WEST SEATTLE WINDSTORM: Big power outages; downed trees and wires

11:58 PM: The wind started kicking up in a big way a short time ago, and now we’re getting the first power-outage reports. So far we’re hearing from the north part of the peninsula – Alki, north of The Junction, North Delridge, Fairmount …4,391 homes/businesses per the Seattle City Light map.

12:09 AM: Also an outage of more than 4,000 customers just to the south, including White Center. … A tree is reported down across both lanes of Marine View Drive near SW 104th. … Wires are reported down in an alley behind the 3800 block of 45th SW. …. We have not heard wind this ferocious in a long time. City Light says 49,000+ customers are out in its territory so far.

12:34 AM: To the south of us, the map shows two major outages with more than 10,000 customers out [updated map above]. Throughout SCL’s service area, 62,000+ are now affected by what’s mapped as 115 separate outages. The NWS, via Twitter, says, “The worst winds will be over the next few hours & then gradually decrease.”

12:47 AM: This is keeping firefighters busy as well as SCL crews – they’re responding to more reports of downed trees and/or wires. Right now active calls include the 2600 block of 49th SW and 1700 block of SW Austin. Reminder from the NWS, “You might want to venture outside to check for wind damage. But we don’t recommend it as the winds are still gusty and will be for the next hour or two.” It’s not just that this wind is strong enough to take down trees, but that all the recent rain may have destabilized some to start with. … 7900 block of 28th SW, firefighters are at another home where a tree’s toppled …

1:22 AM: At the aforementioned 49th SW block, firefighters are reporting multiple compromised utility poles. The wind is still howling. … Some encouraging news from NWS: “The worst of the winds have passed — but it will still remain gusty for the next few hours on the order of 30-45 mph.” Also via Twitter, KT says the wind blew out their picture window – the glass fell outward, not inward:

Trouble on the east side of the Duwamish River … per radio exchange, pole/wire trouble is closing East Marginal at Ellis, and the 4th Ave. Bridge is closed. … From the aforementioned 49th SW trouble spot, Margo comments below: “We have an entire massive tree that fell down onto our house in the backyard. Plenty of exterior structural damage to house and deck, but luckily didn’t come through into the house itself.”

1:43 AM: Now a report of a tree onto a house, with downed wires, near 32nd and 106th; SFD and SPD are on the way … Also in SW West Seattle – via email, Brandon reports a mudslide blocking Seola Beach Drive. … Here’s a list of highest gusts so far tonight; Seattle’s had multiple ~50 mph reports.

2:23 AM: The wind sounds a bit calmer, after 2 1/2 hours of fury. The new reports of trees/lines down have dwindled, too. But City Light has 70,000+ customers out area-wide, in 168 separate “events,” so if you’re out, it’s likely to be a while before you’re back. (Let us know with a comment or a text – 206-293-6302 – otherwise there’s no online note about restoration time, the outage just vanishes from the map.)

6:06 AM: City Light still has 57,000+ customers out, down from a peak of 72,000. We’re working on a separate trsffic watch but in the meantime, be aware of traffic-light outages and tree blockages – let us know if you encounter any of them (call or text AFTER you get where you’re going) – thank you.

6:42 AM: Our coverage continues here.

124 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE WINDSTORM: Big power outages; downed trees and wires"

  • Lisa January 13, 2021 (12:00 am)

    We’re out at 37th and Andover and I’m seeing a lot of flashes across the sky. Assuming this are boxes exploding.

    • D January 13, 2021 (12:30 am)

      We’re close to you!  I think it’s lightning. Some of it almost looks green. Craziest storm ever! 

      • Pdxmark77 January 13, 2021 (12:38 am)

        That’s not lightning.. there is no lightning in the area.What you are seeing are flashes from the transformers / power lines

      • Angel cortez January 13, 2021 (2:25 am)

        Same here in Tacoma it’s like a aqua blue color and then I see red too in the sky . around like 11:00 and ended about around like 2:23. I hope everyone is safe good luck to everybody out there. 

