COVID-19 vaccine arrives in our city. So when will it be available in West Seattle?

(State Health Department pool photo: UWMC Pharmacy Manager Christine Meyer puts a tray of 975 doses of vaccine into the deep freeze)

Thousands of doses of the first approved COVID-19 vaccine have arrived in Seattle. The photo above is from the initial delivery, at UW Medicine‘s Montlake campus. Now that the vaccine has started arriving, we wondered when it might cross the bay to West Seattle.

First, about the vaccine, from the state Health Department announcement:

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is a two-dose vaccine, given 21 days apart. Clinical trial data show the vaccine is 95% effective at preventing COVID-19 infection starting 7 days after the second dose. Individuals will not be considered fully protected until 1 to 2 weeks after they receive the second dose. The clinical trials revealed no major unanticipated adverse events.

62,400+ doses are expected to arrive in our state this week, going to 17 sites in 13 counties. The first to be vaccinated will be in Phase 1a, about half a million people described by the state as “high-risk workers in health care settings, high-risk first responders, and patients and staff of long-term care facilities.” (This fact sheet has more details on Phase 1a eligibility.)

Being on that list doesn’t mean you or your facility is getting vaccine immediately. For example, we checked today with Providence Mount St. Vincent, our area’s largest long-term-care center (and one that’s been dealing with a deadly outbreak). The Mount’s Molly Swain tells WSB, “We are indeed so grateful and excited that the vaccine is coming, it just can’t arrive a moment too soon. We don’t, however, have any information, as of today” regarding when and how their residents/patients and staff will get it. They’ll be partnering with Walgreens, but hoping it can be administered on site.

The state has been inviting would-be vaccine providers to enroll. One of the many that have is Trivas Family Medicine (WSB sponsor) here in West Seattle. Dr. Courtney Johnson tells WSB, “The smaller clinics are waiting for approval of the Moderna vaccine, which is more logistically appropriate for the smaller clinics and pharmacies to handle. I’ve applied to be a distributor of the Moderna vaccine. The state is doing an impressive job trying to roll out this huge endeavor in an incredibly short period of time. Where I’m standing it feels like it’s taking forever, but in context it’s very appropriate. The next steps I’m looking for are approval of the Moderna vaccine and more information on the rest of the algorithm to find out who gets vaccinated when.” The Moderna vaccine could get federal approval later this week. Dr. Johnson says the VaccineFinder website is expected to list providers eventually. (We’ll also be reporting on availability here on WSB, as we’ve continued to provide daily pandemic coverage since the very beginning.)

By month’s end, if all goes well, our state expects to have received 222,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 187,000 of the Moderna vaccine, with regular weekly shipments after that. The state hopes most people in the state will be vaccinated by mid-summer.

22 Replies to "COVID-19 vaccine arrives in our city. So when will it be available in West Seattle?"

  • Stay well December 14, 2020 (8:46 pm)

    Hopeful news, to see this vaccine arriving. Thanks for your reporting!

    Have they said, how long the vaccine is expected to be protective? How regularly will this vaccine need to be given, after initial doses?

    • WSB December 14, 2020 (8:50 pm)

      From everything I’ve read (from reputable sources), those are big questions yet to be answered.
      Here’s what happens to try to answer them:

      • Grateful December 14, 2020 (10:12 pm)

        Thank you WS blog. Your continual research to quickly find out details on important topics is gratefully appreciated. 

      • Stay well December 15, 2020 (6:35 am)

        Thank you, WSB!

        And from the NY Times this morning…

        ‘How long will the vaccine last? Will I need another one next year?

        That is to be determined. It’s possible that coronavirus vaccinations will become an annual event, just like the flu shot. Or it may be that the benefits of the vaccine last longer than a year. We have to wait to see how durable the protection from the vaccines is. Immunity from coronavirus infections appears to last for months, at least, so that may be a hint about vaccines.

    • Bandana December 14, 2020 (9:31 pm)

      Yes, this is hopeful news. I heard on the news that Harborview will begin vaccinating staff tomorrow, and it will be televised.

