WANTED: A restaurant to partner with West Seattle High School seniors for one day

Even as they fight to stay afloat in the pandemic economy, local businesses have continued to give back to the community. The West Seattle High School ASB is hoping to find one that can answer their call, and asked us to publish it:

Dear West Seattle community,

The West Seattle High School Senior class ASB is looking for a restaurant’s help in fundraising for the school year. Usually, the Senior class hosts an annual Homecoming dance; however, because of Covid-19, hosting an in-person dance is not an option. This means that the Senior class is losing out on thousands of dollars from ticket sales that would fund the majority of our prom. In an effort to stay financially on track with being able to afford the cost of a Senior prom at the end of the school year, we are searching for a restaurant who would be willing to host a restaurant fundraiser.

The fundraiser would be a one-day “takeover” where we encourage our large community of staff, hundreds of students, and families to dine in your restaurant or order takeout and a portion of the sales would be donated back to the Senior class. Some benefits restaurants would receive from hosting this fundraiser include a tax write-off, good publicity, and an increase in foot traffic to their business.

We chose to take this route instead of directly calling restaurants because we did not want owners to feel pressured to help us when they might be experiencing financial troubles due to the pandemic. If you are a restaurant that is interested in hosting our restaurant takeover. please contact Senior Class President Ella Richardson at wshsco2021@gmail.com .

West Seattle High School ASB hopes everyone is staying safe and healthy during these trying times, and we are looking forward to being together again soon.

11 Replies to "WANTED: A restaurant to partner with West Seattle High School seniors for one day"

  • Senior Mom September 29, 2020 (8:35 pm)

    Very nicely done! I hope you get many responses, and make lots of money! I surely hope that your class is able to have the nicest prom with all expenses paid! I will be happy to support the restaurant that chooses to work with you. And, if it’s close enough to my workplace, we can place a group lunch order!!

  • Belle September 29, 2020 (9:40 pm)

    We hope you receive a  great response  and are happy to support the restaurant  that  works with you ..

    • Jamie September 29, 2020 (10:21 pm)

      Has the high school considered other ways to raise funds? As the Article mentions, restaurants have been hit hard as have many other local businesses. Perhaps a model where more people could each contribute a small amount? Maybe organize a recycling drive where donations are also accepted. As we saw last weekend, there is significant demand in West Seattle. 

      • WS student September 30, 2020 (9:44 am)

        That is a great idea! However, an added challenge ASB is facing is that the district has barred ASB from hosting any in person events/ fundraiser on school property, even if it would be outside with social distancing protocols in place :(

  • Robyn September 29, 2020 (10:14 pm)

    Wishing you the best of luck and we will support the restaurant(s) that works with you.

  • Reliving HS Prom September 29, 2020 (10:40 pm)

    Looking forward to see which restaurant(s) take part and will happily support! 

  • Promster September 30, 2020 (6:18 am)

    Nice approach.  Have you considered a direct give approach like go fund me?  Even $5 a donor will make your prom a success.  Then, should your class year not be able to use ( COVID S*cks) then the funds could roll to next years prom.Just another thought.i’ll donate either way 

  • PJK September 30, 2020 (7:58 am)

     As a WSHS alumni, is there a way to contribute directly to the senior class?

  • pumpkin spice September 30, 2020 (8:12 am)

    Cool idea! How about maybe partnering with a restaurant for a week instead of one day though? Wondering if a one day event like that might be overwhelming for the restaurant to manage. Instead of one day, you could encourage school staff, students, and the community to patronize the restaurant and make a small donation for seniors at the same time during that week.  The restaurant could ask patrons if they would like to add a ‘pay what you can’ donation for the high school’s senior class. Perhaps the students could decorate a wall in the restaurant too…  Just some thoughts, good luck with your fundraiser!
    Ps. Not wanting to put any restaurant on the spot, but I think GrillBird would be a cool partner!

  • MS September 30, 2020 (9:42 am)

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • Nicole October 6, 2020 (9:11 pm)

    Chipotle will donate 33% of their funds – sign up online and put the code on WS blog!   Will order.  AND will definitely support your other fundraisers too https://community.chipotle.com/?utm_confid=&utm_source=home-page&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=fundraiser-launch&utm_content=tout

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