FOLLOWUP: Roxbury repaving expected to start Tuesday

SDOT says work is expected to start Tuesday on the Roxbury spot-repaving project, between 16th and 18th SW. (We’ve confirmed with King County that the work will cover their side of the street, too – they’ll be reimbursing the city for their share of the cost.) Here’s the alert that SDOT is sending today:

What’s happening

• We will be removing the old layer of asphalt from SW
• Roxbury St between 16th Ave SW and 18th Ave SW
• Paving new asphalt
• Putting the road markings back in their original locations

What to expect while we pave SW Roxbury St between 16th Ave SW and 18th Ave SW

• This work will happen before the end of May 2020
• The work will take up to a week to complete
• Driveways will be closed during the daytime hours
• Westbound traffic will be detoured via Delridge Way, SW, SW Barton Pl, and 26th Ave SW

• Side street closure of 18th Ave SW
• Expect to experience increased construction activity such as large trucks, rollers, work crews, noise, dust, vibrations, and odors

This work does not preclude any potential future safety improvements in this area.

Work like this is always weather-dependent, but next week’s weather is looking fairly dry so far.

6 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Roxbury repaving expected to start Tuesday"

  • WSNative May 22, 2020 (11:38 am)

    While the county has needed to work on this stretch for sometime, I’m curious if negotiations are typically done in situations like this. No doubt the increase in traffic on Roxbury due to the WS bridge closure will result in increase wear and tear. Would it be realistic to assume the City of Seattle should be covering additional cost to compensate for this or is detour routing not considered across city/county lines?

    • Peter May 22, 2020 (3:03 pm)

      The city limit is down the middle of the road, but the city is responsible for maintaining the road by long-standing agreement. Same with 145th in the north. 

  • AMD May 22, 2020 (12:12 pm)

    What does putting the road markings back in their original locations mean?  Back to before the road was repaved?  Or back to where they were 15 years ago before the turn lane was re-configured?

    • WSB May 22, 2020 (12:15 pm)

      I would imagine the former but will ask.

    • westmb May 22, 2020 (5:47 pm)

      That was my first question too. Traffic used to flow much better west of that intersection before they created the dedicated turn lane [insert rant about how almost every traffic flow “improvement” project SDOT does makes things worse]. It had already turned into a rush-hour mess prior to the bridge closure. Now with the bridge closure, it’s going to be 10 times worse once the majority of people start commuting again.

  • JRR May 22, 2020 (6:26 pm)

    The neighborhood pedestrian experience has felt a lot safer AFTER the installation of the turn lane. If you’ve carried groceries up the hill from Safeway, you know how people treated Roxbury like a highway when it was four lanes. I’ve been almost hit so many times because of irresponsible drivers. Given the high number of people in poverty who rely on feet and bus for transportation, it would be unacceptable for the city to take things back.

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