West Seattle weekend scene: Unofficial mini-market

We’ve mentioned in our Sunday morning lists that some vendors from the West Seattle Farmers’ Market – which is currently closed by order of the mayor – have been coming to The Junction on Sundays (or at other times) anyway, mostly for pickups of pre-orders. Today, Kate sent photos of what she described as more of an “informal farmers’ market.”

This is the third Sunday without the official market. Farmers’ markets are described as “essential businesses” in the governor’s order from last week (see page 4), but the mayor’s order issued two weeks ago categorized those in Seattle as “permitted events” (as in, events that require special permits).

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  • Laurel March 29, 2020 (2:59 pm)

    3/25 1359/100 deaths
    3/26 1577/109 deaths up 218/9
    3/27 1828 125 deaths up 261/16
    3/28 2077 136 deaths up 256/11
    3/29 2159 141 deaths up 82/5

    • John Skerratt March 29, 2020 (3:46 pm)

      https://youtu.be/jrfm7y5nL30“Several  hundred die in the first few weeks” ” Fueled by the media, Fear and panic spread quickly fracturing and dividing the country until at last the true goal comes into view”

      • wscommuter March 30, 2020 (8:23 am)

        Your paranoid delusions add nothing to this conversation.  Please go busy yourself with your tin foil hat building.

      • LAS RN March 30, 2020 (11:02 am)

        To be honest, there should have been more hype about the severity of this disease and sooner.  There are still people out there who haven’t been directly affected and so don’t understand or care about the implications of spreading the disease with their irresponsible behavior.

  • Intelligent human March 29, 2020 (3:09 pm)

    Because flowers are super crucial & essential right now, right???? It’s coming you extremely selfish humans and you will regret these decisions when you actually start to know who these numbers of humans dying are. This makes me very sad for everyone who is being responsible and staying home for weeks now trying to not spread it and you idiots go out for meaningless items & put us at risk. 

    • More intelligent human March 29, 2020 (6:15 pm)

      Are you going to hide forever? How at risk are you?  Elderly? Heart disease? Lung disease?1-2 months from now, what will be different?

      • WS RN March 29, 2020 (7:12 pm)

        Stay home! Stop the spread. It’s just about your own risk, but all those you come into contact with. Some of us don’t have a choice & have to go to work, a lot get to stay home & stay safe.  We go to work for you, stay home for us.

        • AlphaK9 March 30, 2020 (6:18 am)

          Thank you for taking care of us!!

    • LB March 29, 2020 (7:59 pm)

      So agree.  And it’s being supported and condoned here. Why?

    • Z March 30, 2020 (5:42 pm)

      you can report them here https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/09349a1c56844b539fea1c2cabd16d56

  • 22blades March 29, 2020 (3:11 pm)

    Nope… This will effect my decision to patronize the junction businesses.

    • WSB March 29, 2020 (3:31 pm)

      I don’t think this has anything to do with “the Junction businesses.” The sidewalks/streets are city property, not the businesses (most of which are closed) on which they front.

      • psps March 29, 2020 (4:08 pm)

        Not really true. I’m certain that the businesses there don’t want to be associated with the deaths that these selfish and irresponsible people will cause.  If they don’t want them there, they won’t be there. All it will take is one phone call.

      • 22blades March 29, 2020 (5:48 pm)

        The business owners have done an outstanding job of managing their businesses with the social distancing requirements. There is no direction or guidance of the patrons stopping by these pop-up concerns. Nor is there any meaningful consequence. No 6′ tapes. No signs directing social distancing or hygiene precautions. The junction businesses have really stepped up to the challenge. This just negates it.

        • Barack obama March 30, 2020 (10:34 am)

          Chupacabra selling alcohol on Alki still shows west Seattle is a sellout. Death to those businesses not our people

          • WSB March 30, 2020 (2:36 pm)

            Restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol. That’s spelled out in the governor’s order. If you think they’re selling it in a way that’s illegal, the governor has just announced that business violations are reportable via coronavirus.wa.gov.