    • Elton December 15, 2020 (12:02 am)

      According to Fauci, we probably won’t know about booster need until the end of 2021. That being said, I would expect that if a booster is required any insurance provider would provide it free (though I realize that not everyone can afford health insurance, sadly).

  • Blackpanther December 14, 2020 (9:46 pm)

    Thank you President Trump!

  • Cat Mom December 14, 2020 (10:14 pm)

    Still not excited about it, We do not know the long term side effects from this, It is brand new. They can NOT say it’s safe when they have not even tested it yet. 

    • WSB December 15, 2020 (12:46 am)

      That is not true. The vaccine’s been in testing for months.

    • Brian Hughes December 15, 2020 (6:00 am)

      They did not short-cut the trials, and the trials show these vaccines are safe. There will inevitably be a few people in the broader population that will react negatively to it.  But life involves taking calculated risks from time to time. Think about the risks front line health workers have been taking daily for months. I can only speak for myself, but if one has no history of adverse reactions to other vaccines, I think it’s an obligation to step up and get vaccinated as soon as you possibly can. 

    • WSREZ December 15, 2020 (9:44 am)

      Inaccurate, Cat Mom. No need to spread false information.

  • Small business owner December 15, 2020 (12:18 am)

    I have had it!  I go to Goodwill, I go to Target, Marshall’s and a very busy Thriftway tonight… I don’t care, but Inslee demands a reduction of capacity in all those businesses… AND demands that I can’t have ANYONE in mine.  This has become so NOT about Science people!  I have a customer who’s daughter took her own life at 15!  I have an employee, who fears for her own child’s safety… scared to death!  For what?  And this vaccine?  Makes zero sense to give those in senior care priority over teachers.  What?  My dad, retired Lt. Co., flew Chinooks in Vietnam, is AT THAT AGE.  He questions… “why did I risk my life in Vietnam to “secure our economy” only to become some old guy that the country wants to “pretend” to protect? C’mon… if you are old, “at-risk”, and have underlying health issues… stay home.  Mask up.I was soooo sick with the flu, 4 years ago, went to the clinic (twice) and was told I just had two strains… I will be fine.  Broke 3 ribs from coughing.  Apparently, it was the most deadliest flu season in a long time.  I am an active and adventurous person… (so I take responsibility for my ER visits).  But I have had heart surgery (purely genetic), c-section (genetic as well), and on, and on…If you believe in this vaccine… I am BLOWN away that teachers and parents don’t think that that should be priority #1. I KNOW my dad would forgo his vaccine in order to vaccinate the teachers that need to keep (his grandson) in school.My son has been failing “miserably” with remote learning.  I paid for “private” tutoring and the “cohort” learning… then- met an amazing family (on Nextdoor, bought a bed off them:), and learned about getting him in an “actual” school.  Yeah… Catholic School.  They have a well “oiled” machine… we do a vehicular drop off, they have temperature checks, masks and all the safety measures are met.  It has been over a week and my kid is thriving and in such good spirits.  And we pay (private tuition vs, cohort/private lessons) $500 less per month.  They say that our kids will be online (headphones, staring at zoom friends, students, teachers etc) til next summer?  I have never felt so good… dropping my boy off from 8-3pm… he has 8 kids in his class… and he now, always reminds me about him having to do homework… Remotely – I was angry that he was alway on Minecraft YouTube.  Just being “in class” learning has changed (his 8 year old mind), so drastically within “1 week”! I will be happy to talk to other parents who need this guidance. And it’s not about religion… (though I do smile when my kid talks about prayer etc…)  As an atheist, I think it is important to talk about religion (only because I believe in history), and I loved “bible school” myself,I believe in the uniforms (my son loves it), and I know that this school is “there” for my sensitive son’s thought process (because they have zero tolerance for bullying.)I am just so tired of the hypocrisy.  I don’t deny the danger etc… I just don’t believe in how Inslee, Gates, Bezos are taking away our “coolness”.  I don’t want to “only” get to shop online.For all of you who think we are “de-fying, and (“Thanks!”) calling us into L&I…Stop-, take a step back, and see how busy these “essential” businesses  are raking it in.   Mmmmm…. you are effectively helping large corporations take over the very neighborhood that made the neighborhood “who they are”..It is what it is.  Hearts to all of us small business owners who are trying to keep it real… aka unique;)

    • wsres December 15, 2020 (8:01 am)

      I agree that teachers should get it before nursing homes just so we can get our kids back in school. My 90 year old grandmother who is in a nursing home would choose for her grandson to have a good childhood over her life of memory loss and frailty. I never go out to any stores now, so I don’t know what the crowds are like in big stores vs small, but I am buying online from small local stores more than I ever have.

