NEED HELP? WANT TO HELP? New West Seattle website can connect you

In hopes of helping connect West Seattleite who need help with those who want to help, community advocates Phil Tavel and Brendan Kolding, with help from Sarah Rodermund, have launched a new collaborative effort online. The website – – is intended “to better connect individual volunteers and community organizations with local needs” in the coronavirus crisis. They’re using the platform, founded in 2012, which can connect volunteers with individuals who have specific needs, in a more-structured way, supplementing what’s already happening around the area. “It’s not an either/or,” Tavel said in the launch announcement. “It’s a both/and. We need everyone in our community to come together on this, and we are eager to provide additional tools.” Organizations can use the site too; the announcement explains, “Both needs and resources are tagged with specific labels like ‘transportation” or ‘medical supplies’ that are searchable to streamline the matching process. In addition, site administrators can help facilitate communication and recruit resources as needs emerge.” Got questions or want to help coordinate? Contact Phil Tavel at 206.949.8680 or

4 Replies to "NEED HELP? WANT TO HELP? New West Seattle website can connect you"

  • WSobserver March 24, 2020 (6:44 pm)

    Thanks to the organizers and thanks for posting this WSB!

     I may need a ride to Harborview for a treatment appointment for a serious illness just diagnosed (not transmissible) and all of my transit options are gone now, I had no idea how I might get there and I’ve been rather panicked. We have been car free in west Seattle for 12 years.

    Thank you all so much for your generous efforts and neighborly thoughtfulness.  It’s very kind and considerate and a possible godsend for my situation.

  • Wolfgang March 24, 2020 (7:17 pm)

    Thanks so much for Tavel taking action where Herbold has been all talk.

  • Alki Wendy March 25, 2020 (12:10 pm)

    Also thanks to Brendan Kolding!

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