BIZNOTE: West Seattle Junction Bank of America closed until next week

After multiple readers asked us Monday about the West Seattle Junction Bank of America‘s “temporary closure,” we went over and found only that sign, no explanation, so we inquired with corporate media relations. They acknowledged our inquiry relatively quickly but didn’t send this answer until this afternoon:

We did temporarily close our West Seattle financial center. We are operating with an abundance of caution around keeping employees and clients as safe as possible during coronavirus. So, for example, if employees become high risk due to preexisting conditions, or need to take time off to care for family members during these times, we may not have enough staff to maintain enough onsite services. When this happens, we work to ensure that the full service ATMs onsite are regularly restocked so that customers can still transact for the most common needs, along with our award winning mobile and online banking.

We will be closed for the remainder of the week ,with plans to reopen, Monday, July 6. Our customers can use our mobile app for many of their banking needs and find the latest schedules, as well as the nearest ATM and financial center locations by going to

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  • sam-c June 30, 2020 (6:43 pm)

    Whether their ‘for example’ scenario actually applies at this location or there is a different scenario that they are acting upon, I appreciate the company responding to changing situations in the best way that suits their location / customers and the employees that work onsite. Hope everyone is staying well!

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