DELRIDGE PROJECT: Sidewalk, road work plan for this week

(SDOT photo)

More sidewalk, repaving, and utility work is planned this week as the RapidRide H Line corridor preparation project continues on and near Delridge Way SW. The project team lists these as key points for the week ahead:

*Curbs and sidewalks continue to be installed throughout Zones A and B

*Demolition between SW Trenton St and SW Henderson St to begin next week, work will include roadway, sidewalk, and curb ramp upgrades

*Roadway and sidewalk demolition in Zone C rescheduled to begin this week, with sidewalk and electrical utility upgrades to be completed in the coming weeks

*21st Ave SW at Delridge Way SW remains closed to local access only

*Intersection demolition and restoration at SW Holden St and SW Kenyon St continues

The full bulletin for this week’s work is here.

2 Replies to "DELRIDGE PROJECT: Sidewalk, road work plan for this week"

  • Guy March 8, 2021 (12:29 am)

    For about 3 weeks now we have had no sidewalk and no parking, and to get anywhere – even to our cars, which are now parked several blocks away – we are forced to literally walk in traffic, on Delridge, and hope the drivers don’t hit us. It feels like it’s only a question of time before someone gets hit by a car.  At night it is even worse because the street lights are not working either so you’re working in the dark right next to moving cars with no separation. This is very frustrating. This construction has been going on for months at this point, so I don’t understand – have these issues not come up at earlier sections? Or were they just ignored? 

  • Sara March 8, 2021 (8:12 am)

    I agree with Guy. The sidewalks resemble an obstacle course and it is very dangerous to walk in the street. Why no notifications from the City on their weekly plans? This must be the longest street construction project in history – it has been going on since last June. 

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