        • Nicole January 13, 2021 (9:36 am)

          Now I have proof @least someone else saw the blue strikes! I kept telling everyone but they said I was seeing transformers/lines.etc..AND WE DON’T LIVE IN OR NEAR A PWR OUTAGE AREA! Now I can show them…I WAS seeing blue strikes! haha

          • Tristan January 14, 2021 (11:23 am)

            that was sheet lightning, and also, they where yellow and red here in puyallup. i legit thought the aliens had come to invade, but i was wrong. over here, it kinda looks like a small hurricane passed through. i wish i could link a picture, but i cant. i dont have any. 

      • Plf January 13, 2021 (4:11 am)

        Weird, 44 th ave east side lights on, all around us and across streetlights are out

      • Janell Jonn January 13, 2021 (6:14 am)

        We’re in Port Orchard and power went out around 11:50 here. Came back on around 5:20am. Lots of powerful winds before outage. No damage to our house. Too dark to see the neighborhood. Man, what a storm. Never experienced one quite like this before.

      • R January 13, 2021 (7:01 am)

        Tacoma here. Out since midnight. 

      • Jerrishoe Lubecker January 13, 2021 (12:06 pm)

        I agree scary stuff 😃

    • steve January 13, 2021 (1:16 am)

      I saw lightning and heard the thunder. 

      • Fiona January 14, 2021 (3:31 pm)

        If you looked above, it was not lightning and seemed to be transformers/power lines flashing and making those lights, you may have seen some red or green too. And, the thunder you may have heard, but could have also been trees falling near by or the heavy rain pounding on houses or taller buildings.

    • April January 13, 2021 (6:31 am)

      Renton Highlands completely in the dark in 4th st. From 4th st and Edmonds to The Landing there are power but pass Edmonds to Union, Duval no power. 

  • Bradley January 13, 2021 (12:00 am)

    Genessee hill by Charlestown. 

  • Jessica Grace January 13, 2021 (12:00 am)

    Power out on 37th and Manning

  • 26er January 13, 2021 (12:00 am)

    Power went out on 26th across from the delridge play fields at 11:57pm. Very windy and rainy here.

  • David January 13, 2021 (12:00 am)

    Power out at 44th / Charlestown west side of 44th

  • On Alki January 13, 2021 (12:00 am)

    My power is out on Alki. 

  • Kathleen January 13, 2021 (12:01 am)

    Yep ours just went out- 49th/Charlestown. This is some crazy wind!! 

  • Cass January 13, 2021 (12:01 am)

    Lights have been flickering but no outage so far in Arbor Heights. I just heard a loud boom that I initially thought was thunder, but I also wonder if it was something getting blown over or a transformer or something. The winds and rain sound awful!

  • T January 13, 2021 (12:01 am)

    Lost power at 40th and genesee at about 11:55

  • Amy January 13, 2021 (12:02 am)

    Looks like we’re getting lightning too? 

    • WSB January 13, 2021 (12:13 am)

      No, that’s flashes from power lines (etc.).

  • Illirik January 13, 2021 (12:03 am)

    Just went out for me a few blocks north of 35th and Avalon, power is still on to my south and East though

  • Diverlaura January 13, 2021 (12:03 am)

    Over by whale tail park went out a few minutes ago.

  • Snoop January 13, 2021 (12:04 am)

    37th Ave Sw and Dakota power out since 11:58 pm.

  • Jeremy Kahn January 13, 2021 (12:05 am)

    North Arbor Heights is without power too

  • Wsjs January 13, 2021 (12:06 am)

    Heard an explosion and power went out near Hiawatha Park on Walnut. The other side of the street still has power though.

    • Tunnel of lights January 13, 2021 (12:19 am)

      Heard that around 11:55 or so. Seeing lots of blue flashes east of Belvidere. 

  • Henrydpainter January 13, 2021 (12:09 am)

    Omg!  I see  brown  flabes  in the  sky ,  it looks  scary , I better charge  my phone ,  we  still have have power here in Delride and 40th.

