD:

Someone is leaving beautiful hand-painted rocks in random flowerbeds around West Seattle. These were spotted in beds on Alki Ave. What a sweet surprise!

In the early weeks of the pandemic, we received so many reports of neighborhood joy – bears in windows, chalk art on sidewalk, signs in yards – glad to see it’s still happening a year later!

6 Replies to "GRATITUDE: West Seattle surprise gifts"

  • honeybee March 12, 2021 (10:51 pm)

    Love it, thanks to these gifters for spreading joy :)

    Btw, was that a reference to ‘I Heart Huckabees,’ WSB? …’These rocks rock’

    • WSB March 12, 2021 (11:07 pm)

      No – never heard of whatever that is. (Yes, I know I can google it, kinda maxed out on tabs at the moment…)

      • honeybee March 12, 2021 (11:27 pm)

        It’s a quirky indie film, a philosophical comedy. There is a rock poem in it ;)

  • JW March 13, 2021 (5:44 am)

    Someone left a painted rock in my dear friends garden a last year just after she passed . It’s still there and looking just as beautiful as the day it was left .

  • waikikigirl March 13, 2021 (7:25 am)

    I love stories like this! Somebody left a rock in our flower bed a few years ago which said  “love your garden” and I cherish it.

  • Joyful in WS March 13, 2021 (8:31 am)

    Wow,  just wow!  The creativity and love blow me away today!  Special thanks to WSB!

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