          • Jethro Marx March 30, 2020 (3:00 pm)

            This is the dumbest thing ever attributed to President Obama. Maybe pick a different name and/or place to live. 

  • Blbl March 29, 2020 (3:25 pm)

    They should be arrested.  

    • John Skerratt March 29, 2020 (3:47 pm)

      All the governor Inslee cares about is tax revenue! Why do you think the liquor stores in pot shops are open?!

      • J March 29, 2020 (4:28 pm)

        Distilleries can be compelled to make sanitizer, and drinking at home will be safer for the community than drinking in bars right now. Marijuana is often used as a pain reliever and may be much safer than opioids. All the other illnesses and injuries haven’t disappeared and medical care is limited. I wouldn’t smoke anything right now with this respiratory virus going around though. Hopefully the pot shops are sticking to oral administration products and discouraging the smoking and vaping while this coronavirus is spreading.

      • Blbl March 29, 2020 (4:31 pm)

        It has nothing to do with the governor. This is a Seattle restriction, in place by Mayor Durkan. 

        • BoBoo March 30, 2020 (12:18 am)

          Other communities allow Farmers Markets. Putting Farmers out of business right now isn’t too smart. 

      • David March 30, 2020 (1:47 am)

        Hold now we should not talk about the pot shops…watch it

    • Z March 30, 2020 (6:31 pm)

      you can report them here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/09349a1c56844b539fea1c2cabd16d56

  • Mickymse March 29, 2020 (3:37 pm)

    What makes anyone think it’s more dangerous to pick up an order here than to pick up your takeout, go to the grocery store, or walk up to the Starbucks window?

    • Blbl March 29, 2020 (4:41 pm)

      Many reasons. No hand washing facilities. No health policies to keep sick employees home. No ability to control how many people come – if a restaurant is too busy they can simply refuse an order or lock the door.  No ability to manage crowds. No shopping carts, which increase distancing. And what do you mean, walk up to a  Starbucks window? They are all drive up, which itself controls access.  And perhaps the main reason – the farmers market is prohibited, Grocery stores, pick up and take out are not. These vendors  are breaking the law and putting us all at risk. 

      • WR March 29, 2020 (7:52 pm)

        This is getting ridiculous. There’s little or no difference between picking up an order from these poor folks than from anywhere else.  If you want to lock yourself away and literally not leave your house at all go ahead.  Let everyone else be sensible and practical so we can fight this together.  Literally not leaving your house for months is not what has been suggested by anyone.  For those who felt like supporting those who’s incomes have been annihilated, thank you. 

        • Greg March 29, 2020 (9:37 pm)

          Well, those “other” places that are open are generally essential and can legally operate. These businesses are clearly operating without a permit and in violation of the public health order.

      • LB March 29, 2020 (8:00 pm)

        Thank you,blbl.

    • David Partikian March 29, 2020 (8:44 pm)

      Exactly. Thank you!

      • David Partikian March 30, 2020 (2:28 am)

        Thank you WR!As original article  states: Inslee’s order lists farmer’s  markets as essential. This should supercede Durkin’s order.Farmer’s  Market vendors are way safer than supermarket at current juncture.

  • West Seattle Resident March 29, 2020 (4:01 pm)

    Clever!  It’s no more dangerous than a grocery store, but with more space to distance yourself from others.  I think if you still patronize a grocery store, this is safer.    We can all still exercise precautions while shopping there.   My grocery store still sells flowers.  AND if I had known I would have supported.  I think if people think its dangerous, don’t support.  

    • WR March 29, 2020 (7:54 pm)

      Absolutely agreed. Thank you for your sensibility and compassion. 

  • KT March 29, 2020 (4:06 pm)

    I see stuff like this and see pictures of the crowds on the Alki sidewalks revealed in the picture of that roll over car accident earlier on the blog, and realize there is no cure for stupidity and until our government gets serious about protecting us from us we’re in trouble.      