  • Riomama January 13, 2021 (12:11 am)

    We’re on the block south of Westwood. Heard a huge boom about 10 minutes ago. Lights out across the street to the east. We’re okay so far on the west side of the street.

  • wseakell January 13, 2021 (12:12 am)

    Power is out over here in White Center near 107th & 19th. Reported to SCL; estimated time of restoration 7 am. I’m hoping that turns out to be accurate!

  • Calires January 13, 2021 (12:12 am)

    Looks like the power is out out on the east side of California between Dakota and at least Charlestown.

  • Diane January 13, 2021 (12:13 am)

    oh wow, so close; lots of flickering in Belvidere within 1/2 block of the outage map, but still on for now

  • Wsgal January 13, 2021 (12:13 am)

    Anyone else hear what sounds like a car horn going off for the last half hour? Can’t figure out where it’s coming from. 

    • Sheala January 13, 2021 (12:37 am)

      I have also been hearing what seems to be a car horn or some type of drawn out alarm going off for the last half hour or so. Anyone else hearing this?

    • Tristan January 14, 2021 (11:26 am)

      where are you from? i heard it too, im from puyallup.

  • trickycoolj January 13, 2021 (12:14 am)

    Still on for now in High Point but heck of a light show in the sky. I don’t think I’ve felt the floor shake from wind gusts before. O.o

  • Kit January 13, 2021 (12:15 am)

    Lights are flickering over in north Admiral. Phones charging! Stay safe. 

  • Emily January 13, 2021 (12:19 am)

    Power keeps flickering in Gatewood area. 

  • EJ January 13, 2021 (12:20 am)

    Heard a big boom and lost power near 102nd and 35th at 11:56.

  • hj January 13, 2021 (12:20 am)

    I’m on the waterfront on Vashon and I can see consistent bright flashes all across Des Moines, Federal Way and such. I have never seen so many transformers blow like this. It’s a bit unsettling. 

  • Julie January 13, 2021 (12:22 am)

    Power is out on Avalon.

  • Jason N January 13, 2021 (12:30 am)

    Side note – will someone please invent a transformer that doesn’t explode?Thanks in advance.

  • DMP January 13, 2021 (12:31 am)

    Still have power here by Gatewood Elementary but it is howling! Anyone have a good suggestion on a weather app or somewhere on Twitter to follow the progress of this moving through? Trying to put my child’s nerves at ease. 

    • Bill January 13, 2021 (12:35 am)


      • DMP January 13, 2021 (2:33 am)

        Thanks, Bill! Used the app, really great. 

    • WSB January 13, 2021 (12:39 am)

      National Weather Service quote (I just added above), “The worst winds will be over the next few hours & then gradually decrease.” Pretty scary sounding if you have a lot of trees around (which we do) … but it WILL pass.

      • DMP January 13, 2021 (2:35 am)

        Thank you for always keeping our community informed! I was able to ease my daughter’s nerves by using all the info you were posting as well as the websites other suggested. The more info she had, the better she felt.  

    • Laura January 13, 2021 (12:40 am)


    • Maya January 13, 2021 (1:12 am)


  • Paula January 13, 2021 (12:31 am)

    We’re at 44/45 and Charlestown. Power is out and we’ve seen more than one plane turn around and head back west . Clearly the wind is whipping them around up there. I’ve only seen this happen once before years ago.

    • CF January 13, 2021 (1:30 am)

      A few go arounds at Boeing earlier but they have been getting in at SeaTac and Boeing in the last 30 minutes or so, any port in a storm. Winds gusting over 40 knots with lots of crosswind, 50 knots at JBLM and 56 knots at Whidbey NAS.

  • Alison January 13, 2021 (12:33 am)

    Just saw three bright flashes from/along Alki beach- possible lighting? (I’m facing the sound) Also see a slow moving boat close to the shore. Weird! 

  • JC January 13, 2021 (12:39 am)

    Saw the greenish flashes overlooking south from West Seattle track/playfield earlier. Not likely lightning, lines or transformers? Howling!

