PLAY! New pickleball option in West Seattle

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  • Greg February 26, 2021 (2:34 pm)

    That’s wonderful news!  It’s a great way to meet folks too!  Uncle Dan from Wenatchee met a pretty serious love interest playing pickle all over there!  Wow!  Let the good times roll!

  • Laura February 26, 2021 (2:46 pm)

    Are these actually outdoor tennis courts that are converted? The article reads like they are already pickleball courts (“all four pickleball courts are being reserved for pickleball play”). I didn’t know we had outdoor pickleball courts in West Seattle. Either way, this is awesome news! The time isn’t that great, though. Some of us work during the day, even during the pandemic. Hopefully some weekend or evening hours will be added to accommodate players that aren’t retired just yet.  Thanks for the head’s up!

    • VJ February 26, 2021 (4:09 pm)

      Laura,They are tennis courts and pickleball courts are set up on each side (end) of the courts, so you have two games of Pickleball being played on one tennis court. Tennis courts are marked forr Pickleball at High Point and Delridge, people bring their own nets. Drive by the courts on weekends or times that work for you and check it out, the folks are friendly and inviting.

  • Sillygoose February 26, 2021 (2:48 pm)

    Wonderful but what about us pickleball lovers that work M-F will there be more slots for the working folks?

  • Morgan February 26, 2021 (7:06 pm)

    This is what should be built at Lowman to accommodate new shoreline situation…

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