REOPENING: Salty’s, Alki Café, The Lodge

Three more restaurant reopenings to report:

SALTY’S ON ALKI (WSB sponsor): The waterfront restaurant at 1936 Harbor Avenue SW reopened today, for outdoor and indoor dining. Salty’s says 2,500 people responded to their pre-opening survey about safety.

ALKI CAFE: Thanks for the tip on this! A hotline caller said a note on the door announced the restaurant is opening tomorrow; we went down to confirm:

As the note says, Alki Café (2726 Alki Avenue SW) will reopen tomorrow for takeout. (206-935-0616)

THE LODGE: The West Seattle location (4209 SW Alaska) reopened this week.

5 Replies to "REOPENING: Salty's, Alki Café, The Lodge"

  • Di July 2, 2020 (11:33 pm)

    I read everything Salty’s has to offer about the extensive steps they are taking to prevent the spread of Covid upon re-opening except they did not address what measures or actions they have taken or will take to insure adequate indoor ventilation to prevent the transmission of Covid through droplets through the air while dining in. Yes, of course, they will distance tables but diners and will not be wearing masks at their table and they will be eating, laughing, talking,  guffawing, drinking and one can use all the hand sanitizer they want but what about the recirculating indoor air!  Will they have windows flung open? I haven’t contacted Salty’s to inquire. They only have a phone number listed, no email.

    • Anne July 3, 2020 (7:40 am)

      DJ-personally -dining inside is  problematic.The more people in the place-the more droplets -the tables can be cleaned between customers , bathrooms cleaned often-but restaurants can’t be continually spraying the air -(if that’s even possible )as people talk & laugh. It’s concerning that since entering Phase 2-we’ve read of more local cases of COVID-including 2 employees at Dukes -(which had been closed for months -like Saltys).  Bottom line- that leaves the decision solely up to each person. Restaurants are doing the very best they can-but ultimately the choice is ours. 

    • Bill July 3, 2020 (8:51 am)

      Regarding ventilation and air circulation, this is a great point to call out as a lack thereof would moot any semblance of safety considering transmission is in vital droplets in the air. 

  • Filbert July 3, 2020 (6:44 am)

    Noticed on Alki café note thy have new owner’s. Any update on that?

  • Jane July 3, 2020 (11:37 am)

    Saltys is very busy we stopped by and the inside is scary stuffy. The 4th of July I asked is very busy. 50% capacity is almost full. It’s just a disaster waiting to happen. 

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