  • Carole January 13, 2021 (12:48 am)

    Building just shook big time – short and sharp 12:43….Charleston/California

    • Scott January 13, 2021 (1:14 am)

      We felt a big jolt around that time too down on Alki.  

  • Mp4of10 January 13, 2021 (1:15 am)

    Wind is gusting up to 45 mph at Findlay and 36 sw

  • Keiven January 13, 2021 (1:18 am)

    Power still on south of genesee and 47th blocks. Lots of flashes here too. 

  • Margo January 13, 2021 (1:22 am)

    Power poles/lines down and severely damaged on 49th SW just north of Admiral. We have an entire massive tree that fell down onto our house in the backyard. Plenty of exterior structural damage to house and deck, but luckily didn’t come through into the house itself. Oof. 

    • WSB January 13, 2021 (1:38 am)

      That must be the 2600 block as mentioned above. Sorry to hear it. Glad you’re not hurt.

  • Junction Dude January 13, 2021 (1:24 am)

    The kids are up and frantic. Mostly because their electronics aren’t working. 

  • Nathan Taub January 13, 2021 (1:28 am)

    Near White Center, saw sporadic bright flashes reflected off the clouds to the southwest starting st ~11:45 PM, our power went out 15 minutes later

  • RLV January 13, 2021 (1:45 am)

    Margo, I heard your tree fall, and was very worried. I’m so glad you’re all okay!

    • Margo January 13, 2021 (7:23 am)

      Thank you! We are ok…our house not so much, but that can be fixed. 

  • Lotus Zheng January 13, 2021 (1:56 am)

    Power is out at Waters Alley S, Seattle. I have been reading on phone having a flesh light next to me. Take good care everyone and be safe! 

  • Petert January 13, 2021 (2:00 am)

    It could be my imagination, but it feels like the lulls between gusts are lengthening a bit, and the gusts themselves are lessening slightly. 

  • Maya January 13, 2021 (2:04 am)

    The stars seem brighter with so much light pollution temporarily cut.

  • Jc January 13, 2021 (2:07 am)

    Out down south too; 509 @ 128th. City light has 350k out in our area. Water in the basement apt. Arghh!

  • Xana January 13, 2021 (2:12 am)

    ISTILL OUT ON ALKI ITS 2:08 AM – when it hit , I  was baking extra large cranberry orange muffins with chopped up fruit cocktail mixed in and extra cranberry. Now their 80% cooked sitting in the oven. And Im also alone with super high beam flashlight and thank God my phone was charged. I havent seen a car or heard another person for 2 hours now….#beyondsleeplessinseattle

  • Chris January 13, 2021 (2:25 am)

    We lost power at 37th sw and 99th street, right after I heard the transformer explode. Lots of flashes all over. Power is still on for those on the other side of 99th though.

  • Stardusty January 13, 2021 (2:35 am)

    Power is out here at Second Chance Camp on Myers Way S. Tree nap a powerline and the tree is still hang on to two power lines.  

  • Susan January 13, 2021 (2:39 am)

    ROAD BLOCKED. Bad situation Meyers Way Southbound uphill- trees are down blocking lane but larger tree dangling in major POWER LINE. Neighbors are IN ROAD directing traffic-2 Seattle PD units responded but neighbors still assisting. AVOID unless local.

  • Scuba Frog January 13, 2021 (2:51 am)

    Out of power and cold on Alki, I’ve got my little flashlight, 48% battery on my iPhone and warm clothes :D

  • Ria January 13, 2021 (3:07 am)

    Rainer beach/skyway area still out it’s been 3 hours now!! When I first seen the green flash, my first thought was ALIENS lol! But in all seriousness I need our power to come back on! It’s getting cold!! Yikes Seattle!

  • Nhi January 13, 2021 (3:15 am)

    Do you know when the electricity / power will be back?

  • Dan January 13, 2021 (3:44 am)

    I live near Shorewood grocery 106th and 26th. Power went out 12am on the nose. Still out 3:45. Good luck and thx to all who posted info.

