TRAFFIC REMINDER: Delridge project’s weekend closure, and what else is ahead

We start Saturday – a busy day for road work – with a reminder that SW Genesee is closed all weekend between Delridge and 25th SW as part of the big RapidRide-readiness project. It’s scheduled to reopen by 5 am Monday, with another closure next Friday-Sunday. SDOT says its contractor is expected to wrap up work by 10 each night (but has a noise-variance permit if they miss that cutoff – note that you might hear nighttime noise from unrelated private construction). SW Alaska – temporarily reopened – and SW Andover are west-east detour routes. Metro Route 50 is being rerouted.

Also closed this weekend, and several other upcoming weekends – the Delridge Community Center parking-lot entrance. Road-rebuilding work is happening on that side:

Starting next Wednesday (August 12), paving operations will move to the east side of Delridge in that area, between Genesee and Alaska. SDOT says it will “connect with residents in this area to share information on how to access their driveways during this work” – but if you have any concerns/questions, you can reach the project team at or 206-775-8739.

For the full rundown on what’s happening with the Delridge project during the coming week, read this.

2 Replies to "TRAFFIC REMINDER: Delridge project's weekend closure, and what else is ahead"

  • Trudy August 8, 2020 (1:46 pm)

    Can anyone confirm if the 120 is running this weekend or not as well as future route stoppage on Delridge. I was told by someone in the neighborhood that bus service is suspended for a few weekends in a row per a flyer she received in the mail. Only alert on the 120 on the website is the reroute off of the bridge but the timetable is not showing runs past 7:ish am. 

    • WSB August 8, 2020 (3:06 pm)

      There has been no announcement of any suspension. No reason for it, either – the only closure is Genesee and Delridge itself is open even there. That’s led to a reroute for the 50, but there is nothing that would require the 120 to reroute.

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