Highland Park Improvement Club connecting neighbors ‘Through the Windowpane’

(Photo from HPIC newsletter)

If the high-bridge closure is suddenly sending you along SW Holden to get to the 1st Avenue South Bridge, you may be noticing the century-old Highland Park Improvement Club at 12th/Holden. It’s been a community hub for a century. Even though people can’t gather there right now, HPIC’s latest newsletter brings word of several creative ways it’s connecting neighbors, including this:

THROUGH THE WINDOWPANE: Connecting People in the Community

Are you inside looking through your windowpane for a safe face, a conversation, some entertainment? Are you able to be outside looking to fill an hour a week safely in front of a windowpane? Whichever side of the window you are on Highland Park Improvement Club has a vision for you.

We are looking to identify volunteers who:

Cannot leave their homes, feel isolated and are seeking safe human interactions to talk, smile, sing and laugh with you while remaining safely inside. If you’re interested, email us at HPIC – Inside the Window (hpic1919 at gmail dot com, with that subject line).

Individuals or families who are looking for opportunities to talk, smile, sing, and laugh from a front yard or walkway. If you’re interested, email us at HPIC – Outside the Window (hpic1919 at gmail dot com, with that subject line).

Through the Windowpane will train volunteers with safe distancing procedures, ways to communicate through a window, and other fun activities to lessen isolation while providing some structure and routine to your week.

This is geared toward Highland Park – but it’s certainly something any neighborhood could replicate. Meantime, HPIC’s making plans for an online edition of what would otherwise be its monthly Corner Bar this Friday – an hour of streamed music at 8 pm – details to come.

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  • Rhonda Smith March 31, 2020 (5:52 pm)

    Thank you for sharing this. Its a great way to connect people while honoring safe distances.The Club is also handing out lunches every day, Monday through Friday from 11am to 1pm with an additional weekend pack going home on Fridays.  We don’t want anyone to be at home and hungry. Please get the word out!

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