CORONAVIRUS: Sunday 6/28 roundup

Four months ago tonight, King County announced its first confirmed coronavirus case. Now we’re on the brink of 10,000, as we launch tonight’s roundup:

KING COUNTY’S NEWEST NUMBERS: Here are the cumulative totals from the Public Health daily-summary dashboard:

*9,901 people have tested positive, up 82 from yesterday

*586 people have died, unchanged from yesterday

*1,574 people have been hospitalized, unchanged from yesterday

*159,551 people have been tested, up 1,928 from yesterday

One week ago, the totals were 9,234/584/1,541/141,474.


WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: As two grim milestones were passed – 10 million cases and 500,000 deaths – you can see the nation by nation breakdown here.

ANOTHER LOCAL BUSINESS DISCLOSES A CASE: As reported here last last night, this time it’s Duke’s on Alki.

WANT TO PLAY TENNIS? Starting tomorrow morning, Seattle Parks will start taking reservations for outdoor tennis court use starting July 6th – info here.

WHAT PARK FACILITIES ARE STILL CLOSED? Here’s the ongoing official list.

GOT SOMETHING TO REPORT? or 206-293-6302, text/voice – thank you!

28 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: Sunday 6/28 roundup"

  • Mask wearer June 29, 2020 (12:17 am)

    Who really wants to play tennis at a time like this?

    Things could be worse though, a 70 mile wide asteroid could be on a collision course with the earth

    (‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’… recommended summer movie)

    • Lisa June 29, 2020 (6:33 am)

      Why would you NOT want to play tennis? Everyone should be getting as much fresh air, sunshine and exercise as they can right now.

    • CL June 29, 2020 (2:37 pm)

      I can see how some are interested in continuing on living their lives with Covid including playing tennis, etc. while others are interested in sheltering at home indefinitely waiting for the asteroid which likely may never come. 

    • datamuse June 29, 2020 (6:29 pm)

      There were people playing tennis in White Center today. I mean, you stay pretty far apart, playing tennis. And mostly play outside. Seems lower-risk than a lot of other things.

      • Mask wearer June 29, 2020 (10:19 pm)


        My comment wasn’t about concern over social distancing.

        I think of tennis as a care-free activity, it’s not exactly a care-free time. It was lamenting of the times.

        It seems my point and the sense of humor was lost. Oh well.

  • Smittytheclown June 29, 2020 (7:18 am)

    The recent nationwide spikes are due to the protests.  States like TX and FL have been open for Six weeks with no spike in cases.  The spike came  two weeks after protests and involves younger people (half under age 35).  Coincidence? Why is this not reported? 

    • sf June 29, 2020 (12:04 pm)

      Correlation is not causation.  

      There are other variables to include aggressive reopening plans (including bars and nightclubs), general idiocy and lack of social distancing before the last month, during the last month and since the last month.  Different localities and even different businesses support/mandate the social distancing or wearing of the mask.  

      Both Florida and Texas cases have been going up steadily since late May.  The current spike could be just as attributable to exponential growth as opposed to a movement you may or may not agree with.

      You may as well say that the ongoing generational and thought process shift is causing COVID-19.  

      And I am sure they are running with this false causation story on certain news networks as it obviously panders to the not-so-young.

    • heartless June 29, 2020 (12:06 pm)

      WRONG!  You are wrong.

      Are you just trolling everyone?  That is the most charitable explanation I can come up with for why you are so backwards. 

      In Texas the state itself admits there are spikes–why do you think they’ve been backtracking their re-opening?  The actual headline for a recent news article:
      Reopening reverses course in Texas and Florida as coronavirus cases spike

      And as for protests leading to spikes?  You are again wrong, and showing that you are wrong, it is a link to a study that showed BLM protests HAVE NOT LED TO SPIKES.  They use things like ‘numbers’ and ‘statistics’ and ‘reason’ to reach their conclusions.  How did you reach your conclusions?:

      • WS Guy June 29, 2020 (12:20 pm)

        We just ran a huge nation-wide experiment on outdoor transmission.  If the protests did not cause a spike, then why is WA still restricting outdoor activities like baseball games?

        • J June 29, 2020 (1:23 pm)

          Unfortunately, we still have to wait to see the virus impact results. These were largely young healthy people protesting. Hospitalizations might spike after young people transmit this to the next (more vulnerable) people in the chain. Or the masks might have been very effective. Or the protesters might have been especially community minded- self isolating after protesting. Economies were opened in King County just in time to hide impacts and confuse conclusions. There is too much speculation too soon.

        • heartless June 29, 2020 (2:08 pm)

          WS Guy:

          I can’t speak for why Washington is or isn’t doing something.

          But as for why protests have not caused spikes, here are three possible reasons: 

          protestors largely wore masks, and so might not be catching/transmitting

          protestors are young and healthy and might actually have covid but aren’t being counted

          protests lead to more social distancing by everyone else, so even if protests lead to more transmission everyone else staying home lowers transmission so it all evens out.

