CONGRATULATIONS! Judi Yazzolino retiring from key West Seattle Food Bank role

From kids holding door-to-door neighborhood food drives, to businesses with donation barrels, to attendees at benefit galas, so many people in the community support the West Seattle Food Bank. Someone who has for years helped organize that support – and much more – is saying goodbye. Here’s the WSFB announcement:

The West Seattle Food Bank staff and board of directors congratulate Judi Yazzolino on her retirement on April 1st. Her passion and commitment for our community has been a catalyst in building strong community support for the West Seattle Food Bank.

A longtime West Seattle resident, Judi joined the WSFB in 2013 to share her expertise gained in a career in media sales and marketing. In her role as the food bank’s Development Director, Judi excelled in creating awareness of the West Seattle Food Bank’s mission and vision.

“I have been so excited and grateful to be able to share my knowledge with the WSFB and give back to my community for the last 8 years. It has been a joy,” Judi shares.

She became a key communicator for the food bank’s programs and the people we serve. Judi developed lasting relationships with our many donors and the business community. As a result of Judi’s fundraising, marketing and branding, the food bank raised its profile in the community achieving significant growth.

Judi’s accomplishments are broad and expansive. Her achievements are the result of the wonderful relationships she’s built and the gratitude she shows in return.

· Instruments of Change, A Grand Affair, and Taste of West Seattle rely on engagement for the cause to secure sponsorships for hosting, business owners to donate, media to spread the word, as well as donors to attend.

· Presence in community events relies on strong relationships with association leaders’ who are key to creating community awareness.

· Food drives are the result of communicating the realness of food insecurity in our community and building relationships with individuals, grocers, civic groups and small and large businesses to fight in the cause. Success relies on communicating and providing hosts and volunteers with critical information and materials to help them in their outreach.

You’ll still see Judi around West Seattle, patronizing her favorite retail & restaurants or walking her dog through the parks or neighborhoods. Judi will remain as a board member with the West Seattle Junction Association until they kick her off!

Judi’s retirement is bittersweet for the West Seattle Food Bank. We are sad to see her go but happy that she will be able to travel, ski and spend more time with her loved ones. The best to you always! In gratitude.

5 Replies to "CONGRATULATIONS! Judi Yazzolino retiring from key West Seattle Food Bank role"

  • Clay Eals March 17, 2021 (4:53 pm)

    Anyone who has had even just a five-minute conversation with Judi Yazzolino knows what a significant step this is for the food bank and for West Seattle as a whole. Judi’s MO is optimism, and she has embodied the maxim that nonprofit work — indeed, life itself — is all about relationships. Her ability to connect with, engage and inspire others seems to come naturally and genuinely, and she leaves an example for all to follow. Judi, there’s never been a time I wasn’t glad to see you, and I wish you well in pursuing your next chapter.

  • Judi Yazzolino March 18, 2021 (9:17 am)

    Thank you so much Clay.  Those are very sweet words.  I have loved my 8 years at the food bank, working with all the wonderfully generous people in the West Seattle community.  There is a certain sadness but I’m looking forward to my next adventure and running into all my friends in our hood, especially you Clay!

  • Seana Barker March 18, 2021 (10:08 am)

    Judi embodies community in so many ways and I will miss working with her at the food bank. I  am happy to hear she is retiring and so glad she will have more time to spend with her loved ones and on other projects in her retirement! Congratulations on a job well done Judi! 

  • Amie Edmondson March 21, 2021 (6:52 am)

    Congratulations Aunt Judi!!!!! Onto traveling :) 

  • Greg March 23, 2021 (11:24 am)

    Congrats – Judi – more well deserved time to ski :)

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