MORGAN JUNCTION: New owners take over Youngstown Coffee and announce West Seattle Pride march on Sunday

A two-in-one announcement from the new owners of Youngstown Coffee:

Married couple Autumn Lovewell and Monica Colgan are the new owners of Youngstown Coffee on 6032 California Ave SW in Morgan Junction, which was previously owned by Zoe Kritzer. The Delridge location is now permanently closed. Zoe is off to new adventures and everyone is going to miss seeing her at Youngstown, but now you will see her around town!

Monica Colgan owns HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe, which shares the same building as Youngstown (where Harry’s Chicken Joint used to be). HeartBeet has another location in Queen Anne and has been in business for 12 years. The West Seattle location was opened during COVID and due to the To-Go nature of the business has been able to keep staff employed.

Monica and Autumn have been West Seattle residents for 5 years and have 3 kids, 2 who are at Louisa Boren STEM. Now they live in White Center. The whole family is active in the community working to protect Trans and LGBTQ youth.

Youngstown Coffee will be a platform for social-justice issues which is their passion. It’s an opportunity to have ongoing dialogue with the community and highlight local Black, POC, and LGBTQ organizations that are making an impact in West Seattle and White Center.

Youngstown Coffee is hosting West Seattle Pride – a social distance mini-march in Morgan Junction on Sunday, June 28 at 2 pm to bring attention to Black Trans Lives Matter and to honor the creators of the first Pride, which was a protest not a parade. This event is by and for West Seattle’s LGBTQ community. Details below:

West Seattle Pride – Socially distanced march for LGBTQ community

SAFETY FIRST! WEAR YOUR MASKS AND KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE! Free disposable masks will be available to those who arrive without one. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the march.

Organized by and for local LGBTQ families and friends. Benefiting Ingersoll Gender Center of Seattle.

Mini-March in the Morgan Junction area for our LGBTQ community in West Seattle! We will be honoring and remembering Black and Indigenous Trans/Queer Lives, the creators of Pride. Every year we must remember that the first PRIDE was a protest, not a parade. This year, let’s do both because there is so much work to do while we celebrate who we are.

ROUTE: Meet at Morgan Junction Park (next to Beveridge Place). Around 2:15 pm we will walk north on California Ave to SW Findlay St, use the crosswalk, and come back down California to end back at Morgan Junction Park. It’s a small walk designed with little legs and families in mind.

After the walk, please support your local LGBTQ and Black-owned businesses in West Seattle. Mention them in the comments.

Ingersoll Gender Center provides Seattle’s Transgender and Gender diverse community with mental health services, support groups, legal help, financial services, and job sourcing. Donations directly to Ingersoll via their mobile site are greatly appreciated!

22 Replies to "MORGAN JUNCTION: New owners take over Youngstown Coffee and announce West Seattle Pride march on Sunday"

  • Vanessa June 25, 2020 (3:08 pm)

    Fantastic and Congratulations!!!

  • beanie June 25, 2020 (3:27 pm)

    I’m happy for the new owners and I’m sure they will be great, but I’m going to miss Zoe! Thank you for all the Zesty Westys and colossal cookies and chats about books!

    • Monica Colgan June 28, 2020 (6:35 pm)

      Zoe created a magical place and we are so excited to continue it forward!!  Long live Youngstown and long live Zoe!

  • R June 25, 2020 (3:35 pm)

    I’ve been a big fan since you were Thrive! I’m so happy to read your WS location is now firmly grounded.

    • Monica Colgan June 28, 2020 (6:33 pm)

      Wow, R!!  How super!  I miss the old Thrive shop but happy things have evolved and now we are here :-)

  • Pam June 25, 2020 (3:36 pm)

    So cool!!! AND HEARTBEET IS SO YUMmmmmmYY!!! 

  • mok4315 June 25, 2020 (6:06 pm)

    I’m super glad two very cool people were able to take over Zoe’s shop! That said, I will very selfishly miss Zoe and her amazing energy and delicious coffee. I wish her all the luck in anything she chooses to do, and I’m very thankful she remains in the neighborhood because she’s made it so much better :)

    • Monica Colgan June 28, 2020 (6:28 pm)

      Oh yes Zoe is just simply the best!!!   She has been in a lot since the switch over so I’m sure you can run into her sometimes :-)  look forward to meeting you!

  • ScubaFrog June 25, 2020 (10:54 pm)

    That’s great!!  

  • Themama June 27, 2020 (10:17 am)

    no mention of other LGBTQ businesses or Black owned businesses in WS? Maybe we can get the attention of white straight WS by mentioning the bridge in the article.

  • Carol Walter June 27, 2020 (4:17 pm)

    Monica and Autumn – love you guys!!! Congratulations!!!! Monica – when are you going to run for office?!

    • Monica Colgan June 28, 2020 (6:28 pm)

      Haha!!  Thanks Carol, no don’t plan on running for office :P but that’s so sweet! Happy pride!

  • Maxine June 27, 2020 (11:35 pm)

    Congrats! Yes Gay Pride started as a protest. An expression of the freedom to speak out, assemble and to love who you want, free from intimidation. I am a lesbian and long time resident of West Seattle. I hope your mini-pride parade is inclusive and welcoming of respectful, fierce, loving, West Seattle lesbians who are gender-critical. I really do. There is so much bullying and harassment of lesbians these days by extremists in our own community who want to silence and erase us to advance there own agendas. It is getting really bad. Is this new pride parade truly inclusive of our community? If I come and respectfully hold a sign of protest, will I be safe?

    • Autumn Lovewell June 28, 2020 (6:36 pm)

      Hi Maxine, I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment before the event today. I hope you were able to make it and if not, we hope to meet you in the future. I’m sorry to hear about your experience in West Seattle. My wife identifies as lesbian and I identify as bisexual and we are raising a trans daughter and queer daughter. We helped organize today’s event and are so proud of the spectrum of LGBTQ+ and allies that came out in support today. It was a very inclusive showing of love. I hope all of us in the LGBTQ+ community can always lift each other up. 

  • Vanessa June 28, 2020 (10:29 am)

    Maxine, I’ll go if you go :-)   I’m a gray haired lesbian and have lived here nearly 30 years. I have been more afraid of Covid 19 and haven’t participated in any marches. ANY marches this year. And not being out there is killing me and not killing me in the same breath.  Let’s do this. We’ll mask up and be safe and meet our neighbors. I’ll be the one carrying a big flag that is a rainbow, black and red, white and blue American (?) all inclusive flag that says, WE THE PEOPLE MEANS EVERYONE.   Rain or shine, I hope to meet my neighbors. Vanessa

    • Jillian June 28, 2020 (1:32 pm)

      Looking forward to this!  This is my first Pride as an out queer trans woman, and my first as a West Seattle resident.

      • Monica Colgan June 28, 2020 (6:25 pm)

        Hi Jillian, it was nice to meet you and your friends today!!  :-D  hope to see you again!!

        • Jillian June 28, 2020 (9:21 pm)

          I’m sure you will, Monica!  Lovely to meet you today!

    • Monica Colgan June 28, 2020 (6:26 pm)

      I saw you today V and nice to meet you!!!!  Loved the giant flag!!  Awesome 👏 

  • Maxine June 28, 2020 (12:38 pm)

    I didn’t get a response about whether it is a safe space for LGB folks with a diversity of views on gender ideology. Considering the current climate of intolerance, I wouldn’t risk it. 

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