    • BKRDT March 29, 2020 (6:53 pm)

      I generally pass on the idea of having a government “protect us from us”

      • Boboo March 30, 2020 (12:20 am)

        Then we can get rid of our military. That will save you a lot of money. Aren’t you a genius?(Dripping sarcasm)

        • BruceNorris March 31, 2020 (10:46 pm)

          The U.S. Military doesn’t protect us from “us.” Only foreign threats. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 prevents this.

  • John March 29, 2020 (4:07 pm)

    The first photo illustrates the problem.  It shows irresponsible social interaction, not a necessary transaction.  

    • The King March 29, 2020 (8:54 pm)

      Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity Martin Luther King Jr 

  • Sonja March 29, 2020 (4:08 pm)

    These producers of our foods are offering essentials.  I think if the city could get their head out of their butts, perhaps we could figure out a procedure to maintain this important exchange within the communities between their local farmers.  We need food, and they need to survive as well.  If they were to follow regulations and social distancing, how is it ANY different from the many “non-essential” businesses that are still open & serving prepared foods— You know, these businesses that other folks said they “will no longer” shop at if these vendors are out… ? [scratches head]The farmer’s market is food and sustenance for many folks, not just those scoping out the goat milk soaps and flowers.  There are systems in this city that allot folks with low or no incomes that require financial assistance to have access to fresh, healthy foods for a fraction of the cost.  These systems are important, particularly when communities are emptying out the grocery stores in their hysteria.  Yes, I agree- certain processes should be put in order to protect the safety and well being of the community.  How do we create that AND offer fresh produce from our local farmers?  Perhaps it’s time for us to put our heads together and consider this!  

    • KM March 29, 2020 (5:20 pm)

      Someone mentioned here last week, and I think it’s a great idea, but spread the farmers market out across 2 blocks, remove non-grocery items (such as music, other vendors), and implement 6 feet diagrams to allow for people to safely approach vendors. There’s no problem closing down another block–traffic is pretty light. We’ve already transformed parking to accommodate curbside pickups and drop-offs, we can get more creative.As an aside, it would actually be nice to see more roadways closed down during this time to allow for social distancing to allow for those getting outside for physical/mental health breaks. I passed 11 cyclists and 5 pedestrians on a 3-block side street walk today. We all maintained proper distances by using both sidewalks and the roadway. 

    • Kayo March 29, 2020 (7:04 pm)

      The West Seattle Farmers Market could follow Vashon Farmers Market model “Vashon Fresh” which is going into its 3rd year. Generally they start operations mid June…due to the coronavirus, they are starting April 4th. They home deliver! They’ve built an app where subscribers sign up with a payment card on file & order within a specific time frame for Thursday delivery. All products & produce must be Vashon grown/manufactured. It’s up to the farmers, crafts person whether they want to participate. This year is unprecedented as the market itself has been banned to open. With past success & great enthusiasm, Vashonites are embracing this uber successful service to help us stay in isolation. Coolers are at the ready on the front porches! Vashon Fresh is ONLY available for Vashon residents. However, a similar model can be done with a few logistical changes & commitments from customers & vendors for the West Seattle Farmers Market.

      • Janelle March 29, 2020 (8:38 pm)

        This sounds cool, thanks for sharing! I hope the WS farmers market can look to create a similar program.

    • Notoveryet March 29, 2020 (7:08 pm)

      Sonja, looks like flowers to me. Not food, flowers.

      • WR March 29, 2020 (7:56 pm)

        Maybe they sell the flowers so they can buy themselves food to eat. 

  • Bill March 29, 2020 (4:14 pm)

    If there are appropriate statutes these vendors should be fined and restricted from participating in future farmer’s markets when they reopen.  Their actions are completely irresponsible and show contempt for civic need.

    • Seth March 29, 2020 (5:30 pm)

      My wife and I supported two vendors today.   At both we were able to stay 6 feet away from others, both vendors sanatized credit cards, chip readers, etc.   This was no more dangerous than our weekly trip to the grocery store. 