  • Amm January 13, 2021 (3:51 am)

    Power still out on 35th/Avalon

  • Aly January 13, 2021 (4:03 am)

    In shoreline wa pitch black power still out 

  • Carmelo Lopez January 13, 2021 (4:07 am)

    Power out at 2218 tacoma rd. Puyallup, WA , we have been with no power since midnight going on 4 hours with no power

  • Em January 13, 2021 (4:40 am)

    Lord I pray take care of all of us fulfill all of these houses with angels guarding everyone safe. Whom shall I fear if you are with me because in the eye of the storm you take control. 

  • Heidi January 13, 2021 (4:48 am)

    It’s storming  violently at the shores and inlands right off the straights of Juan de fuca in porttownsend , located on the Olympic peninsula.There are huge trees down over roadways  and there have been several huge explosions.  Wind is still rocking myb  motorhome…..

  • drM January 13, 2021 (4:49 am)

    Unusual for us to loose power, but here in NW Admiral it seems to have become quite common. We have been out since midnight, when I was incidentally awoken by a huge crash in our backyard. Have not ventured out to look yet.d

  • Dawn Gibson January 13, 2021 (4:52 am)

    Just as storm was hitting my neighborhood. White center burien area .My buddy sends a message asking for a ride home from work. Then next we have no power. As I’m slowly driving to the waterfront in Seattle I see trees and branches everywhere in the road . felt like someone jumping on my car when I came to a stop. Haven’t seen weather like this in a super long time. I pray that power is on soon we are freezing

  • Jonathan Octo January 13, 2021 (5:15 am)

    Just had a little flick when I heard my fan turn off and on. It woken up me, but not all of the power in my house went out somehow 

  • Harmony January 13, 2021 (5:16 am)

    Still no power 5 hours later……

  • Christa Lynn Ford January 13, 2021 (5:23 am)

    God bless everyone!I had a strong feeling this storm would happen and we would lose power! Because of emergency prepping 2 days ago we are now prepared here on Whidbey Island except for toilet paper!😄 The Lord Jesus Christ and His guardian Angel’s bless every single one of us!

  • Jen January 13, 2021 (5:38 am)

    The wind was insane! I live on the second story of an old building by hiawatha and my place was literally swaying like in an earthquake. Still have power, though 

  • Jody January 13, 2021 (6:05 am)

    Yeah, it’s called winter in the northwest.

  • Amy Cruz January 13, 2021 (6:08 am)

    We lost power in Marysville 57th Street NE. 

  • Shujauddin Abro January 13, 2021 (6:08 am)

    Redmond… 148th st+Redmond way junction still no power

  • Tony Jones January 13, 2021 (6:17 am)

    Still no power on 45th Ave SW and Charlestown. I’m seeing some lights on at residential homes to the east, towards California.

  • Oluwanifemi akinwande January 13, 2021 (6:33 am)

    Power out in 286th street

  • PAUL THORSNES January 13, 2021 (6:38 am)

    Can someone tell me if the power is back on in Burien?

  • SandiCheeks January 13, 2021 (6:41 am)

    Power is still out on Alki

  • Quinlyn January 13, 2021 (6:59 am)

    Power is still down off 35th and Avalon… gonna be a late morning on the getting to work front- slept through the whole thing, roommate woke me up and told me super late the power was out, thought it was a dream.  

  • Zylith January 13, 2021 (7:20 am)

    Power went out at 115th and Lake City Way NE some time between 00:00 and 01:20. We just got power back about five minutes ago.

  • Kurt Maurer January 13, 2021 (7:22 am)

    Really cutting into my WoW time.

    • Conner Carroll January 13, 2021 (8:06 am)

      Pubg for me

    • tonenotvolume January 13, 2021 (8:12 am)

      I’m with you on that. Hope my 3D printer has a resume function. Play on, print on!

  • Kartheek January 13, 2021 (7:30 am)

    We live in Mercer Island. Lost power around 11:45 PM last night and still didn’t get it back. It was pitch black when I took my dog out this morning. The only lights I could see are from Bellevue downtown buildings. Hope it will be back soon. 

