PHOTOS: Alice Enevoldsen’s spring-equinox sunset watch, online!

6:34 PM: At 8:49 pm, spring officially arrives – that’s the equinox moment. Right now, a West Seattle change-of-seasons tradition is happening as it has, four times a year for the past decade – West Seattle astronomy educator Alice Enevoldsen is leading her change-of-seasons sunset-watch event. But because of social distancing, it’s online this time – 6:30-7:30 pm, webcast via Zoomclick here to join. (Read more about her sunset watches here.)

7:20 PM: The webcast just wrapped up. We monitored the second half; about 20 others tuned in, and the sunset was spectacular. No recording but we added a screengrab above – her daughters assisting as always. If this had been a “normal” season-change sunset watch, Alice would have been at Solstice Park, explaining the equinox/solstice.

ADDED: Photos, courtesy of Jason Enevoldsen:

2 Replies to "PHOTOS: Alice Enevoldsen's spring-equinox sunset watch, online!"

  • AH March 19, 2020 (10:13 pm)

    We were at the park looking for you Alice!  Left after we realized you weren’t there but someone had you on their laptop!  Too hard to see from 6 feet away though. 

  • Alice Enevoldsen March 20, 2020 (3:12 am)

    Sorry about that AH! I didn’t feel comfortable being the person encouraging folks to gather in one place, even though it’s an outdoor park. If we were towards the end of this adventure and we could really trust folks to stay far enough apart it might have worked. We’re all new at this though, and we should all listen to the scientists and doctors. :)-Alice

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