      • Notoveryet March 29, 2020 (6:00 pm)

        Did someone just say the shelter in place is over in a week and a half?? Oh poor souls who believe this, hunker down for a few weeks!

    • David Partikian March 29, 2020 (8:41 pm)

      Nonsense. They are selling essentials like eggs, meat and vegetables. Same as you get from PCC or Met Market, but outside and without a shared cart. At least at unofficial market you know no one else has touched your food.

      • aa March 30, 2020 (5:05 am)

        No one else touched your food?  How does it go from the ground into a box transferred to other boxes, transported to markets…I imagine their food is touched by many hands.  I’m not saying its better or worse just that it’s not coming to you without coming in contact with humans.

        • David Partikian March 30, 2020 (7:54 am)

          It is coming  with far less touching than that done in supermarket. Only the one vendor touches the food. Numerous customers do not. You bag your own, not a bagger. When I preorder for curbside pickup from market vendor, which is what was being done Sun., there is far less touching of food. Did I have to open door to fridge like at PCC? No. Did I need cart or basket allegedly  sanitized? No. Did checkout person bag my groceries or touch them after touching groceries other shopper’s handled? NO. Way safer to curbside pickup from farmer’s market. 

  • TJ March 29, 2020 (4:37 pm)

    Why the big fuss over this? This shelter in place is over in a week and a half, and this is what’s coming with people going out when the weather gets better anyways. Are people going to be called selfish in May when they are sick of being couped up and the economy is trying to get going. Deep down we all know this isn’t some multi month long sustainable road we are on. 

    • Nigel Tufnel March 29, 2020 (6:31 pm)

      Being misinformed isn’t a good look TJ.

    • CMT March 29, 2020 (9:32 pm)

      TJ – this isn’t the first thread you have been on stating that “people you know” are going to get tired of being cooped up and this won’t last because the economy will need to restart.  I think you and the people that think the rules are for other people and that a couple of weeks of shut down will do the trick are in for a very rude awakening.  People that think like you and act upon what they – with no basis – feel will happen rather than looking at places like Italy will be the cause of the extended economic shut down and needless deaths.  

    • Unknown March 29, 2020 (10:54 pm)

      https://apple.news/A53qbIA4mRQ6Rf7ei5y7RvgRead this article, dude.  You need to wake the f— up. People like you are the reason we will have numbers like this and a few month’s at least of quarantine. Jeez dude. Wake up!!!

  • Mr J March 29, 2020 (5:27 pm)

    For everyone here that feels a false sense of superiority in shaming these individuals, why don’t you buy up their stock and donate it to a hospital. Come down off your crosses and understand that people have to live and a lot of these people don’t qualify for unemployment even if that was enough. 

  • Sandra March 29, 2020 (5:52 pm)

    I agree with Seth and Mr J.  

  • David March 29, 2020 (6:05 pm)

    I feel for the vendors, I really do. This is trying times for all. But at the end of the day, it is not the government’s role or responsibility to provide a forum for private individuals and business (many are farmers) to sell their goods. The responsibility of the government is to keep people safe (which is turning into quite a challenge in this country) so my opinion is that they shouldn’t let this continue. This is a massive test for everyone but decisions should be made to promote the health and wellbeing of all; not to cater to folks earning money.

    • David Partikian March 29, 2020 (8:42 pm)

      …so we should also close supermarkets and other outlets for essential goods?

      • CMT March 29, 2020 (9:45 pm)

        No – And it’s terrible what this virus is doing to people’s livelihoods – but no one should be free to pick and choose which rules apply and which do not. That is the way to ensure that a tsunami will overtake us.  These are unprecedented events in our lifetime.  Our entitlement and personal independence need to take a backseat if we do not want to face something way worse than what we are experiencing now. We are creative and have technology at our fingertips.  At a minimum a fund could be started so that those who would normally shop at the market could donate to the vendors.  

        • David Partikian March 30, 2020 (7:56 am)

          Umm…Inslee classified farmer’s  market vendors as essential. See initial article. Durkin banned them and Inslee overruled.

