BUSINESS UPDATES: The Grove, Staples

Two business updates from the WSB inbox:

THE GROVE: From general manager John Coney at West Seattle’s only hotel/motel, in The Triangle:

Just letting you know that The Grove is open for anyone needing a room for a few days. We have lowered our rates to help out in this difficult time. We are all practicing safe distancing, wearing masks, cleaning everything with disinfectant cleaner and do our own laundry in house so it’s not being touched by anyone off property. If anyone just needs to get a way for a few days, they can call or drop by.

The Grove is locally owned, at 3512 SW Alaska, 206-937-9920.

STAPLES: From general manager Deena Knapton at the Westwood Village Staples:

I wanted to let you know that Staples has been deemed an essential business; we are open and ready to serve our community. We see it as a privilege and a large responsibility to continue serving our community. As such, we’ve compiled a few services to specifically help the restaurant industry and provide just a little more relief.

Local restaurants can immediately take advantage of 250 free full-color menus from our in-store Print & Marketing department, as well as free full-color CDC health awareness posters and complimentary faxing, scanning, and computer workstation services. We are also offering curbside pickup to all customers for any orders from our print center and for products from our floor.

In addition, we are excited to share that Staples stores (are) accepting donations of the following types of personal protective equipment (PPE) for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals: unused N95 respirator face masks, disposable face masks, face-shields, goggles and eye shields, and isolation or surgical gowns. If you have any of the above, please drop it off at the Westwood Village Staples store or any Staples location and we will get it in the hands of our heroes. Check out for additional information.

We checked – Seattle Children’s Hospital is the nearest CMN hospital.

Got a business update? Please let us know – preferred, but text/phone 206-293-6302 if you can’t email.

5 Replies to "BUSINESS UPDATES: The Grove, Staples"

  • Chris April 6, 2020 (12:17 pm)

    The CDC says avoid grocery stores for the next two weeks. Haven’t seen much local news about this. Wondering if that is legitimate?

  • Suzanne April 6, 2020 (4:55 pm)

    It’s fantastic that Staples has stepped up as our local spot for getting the equipment out to the medical community who need them. Please everyone donate what you have even if it’s just one or two items. If all of us do this, it will add up quickly and make a real difference to the people on the front lines. This is a good resource letting people know what they can donate and to our local medical facilities   — .   Also, if you have an N95 mask, please DONATE it even if it’s used (but SEAL IT in plastic so it doesn’t contaminate anything). There is new technology that Seattle is ramping up right now that enables these masks to be disinfected — Incredibly, I’m seeing folks wearing N95s (including at TJ’s), touching their masks and then stocking products. The moment you touch the exterior of a mask, assume your hand is contaminated! Do not touch the exterior.It’s so frustrating to see anyone with this mask when they have no idea how to use it and when First Responders are desperate for them. To be effective, there are specific fitting requirements, handling, and removal. Donate yours to the people who are literally putting their own lives on the lines every day and who know how to use them. 

  • Chris April 6, 2020 (5:20 pm)

    Thx! I appreciate u

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