CORONAVIRUS: More West Seattle school closures

In addition to the Seattle Public Schools decision to close starting Thursday, more local independent schools are making their decisions as well. We have started an ongoing page to track West Seattle school closures since we’d already reported on several in recent days.

Announced today:

Explorer West Middle School (WSB sponsor), starting Thursday 3/12 (details)
Hope Lutheran School, after Friday 3/13 (details)
Tilden School (WSB sponsor), starting Thursday
Seattle Lutheran HS, no classes after Thursday 3/12 (details)
Holy Rosary School – starting Thursday (details)
Our Lady of Guadalupe, no classes after Thursday 3/12 (details)
Holy Family, no classes after Thursday (details)
A Child Becomes Preschool (WSB sponsor) as of Thursday
The Cove School – starting Monday
West Seattle Montessori

Not West Seattle but of local relevance & announced today

(added 7:51 pm) Vashon Island School District, starting Friday 3/13 (details)
Kennedy Catholic HS – no classes after Thursday (details)
Holy Names
Bishop Blanchet

Any others? We’re doing our best to check around but it helps to hear directly – or text/voice 206-293-6302 – we’ll update this, and our new school-closures master-list page, with whatever more we get.

20 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: More West Seattle school closures"

  • BigRevenueIsWatching March 11, 2020 (4:03 pm)

    I hope someone is telling the school zone camera people to go into holiday mode!

    • AMD March 11, 2020 (5:50 pm)

      The camera on Roxbury by Holy Family was flashing like it was taking pictures today, even though the school lights were not on and no kids were around.

    • momosmom March 11, 2020 (6:05 pm)

      I think the school zone camera is the least of our worries and anyways that camera is always malfunctioning.

      • WSB March 11, 2020 (6:16 pm)

        Yes, but there are a lot of details that somebody has to think of. Same goes on snow days, IIRC – they can’t always be reprogrammed.

        • sam-c March 11, 2020 (7:57 pm)

          the blinking “SCHOOL ZONE LIGHT” at 16th Ave SW and SW Orchard Street has been out at least a month.  I reported it via “FIND IT, FIX IT” about 2 weeks ago. It is still out….

  • Tony March 11, 2020 (4:17 pm)

    Hamlin Robinson School is closed as well….

    • WSB March 11, 2020 (4:22 pm)

      that’s right, that was as of a few days ago. adding to the master list…

  • just wondering March 11, 2020 (4:23 pm)

    Bishop Blanchet High School?

    • Eli March 11, 2020 (7:19 pm)

      It’s not near here. It’s 85th and I-5-ish. 

      • WSB March 11, 2020 (8:11 pm)

        Via email, a reader said it has a fair amount of students from WS. So I added it.

  • farmHER March 11, 2020 (4:35 pm)

    Holy Rosary WS is closed for the next two weeks at least. Email was just sent out to parents.

    • WSB March 11, 2020 (4:57 pm)

      Thank you, didn’t have that one yet.

  • HNA March 11, 2020 (5:08 pm)

    Holy Names Academy closed until April 20th

  • Jay March 11, 2020 (5:27 pm)

    Tilden is confirmed (at least) 2 weeks starting tomorrow 3/12

  • dsa March 11, 2020 (5:30 pm)

    On an earlier thread someone called it correctly.  As soon a SPS calls a pause the others will follow.

  • DRG March 11, 2020 (7:28 pm)

    Has anyone heard any news on Summit Atlas school? Open or closed?

  • Commuter Parent March 11, 2020 (7:46 pm)

    Not WS, but VISD, Closed Friday 3/13 thru Friday 4/24 

    • WSB March 11, 2020 (7:47 pm)

      Somebody just texted that. Adding. Thank you.

  • 1994 March 11, 2020 (8:20 pm)

    Summit Atlas is in session March 12. Summit e-mailed a short while ago to families:there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in any Summit Public School. With that guidance in mind, our schools will not be closed tomorrow, but we are actively planning for closures in the very near future. We will be sending an extensive communication to all families and students tomorrow evening, Thursday, March 12th about how we will move forward. 

    • WSB March 11, 2020 (8:50 pm)

      Thank you.

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