          • WSB March 30, 2020 (12:16 pm)

            The governor’s order did not “overrule” the mayor’s order. It certainly contradicts it but at this point local orders seem to be prevailing in this type of conflict.

          • CMT March 30, 2020 (2:55 pm)

            David – are you responding to me?  My answer was, no, we shouldn’t close grocery stores.  I don’t even necessarily believe that  farmers markets should be closed.  But they are, per the mayor.   My problem is with people feeling that it is OK to pick and choose which rules will apply to them.  Not when the threat is so real and so huge.  This is why we have elected leaders – to make the hard decisions that we as a society must all follow, notwithstanding that individuals may disagree. 

          • David Partikian March 30, 2020 (8:36 pm)

            Well if West Seattle residents can legally pick up take out food, then I can pre-order from my farmer’s  market vendors and pick up at a pre-arranged location rather than having them make special trip to me, which is what I did, only to be treated by judgments  on this forum that we are clueless and should all be arrested.Clearly the mayor overstepped her bounds in banning sale of food. Inslee rectified the situation. If there is ambiguity, I’ll go with the elected governor and common sense.

          • CMT March 31, 2020 (8:35 am)

            I’m sorry David.  I can understand that it would be hurtful/frustrating to be called selfish when you were trying to help the farmer’s market vendors . . . 

  • Steve March 29, 2020 (6:32 pm)

    Lmao!! People are so dumb. Go ahead and catch it. I have a good friend in Germany( doctor) who stopped counting the bodies at 100.  We are way worse. You go to those events your day to fight or fail against the virus will come. But seriously, good luck everybody. Stay healthy please. <3

    • Hk March 29, 2020 (7:21 pm)

      But these people are not just putting themselves at risk, they are putting their entire community at risk. It baffles me that people have such a hard time understanding that. I am currently pregnant with twins. I only leave the house for doctors appointments. My husband grocery shops once per week. But if any of these idiots happen to go to the grocery store or are in the same elevator as me at the doctors office we are at risk due to their selfish behavior. 

      • Blbl March 29, 2020 (8:02 pm)

        Exactly, Hk. My husband and I are both immunocompromised, but you’d never know it. Any one of those shoppers or vendors there today could be walking around with it and not know it.Good luck with your babies. 

        • WR March 29, 2020 (9:03 pm)

          That doesn’t make sense. So could anyone at the grocery store. 

      • David Partikian March 29, 2020 (8:49 pm)

        So my trip to unofficial market today compromised  your health…but my trip to PCC three days ago did not?

        • Blbl March 29, 2020 (10:00 pm)

          Yes, you are more likely to get it and spread it at the farmers market than at the grocery store. Multiple points of sale, more dirty cash, no hand washing, no distance markers. The farmers market is closed for a reason. Grocery stores are not.  

          • David Partikian March 30, 2020 (2:20 am)

            Credit cards were used. No vendor allowed anyone to touch food he or she wasn’t  buying. No shared carts. No checkout person handling my food. Order was called in adv as once, much like takeout.I’ll take unofficial market over grocery store…though I also shop at Met Market and PCC.

          • Blbl March 30, 2020 (9:33 am)

            Please let us know when you go to which grocery store. I will make sure to avoid it. 

          • David Partikian March 30, 2020 (8:37 pm)

            I go to all of them!

  • Mj March 29, 2020 (7:00 pm)

    Mr J well said!  TJ agreed

  • TJ March 29, 2020 (9:24 pm)

    Germany had 400 deaths thru yesterday, so I doubt there were over 100 bodies in any one hospital to be counted. I have been following this shelter in place, besides a trip to the store here and there and going running. But I’m not worried about this, and am not going to hide inside past April 8th. Science and economics need to meet in the middle then and the economy needs to get rolling 

    • wscommuter March 30, 2020 (8:45 am)

