WEST SEATTLE TUESDAY: Fall 2020 begins, + unusual bird sighting

(Photo by James Bratsanos)

First morning of fall, which arrived at 6:30 am, and it started with fog/mist. Here’s what’s ahead:

TASTE OF WEST SEATTLE, DAY 3: This is the third of five days for this year’s Taste of West Seattle. You can be part of it – dine in at, or take out from, partner food/drink establishments and get the menu item(s) from which part of the proceeds are being donated to the West Seattle Food Bank, to help prevent hunger and homelessness. See the list of participants (and the menu items) here.

CITY COUNCIL VETO VOTES: 3 pm, the council meets to vote on whether to sustain or override the mayor’s vetoes of three bills, including the one that “rebalanced” the budget with cuts to departments including SPD. See the agenda for how to comment at the meeting (signups start at 1 pm) and how to watch/listen.

(This photo and next by Jim Borrow – Brown Pelicans seen off Alki this morning!)

DESSERT POP-UP: West Seattle’s own Sticky Treats & Sweets, Thai-inspired sticky rice desserts, is popping up at Itto’s Tapas 4-8 pm today. Here’s the menu:

(4160 California SW)

DEMONSTRATION: After skipping last week because of the smoke, the twice-weekly streetcorner demonstrations are back:

Black Lives Matter sign-waving

Tuesday, September 22, 4 to 6 p, 16th SW and SW Holden

Thursday, September 24, 4 to 6 p, 16th and Holden

Come show support for BLM and ending systemic racism. Hold signs, meet neighbors and stand for racial justice. (Organized by) Scott at Puget Ridge Cohousing, endorsed by Hate-Free Delridge. Signs available.

FALL EQUINOX SUNSET WATCH: 6:30 pm, skywatcher/educator Alice Enevoldsen invites you to celebrate the change of seasons with another online version of the quarterly events she has been leading for a decade-plus. Watch for a link here – and here.

7 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE TUESDAY: Fall 2020 begins, + unusual bird sighting"

  • Kersti Muul September 22, 2020 (12:40 pm)

    Also a parasitic jaeger is around…AND I saw a whimbrel and there was a harrier seen as well.Craziness

  • anonyme September 22, 2020 (1:08 pm)

    Pelicans – how fantastic! Kersti, I’ve seen harriers but don’t think I’ve ever seen a whimbrel or a jaeger.   I try to see and celebrate every single one that I can before they (and I) disappear forever.

  • DD September 22, 2020 (2:00 pm)

    Guessing the pelicans are refugees from Oregon and California …hope they find “safe harbors “ here. 

  • Cmw September 22, 2020 (3:21 pm)

    We had a brown pelican follow us on our boat ride from Poulsbo past Vashon Island. It’s the first time I’ve seen one in the Northwest!

    • WSB September 22, 2020 (4:08 pm)

      We’ve seen them on the ocean coast, from Ocean Shores southward, but they don’t show up often here. Last one reported to us was in 2014; we had one hanging around Don Armeni and vicinity for a few days in 2013. – TR

  • Artemis September 22, 2020 (6:34 pm)

    Many migrating birds have recently died in journey, likely due to the wildfires forcing early migration and also having to fly a different course. They have been dropping dead from the sky in the Southwest. So sad :(

    We have to work harder to heal our planet, and prevent these fires.

  • Wendell September 22, 2020 (7:08 pm)

    Not so long ago there were no California Scrub Jays around here, now they are everywhere. I wonder if Brown Pelicans are making the same slow incursion northward.

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