        • sf June 29, 2020 (2:50 pm)

          Because there is still a pandemic.

          Mass groupings are not medically advisable. 

          Unfortunately, due to systemic racism, it is still not medically advisable to be black whether you are doing something wrong or not.  

          We can choose to not be in mass groupings like fun things like concerts or baseball games.  

          People are protesting because BIPOC are getting killed because they are BIPOC.

      • Smittytheclown June 29, 2020 (3:41 pm)

        Texas and Florida were both open weeks before the protests yet cases did not spike.  It can’t just be a coincidence. Show me a other variable that changed.  The good news is that deaths are not spiking.  Neither are hospitalizations.Until there is a vaccine all we can do is flatten the curve.  Appears we are, despite the protest spike. 

        • heartless June 29, 2020 (4:09 pm)

          “Texas and Florida were both open weeks before the protests yet cases did not spike” Uh, how long do you think it takes for cases to spike?Regardless: You think the protests resulted in spikes?  Burden of proof is on you–so prove your case.  And no, your feelings about how it “can’t be just a coincidence” don’t cut it.

    • WS REZ June 29, 2020 (12:33 pm)

      @SMITTYTHECLOWNWhat rock are you living under?????? do some research before you make false claims. i have been to multiple protests and 99% of individuals were wearing masks. we can blame trump and az, fl, tx governors for their increase in cases. “no spike in cases” lol you are sooooo wrong.

    • AMD June 29, 2020 (1:02 pm)

      The protests weren’t just in the US, they happened around the world.  If protesting (being in groups outdoors) was causing big jumps in numbers we’d see the same increases everywhere–England, Germany, New Zealand–in addition to cities across the US.  While there are big spikes right now in Texas, Florida, Arizona, and California (along with modest increases elsewhere), there are plenty of cities that had large protests that aren’t seeing increases in cases in the US (New York, Minneapolis, for example).  If you want to identify a cause, you can’t just look at before and after in one place.  Look at everyone that engaged in the same activities and see if they have the same results.  They don’t.  There were a lot of people expecting a big spike after Wisconsin required in-person voting which never panned out too.  It’s a good thing to be wrong about stuff like this. 

  • momosmom June 29, 2020 (11:09 am)


    • Juju June 29, 2020 (10:36 pm)

      This is GOLD!

      Well done and much appreciated.

  • Agendas Lessons June 29, 2020 (12:34 pm)

    I just thought some people might enjoy this interview by UCSF for a little perspective…

  • uncle loco June 29, 2020 (1:46 pm)

    Looks like we’re getting more people tested and getting more positives. At the same time no deaths or hospitalizations.  Only 2 deaths in the past week. I’d consider that heading in the right direction.

    • Testing June 29, 2020 (2:20 pm)

      Also, elective surgeries are back in full swing. I had to get a COVID test 3 days before my surgery and then I had to self-isolate until surgery day. So yes, much more testing happening. 

  • newnative June 29, 2020 (3:03 pm)

    The protests started over a month ago. A spike from protests would have happened 2-3 weeks ago. That didn’t happen, as so many here are already saying. Protesters are by and large, wearing masks, trying to socially distance as much as possible and are outdoors. I would also assume that with a heightened sense of social justice, sick and/or exposed protestors are staying isolated. Here in West Seattle, our Black Lives Matter march had virtually everyone in masks with sympathizers on the sidewalks, as well as balconies and rooftops. Baseball games, while technically outdoors are still in confined spaces with a lot of yelling, singing and opportunities to spit on each other. I’m sure it would be cost-prohibitive to open a ballpark under the current circumstances. 

    • Smittytheclown June 29, 2020 (7:12 pm)

      Protests started in late May.  Gee Whiz…….

      • heartless June 29, 2020 (7:28 pm)

        Yes, but the state also, stupidly, decided to re-open.  So how can we tell if the rise in new cases was due to protests or re-opening?  Easy.  We find a state that had just as many, if not more, protests but didn’t have that early re-opening.  New York fits the bill, so we look at the chart for New York:

        Do you see how, unlike the Florida graph, cases are not going up in June?  If the Florida spike was due to protests, why wasn’t there a NY spike?  Oh, right, because protests didn’t result in spikes.  

  • Schmitz Park Dad June 29, 2020 (4:00 pm)

    Dear Mask Wearer–in case you have not noticed, tennis players are getting exercise 78 feet from one another outside.  Do you have any other concerns you would like me to address?

    • Mask wearer June 29, 2020 (4:13 pm)

      Hey dad, no one asked for help addressing any concerns, thanks anyway.

      Hopefully the point and sense of humor wasn’t lost on everyone.

      • Schmitz Park Dad June 30, 2020 (8:53 pm)

        The best jokes are always the ones no one understands.  You nailed it!

  • Juju June 29, 2020 (11:01 pm)

    You pseudo-experts are very entertaining.


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