SEAWALL PROJECT: 2 online meetings ahead as Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook project nears

(Corps of Engineers photo, 2014)

The long-in-the-works seawall-replacement project at Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook (4503 Beach Drive SW) is finally about to start – and that means changes in park access and parking. Two online meetings are coming up for updates and Q&A. As announced by Seattle Parks:

The Seattle District – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Seattle Parks and Recreation will be holding two virtual public meetings to kick off the project to replace the Emma Schmitz Overlook seawall in West Seattle and discuss the latest project news.

The construction contractor, Bainbridge Island-based Redside Construction, is preparing to begin staging equipment in the coming days, as suppliers have been able to produce key project materials ahead of schedule. It’s anticipated pre-staging will help avoid delays caused by the West Seattle Bridge closure. Redside Construction could start pre-staging equipment and close public access to the park as early as June 22. Construction is still set to begin early-July.

“The good news is the pandemic has not affected the supply chain for the critical construction materials for this project,” said Jeff Dillon, Army Corps project manager. “The unexpected early delivery of the custom piles puts the project in the best position to start and finish on time. Park users and project neighbors will experience some inconvenience earlier than expected, and we appreciate the community’s patience. We look forward to completing a new seawall that will protect the shoreline and underground utilities for years to come.”

In the first week of staging, residents will see the installation of no-parking signs and detours as well as fencing around the construction site. Temporary office trailers and steel piles for the seawall construction will also begin to arrive. Additional construction materials and a crane will be delivered by the end of the third week.

Here’s how to access the June 17th (Wednesday) and July 1st meetings, both at 4 pm:


Use this link:

Enter the meeting number:
146 580 1139 (for June 17) or 146 002 2703 (for July 1)

Enter your name and email address then select “Join Meeting”

Select ‘Connect to Audio’ (phone icon – the first circle)

Select ‘Call Me’ and enter your phone number to receive a call from the conference system.

If prompted for a security code dial: 1139

Enter Access code: 5721558 followed by #
If requested, enter Security code: 1139 followed by #

We covered an in-person community briefing last July (here’s that report).

5 Replies to "SEAWALL PROJECT: 2 online meetings ahead as Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook project nears"

  • Pdiddy June 14, 2020 (10:43 am)

    Is this more of the removing of shore armoring and restoration of natural shorelines or is this just a new wall?

    • WSB June 14, 2020 (10:48 am)

      This is a new wall; follow the link (at end) to last year’s story for project design etc.

  • Dan June 14, 2020 (12:40 pm)

    I am grateful that this project is underway.. The sea wall is deteriorating. If it fell over it would have been another WS disaster.

  • Craig June 14, 2020 (5:15 pm)

    The Parks Department, and Corps of Engineers and others involved have done a good job keeping the Beach Drive community (and others interested) involved and aware. Good communication with emails, drawings and site postings. As a resident of the area impacted, and daily user I’m excited to get this going. Yes, it’ll be very mildly inconvenient to have the construction equipment parked, and making noise for a bit of time, but the long term value and community improvement will be worth it. 

  • Patrick H. June 15, 2020 (9:49 am)

    Hello,There is a really wonderful patch of Salicornia pacifica aka sea beans, aka picklegrass, aka sea asparagus behind the detriorated sea wall. I would really love to transplant some of them so we don’t lose this wonderful forageable that is deteriorating all over the Salish Sea due to shorline development. Maybe transplant some to the east end of Alki sandy beach or along the trail from beach drive to Lincoln Park? Is there anyone here with more botanical expertise and/or waterside property that would be willing to help move some of the picklegrass?

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