  • Ltc worker December 15, 2020 (1:09 am)

    My long term care facility contracts with a smaller pharmacy which fought for cdc approval to administer the vaccine. We are getting first dose on or before Jan. 7th. They have done a great job being ready to roll out a 3 stage clinic plan to cover my entire long term care facility. We’ve been on lock down since March 17th with no inside visitors and limited outside visitation. Anyone who says seniors don’t deserve this first have no idea what they have sacrificed. We have not lost any residents to COVID infection but have lost 1/4 of our facilities population to inactivity , isolation, ect. 

  • Amy Thomson December 15, 2020 (4:09 am)

    Lessee now.  There’s a small risk of minor side effects to the vaccine, and an even smaller risk of a fever or possible severe allergic reaction in people known to have severe anaphylactic reactions.  No known long term side effects have cropped up during months of testing, indicating an extremely small chance of them.  If I don’t get this vaccine, then there is a significant chance of getting a serious illness that could kill or disable me.   If enough people get this vaccine, we can go back to a normal life.  I can take off the damn mask, hang out with friends, eat in a restaurant, or go to a concert or a movie.  Well hell!  Sign me up for the vaccine!  It’s a no-brainer!

  • Graciano December 15, 2020 (4:55 am)

    Small Business owner I’m with you 110%!!!

  • ScubaFrog December 15, 2020 (1:38 pm)

    “if you’re old/infirm STAY HOME!”.   Uncut narcissism.  Death v Businesses’ bottom lines.  I don’t believe these “small business owners” posters are local. WS Small Business owners I know are kind, empathetic and magnanimous.  I get that small businesses are hurting fiscally – Mitch McConnell’s the senate leader and wants a “slim stimulus” for big corporations.  Thank God our doctors, ethicists and scientists chose to inoculate healthcare workers and those who’re most vulnerable to this pandemic first, to save lives.  It’s so sad that trump turned this into a political thing re masks and “if you’re old or infirm, stay home!”.   Thankfully, QFC and Fred Meyer  will be a part of the vaccine process (meaning at some point people can go to said stores for vaccines en masse, as well as their Dr.).  But, we have to get at least 75% of the public vaccinate for it to work.  Anti-vaxxers and gop disinformation (the gop’s already calling anti-vax “doctors” to testify against the vaccines in congress) are America’s biggest enemy regarding Herd Immunity, which is the goal of Vaccination.

    • CAM December 15, 2020 (4:52 pm)

      Unfortunately, the person who has previously posted similar types of screeds under the same pseudonym has provided information that was sufficient to indicate they are a local small business owner and which business they own. They are parroting right wing talking points out of the mouths of Texas politicians. The idea of attempting to compare a class size of 8 in a private school to the demands on a public school is not realistic or rational. The idea of one or a small group of senior citizens sacrificing the safety of all senior citizens because they think that’s best is also not rational. The idea that a child or adolescent committed suicide solely because they were not in school or playing sports without any preexisting condition is also not realistic. Sure, these things are happening, a few individuals are willing to make these sacrifices, and some very tragic events have occurred. But none of the underlying explanations offered to support completely ignoring science or temporary restrictions of your activities hold water. 

    • heartless December 16, 2020 (2:38 pm)

      The funniest part about posts like these is where they rant about how the elderly should just “stay home” and be safe that way.

      You think these outbreaks at The Mount and other senior living places are happening because the at-risk elderly are running around town during the day?  Those folks WERE STAYING INSIDE THIS WHOLE TIME, YOU GENIUS.