      What an amazingly arrogant and stupid thing to say … “science and economics need to meet in the middle”.  Difficult to list the ways this is stupid.  As though we should compromise on the science – you know, facts – for financial gain.  Mostly, I suspect, because you aren’t seeing the bodies here – yet – you think this will pass by your idiotic April 8 date, when, in fact, things are going to start getting very bad right around early-mid April.   Even the moron in the White House is, finally, starting to acknowledge how bad this is  going to get.  Unless … you are advocating some Darwinian culling of the herd and are willing to let a lot of people die needlessly for your precious financial gain.  I take it you’re young, healthy and feel you aren’t personally at risk.  Good for you.   There is no way, however, for us to prevent a lot of our vulnerable neighbors and family from getting sick and potentially dying without this isolation effort.  Our hospitals are going to be overwhelmed if we don’t do this, and they may be anyway  because we’re too late in dealing with this pandemic.  We here in the U.S. are especially going to feel the pain of this pandemic because Trump dithered for months when we could have had time to prepare.  But here we are.  And now as the pandemic is cutting its swath through our communities, you are ignorantly braying about “balancing science and economics”.   I have news for you … the economic calamity was coming with the pandemic no matter what.  You want the economy to start to heal?  Then pull your head out of your ass and cooperate like other sane, informed people.  The sooner we isolate and choke out the current bout of this, the sooner the economy can start to heal.  You want real economic devastation – follow you stupid thinking where more people get sick and die … and then watch how the economy functions.  Yeah, your ignorant stupidity pisses me off because my wife is a nurse and my son an EMT and they are both dealing with this daily.  None of us needs your kind of asinine greed.  

      • WR March 30, 2020 (9:26 am)

        I can’t believe they let you post this character attack.  You need to stop.  People can disagree. 

        • CMT March 30, 2020 (10:54 am)

          But willfully ignoring science shouldn’t be an acceptable “oh well, agree to disagree” situation when it is literally putting people’s lives at risk.

        • wscommuter March 30, 2020 (12:46 pm)

          I’m all for civil discourse.  Right up until someone’s stupidity (yes, there’s that uncivil word) is advocating for dangerous behavior.  At that point,  I get very blunt.  

        • Nolan March 31, 2020 (10:59 pm)

          Frankly, they were more kind than TJ deserves; we need more decency and less false civility. Thanks to WSB for not screening that comment.

  • Janelle March 29, 2020 (9:45 pm)

    Maybe the flower vendor pictured can find a way to take orders and deliver weekly to those interested. I bet there would be interest. If people pay online and flowers are delivered to doorsteps, there isn’t that contact between people. I for one would enjoy some beautiful flowers right now, though I wouldn’t go out for that right now.

  • WiseWoman March 29, 2020 (10:42 pm)

    Grocery is essential business. Farming and Food Sources are essential business under Governor/Government orders!! These are farmers mostly which never get a day off, animals and caretaking of animals is a 24/7/365 job!! Animals get vaccinated against CoronaVirusus. These farming or Organic business people are working so they don’t lose their businesses and following. Better beef than at stores. Specific products not on shelves too. Going out and keeping distance is important. They are following that Social Distancing aspect!! I saw a vendor I purchased from use separate gloves for money than for bottles or product. People are being careful. In time of CoronaVirus This is survival of the fittest in full swing natural life cycle. And what you eat will catch up to you or keep you healthy. And I suggest people build up their immunity in general cause that is how we all will survive. The panic and pessimism is not helpful. And as depressing as it can be to stay inside all day, flowers in a vase on the table may just keep a trapped in person happy, and positive to fight this crazy pandemic. (Just don’t be Covid +) (a little pandemic humor!!) Stop the Panic (Insanity-Susan Powter)

  • Jethro Marx March 30, 2020 (7:54 am)

    I am used to the outrage by now, but how quickly we have turned on our local merchants! One minute they’re the lifeblood of our community, running sustainable small businesses and providing unique and valuable products, the next minute they’re selfish @#$7+- selling crap that’s going to kill us and we should all just give our money to their corporate competitors. It is perhaps relevant to point out that the pictures do not exactly show a mob scene, or even any obvious infringement on the six-foot bubble that is our new god. It is also not at all clear that they are breaking the law, although that has never stopped some of our nuttier commenters from demanding arrest and imprisonment. Fun times! Selfish is a funny concept, isn’t it- how easy is it to accuse others of being selfish, under the cover of “the greater good,” while we after all are only thinking of ourselves?