  • Jack Fisher January 13, 2021 (8:07 am)

    Slept through it. When I left for work at 0510 I discovered our Magnolia tree severely damaged then almost half of the 100 foot fir tree in the yard. Missed the house Thank God !

  • Hurry up January 13, 2021 (8:19 am)

    Cutting into my gaming time -.- 8 hours and counting….

  • nf January 13, 2021 (8:28 am)

    All electric house. It’s awfully cold in here. Not a lot of options to relocate with a pandemic. Worried about losing all my food tho am not opening the fridge, of course.

  • Alison January 13, 2021 (8:33 am)

    Still no power along Alki but also want to point out it’s still VERY windy!

  • Jenny Tran January 13, 2021 (8:40 am)

    Power out in Georgetown, pretty bad 

    • Bree January 13, 2021 (2:32 pm)

      Still out in georgetown!

  • Julia January 13, 2021 (9:06 am)

    Curious, but interesting, that so many comments have come from people outside West Seattle. 

    • WSB January 13, 2021 (9:57 am)

      I understand why the “economic impact payment” is getting so many out-of-the-area comments but this one puzzles me – except for possibly that very few news organizations do overnight coverage, so if somebody was looking for information in the early-early hours, we’re all that would have come up. We have even been getting phone calls from people in Burien, Auburn … That hasn’t happened in power outages before; sometimes one stray “I’m in Des Moines and I’m out too” but nothing like this. – TR

      • Pulitzer for Blogs? January 13, 2021 (12:33 pm)

        You’re excellent reporting is getting a wider audience! It is unfortunate only for those who want to know whose car horn is honking. ; )

  • Oluwanifemi Akinwande January 13, 2021 (9:22 am)

    Power is the out on s 286th street

  • GF January 13, 2021 (10:39 am)

    @WSB. You are a gem. As evidenced by all the out of area comments on your stories. Obviously you have a much wider audience then everyone in West Seattle. This is more than likely due to your relentless dedication to cover the news 24/7 at the micro level of our neighborhood. This is needed everywhere but is so rare these days with the consolidation of news reporting.  I am so glad I live in West Seattle to reap the benefits of your excellent reporting day after day. 

  • Scooter January 13, 2021 (11:06 am)

    As a former WS resident, interesting to read the blog!!Here in Puyallup power went out around 12:15AM, our house on the hill had power back on by 3:30AM..  I follow Accuweather.com and saw there was a microburst expected after midnight.  The Doppler was correct! The winds blew from the south, and then from the east and then the north moving my bbq grill across the deck!I have seen windstorms like this before, Columbus Day 1962, Nov 2008 and we chuckle at the Inaugural Day Jan 1993 storm which was hurricane strength, at least in the south sound..  The chuckle as I had just read about Articles of Impeachment being brought forward, coincidence??I prayed and glad to read people posting were spared except for some tree damage.. the birds are back and chirping!!

  • Seahurster January 13, 2021 (1:04 pm)

    In Burien – my neighbor and I both saw green lightning, including some strange strikes/forks within the mass of the storm close to ground level but not touching the ground. One of the strangest and coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  • Peter S. January 13, 2021 (2:17 pm)

    Power back on just NW of 52nd/Stevens.  Thank you SCL !!

  • Jacquie January 14, 2021 (10:22 am)

    Utilities people working all night cutting trees etc in Seola beach area – heard there was a mud slide ? anyone have any details? 

    • WSB January 14, 2021 (10:23 am)

      The slide is mentioned above. Our original tipster said the road was passable later in the morning.

  • Tricky January 14, 2021 (11:31 am)

    January 13th – Latenight Lakewood WA :  Saw flashing blue lights in the sky– White flashes along with explosions & booms heard farther in the distance. Finally saw an explosion of red light just West of us– lit up up the sky with a boom… Transformer? No one seems to take a bit of notice.. went back inside..  Power was off & on — lost phone & cable sericve for 24 hours.. Everything back on this morning.

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