      I also like the little sprinkles of absurdity in Small Business Owner’s post, like this one: “If you believe in this vaccine… ”  It’s not Santa Claus, lady–it’s frickin’ science.  Belief has got nothing to do with it.

  • Smallbusinesssupporter December 15, 2020 (1:46 pm)

    @smallbusiness I am not quite sure what business you own that you are not allowed to have a reduced capacity in your store????? All the small junction businesses certainly have been harmed financially but have all been open with reduced capacity and have done an amazing job keeping customers safe as they are allowed to shop in person. Pre Covid I have supported small business and have continued to do so throughout the various lock downs either by ordering on-line or going in person. Restaurants certainly have been impacted as well but have been able to do take out or have managed to create safe/outdoor dining if their spaces allow. Salons, massage and other personal care businesses have been able to remain open with limited capacity and following protocol. So with that in mind the only businesses I know that have been required to shut down completely in person are gyms/fitness studios AND with that said I personally know  people who got Covid because their “trainer” did not follow the latest shut down orders and still trained clients in person the day after travelling out of the country infecting clients with Covid which they brought back to this country and directly to West Seattle. And here we go with who we personally see as the most important to receive the vaccinations first. So I am glad that you deem some lives more valuable than others because I for one would happily stay in lock down a little longer to give  my Korean War veteran dad who is still active and healthy a vaccine before me.  No one disagrees with how horrible this has been for everyone of all ages but quit the fingerpointing. Perhaps you should quit going to “Target and Marshall’s” and see what small businesses you can support AND in person!!!!!

  • jissy December 15, 2020 (10:09 pm)

    Small Business Owner:  Thank you for your thoughts, experience, frustration — I HEAR YOU!  I am so confused myself right now that this can even be called a “vaccine”?  Based on the actual definition and what I read yesterday from the Surgeon General, Jerome Adams;  “Pfizer vaccine protects people against severe disease but not from getting infected.”  Further, “Surgeon General Jerome Adams said on Monday morning that people still had to wear masks and socially distance once they are vaccinated against COVID-19 because they can still pass on the virus.”   Is this via shedding I’m wondering?  :”While it has been proven to be 94% effective in preventing severe illness from the virus, it has not yet been proven to be a full proof means of preventing infection.”   I thought that’s actually what a vaccine does?    And I read that it didn’t even go through animal trials?  That definitely gives me cause to pause.And yes, Mr. Hughes:  “ But life involves taking calculated risks from time to time. ”   Right now I choose to risk the less than 1% mortality possibility of Covid-19 to establish natural immunity than a first of its kind mRNA vaccine with who knows what kind of Iatrogenic fall-out.I feel it’s totally reasonable (for me anyway, everyone else can make the best decision they need to for themselves), to see how these first few go-rounds of the “vaccination” prove out.    My grandmother, 93 had it and it was a minor inconvenience, no Temperature, minor symptoms (thank God) and total recovery….  meanwhile she is dying of loneliness in an elder care facility and we can’t see her.  And the “deaths of despair” I’ve been researching?  WAY higher mortality it seems than Covid…. don’t get me wrong, I’m not a head in the sand idiot, Covid is real and deadly, but more so than the Iatragenic fall-out??  I just don’t know, it all makes me SO nervous and questioning everything.Interesting, I had a friend post an emoji of “My body, My Choice”, hopefully we still get that choice one in xx months even when the “vaccine passport” becomes a thing?    

  • heartless December 16, 2020 (8:04 am)

    I understand you have questions: might I suggest that this is one of the worst places to ask them?  Why not just raise these concerns with a doctor, or someone with verified expertise?

    That said, I’ll leave you with at least one answer.  You posted:
    “”While it has been proven to be 94% effective in preventing severe illness from the virus, it has not yet been proven to be a full proof means of preventing infection.”   I thought that’s actually what a vaccine does?”

    No, that’s not how a vaccine or, frankly, anything else in this world, works.  You want something that’s 100% effective, you’re out of luck.  Condoms aren’t 100%, seat belts aren’t 100%, bike helmets aren’t 100%, vaccines aren’t 100%.  Never have been.  Never will be.  Don’t know why you thought that.  BUT–that said, they sure do help!  

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