    • Time Out March 30, 2020 (9:03 am)

      Jethro, you described a few individuals in my shop in a nutshell. …how easy is it to accuse others of being selfish, under the cover of “the
      greater good, while we after all are only thinking of ourselves?” …..Don’t lynch me for being anti union.  I’m only anti my union.  I wanna go fishing to get a way from the shaming on WSB and Nextdoor, toilet paper shortage, and people complaining about being stir crazy. 

  • John March 30, 2020 (8:15 am)

    Jethro, are we looking at the same photos?  The people in the photo are socially interacting, one person squatted down to pet the dog and clearly within six feet.  This appears to be a totally social interaction, not someone purchasing essential goods.  Looking closely, none of the people in the photos are engaged in safe practices they all are within the six foot zone one walking the dog  and socializing with the vendors.No one is turning on local businesses, but those blithely violating the health and safety of the rest of us should not be condoned.

  • sam-c March 30, 2020 (8:24 am)

    When the WS Farmer’s Market was first shut down/ was about to be shut down, they issued a survey trying to gauge interest in ordering regular produce delivery from some of the WS farmers.  It was a pretty thorough and detailed survey, and I provided my contact information.  Did anything come of that? I haven’t heard back on the survey I filled out, and am still interested in hearing more/ understanding what the options are.

  • Wolfgang March 30, 2020 (8:54 am)

    Maybe some pictures of actual food being sold would have been better to calm the minds of readers rather than the 2 pictures of flowers being sold. But then again maybe those flowers will be needed now that they lifted the restrictions on funerals and we’ll be having a lot more of those. Who knows.

  • 22blades March 30, 2020 (9:00 am)

    So all the other vendors are following the rules, or common sense but they get punished by being responsible & not showing up?I do not wish to run a gauntlet of potential vectors to reach my restaurant pick-up order. My colleagues & I are out there still working, scared of that one unknown vector while you’re worried about your ability to go for a stroll through the market.

  • Friend O'Dinghus March 30, 2020 (9:05 am)

    I am really confused. Why can’t the Farmer’s Market merchants who wish to sell simply hand out their phone number, ask people to telephone their order in to them, then they deliver the product directly to the customer’s doorstep? No websites, no policy violations, no BS. It will cost the customer a bit more, but those that really wish to support these merchants during troubled times won’t mind. Problem solved. Oh, and do we see why the A-podment movement is fraught with problems? Some prison cells are larger than the ‘units’ these folks are being asked to confine themselves too.

    • flimflam March 30, 2020 (9:26 am)

      …not to mention the shared kitchens and bathrooms.

      • Friend O'Dinghus March 30, 2020 (10:42 am)

        I think that all of them are required to at least have a bathroom & shower within each unit (constructed within the last decade), but I am certainly no expert. It must be very hard on those folks  even without considering common food prep areas/interactions.

    • David Partikian March 30, 2020 (8:40 pm)

      That is what was done. Most vendors were just and only filling orders that had been called in.

  • TheJunction March 30, 2020 (10:23 am)

    It’s Lora Radford, the Junction executive director here. Just to clear up a couple of things, the Farmers Market isn’t affiliated with the Junction merchants. All of our business owners are complying with the current directive as we are fully committed to containing the spread of coronavirus in our community. We have expressed concerns with the FM leadership as the vendors are operating outside of the order.If you would like to send an email to the FM:
    Farmers Market Manager jonica@seattlefarmersmarkets.org

    Farmers Market Executive Director jennifer@seattlefarmersmarkets.org

    You’re always welcome to email me lora@wsjunction.org or call the Junction office at 935-0904. Here to listen and give as many answers as we know. We appreciate your ongoing support of the Junction merchants.    

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