35TH/AVALON/ALASKA: Overnight paving, permanent striping ahead

It’s April, and that means the final stretch of paving, plus permanent striping, for the 35th/Avalon/Alaska repaving-and-more project. SDOT sent this update late Friday:

Week of April 6, final grinding and paving night work on SW Avalon Way from Fauntleroy Way SW to 35th Ave SW. Work will begin at 7PM, driveways will be temporarily impacted overnight.

As early as the week of April 6, installing final striping on 35th Ave SW, SW Alaska St, and SW Avalon Way. No parking signs will be placed along the corridor 3 days in advance to assist with striping.

Please note, we are not able to complete paving or striping during wet weather.

Construction update

SW Snoqualmie St is now open. We anticipate completing grinding and final paving of SW Avalon Way between 35th Ave SW and Fauntleroy Way SW next week. When we grind and pave, SW Avalon Way from 35th Ave SW to Fauntleroy Way SW will be closed to traffic from 7 PM to 7 AM. Work is weather dependent and subject to change.

During nighttime grinding and paving next week, starting April 6, please expect:

Overnight grinding on Monday night, April 6 beginning at 7 PM:

We will grind the road down to prepare the road for an even repaving. Driveways will be temporarily impacted as equipment moves along the pavement

Overnight paving on Wednesday, April 8 or Friday, April 10 beginning at 7 PM:

Paving will take place after grinding and at night. We will send updates to confirm when this work is taking place.

Nighttime work hours from 7 PM – 7 AM. Crews have a temporary noise variance to do this work.

Grinding and paving work to cause vibrations and the smell of tar.

Grinding and paving to take approximately one overnight shift each to complete.

Driveway access on SW Avalon Way between 35th Ave SW and Fauntleroy Way SW to be closed for 2 nights, while we grind and repave the road. We will let property owners know which night to expect this work, when confirmed, and emergency access will always be maintained.

Fresh pavement is hot, oily, and extremely sticky. Please keep off new pavement if you are walking, especially with dogs, as the oil and pavement can harm their feet and be difficult to remove from fur.

We will open driveways as they are safe for people walking and driving

As a reminder, for the safety of our crews and your fellow residents, please follow posted detour routes and do not disturb traffic control. We anticipate laying down final striping in April, weather depending.

Also this next week:

35th Ave SW and SW Alaska St: Next week we will be wrapping up work along sidewalk and will be working on ADA curb ramps at the east side of 35th Ave SW at SW Alaska St.

When the work began a year ago, it was projected to last 14 months (as reported here in April 2019).

3 Replies to "35TH/AVALON/ALASKA: Overnight paving, permanent striping ahead"

  • Dburger April 4, 2020 (2:44 pm)

    WSB, do you know if there has there been any discussion about why they aren’t paving the asphalt north side of Alaska between 35th and Fauntleroy?  Most of this is a bus lane (with the center portion of the roadway being concrete) and it is being torn UP by those buses.  You can’t safely drive on the concrete with some cars because it’s not wide enough to avoid being in the oncoming lane.  It’s ridiculous that this lane wasn’t included for rebuilding as concrete in the overall plan.

    • Tsurly April 4, 2020 (4:07 pm)

      Great question, it’s terrible on a bike as well.

  • Benjamin Weller April 5, 2020 (2:17 pm)

    So in the middle of a “Stay at home” order, we now need to vacate what little parking this wonderful project left us. . . for a month. Fantastic.   Where would they like us to go?

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