BOOKS: Updates from Paper Boat Booksellers, Pegasus Book Exchange

Updates from West Seattle’s two independent bookstores:

PEGASUS BOOK EXCHANGE: The store is “still open for business as well as offering curbside pickup and delivery.” More below:

Pegasus is at 4553 California SW.

PAPER BOAT BOOKSELLERS: The store at 6010 California SW is now closed to the public but doing delivery and pickup – here’s the newest info:

While we are closed to the public, we will operate out of the store on a limited schedule to answer phones, take orders and provide curbside drop-off and delivery. Hours of operation will be:

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: 11 am-5 pm

Delivery Times: 3 pm-5pm (if demand is high we may expand delivery days and times)

Ways To Order:

Order Online: Our online store will be up and running soon. You can place your order for books or gift cards and we will ship them out to you (shipping is free for gift cards). If you choose “in store pick-up” we will call you when your purchases are ready and you can choose to pick up curbside or we can deliver them to you. In the comments, please leave your address for delivery or type “curbside”.

Order By Phone Or Email: Call or email us with your book order and if we have what you need we will pull it off the shelf or order it for you. We will let you know when your order is ready and you can pay over the phone-please don’t send your credit card information over email.

Ways To Deliver:

Curbside Pick-Up: During our hours of operation we will offer curbside delivery outside the store. Once we contact you to let you know your order is ready, you can pre-pay over the phone and if you’ve ordered online then your order should be paid for. Call us when you are here: 206-743-8283 and we’ll run your order out to you-now you are set to read, read, read!

Delivery: We are offering free delivery to our customers within West Seattle limits. Please take us up on it-we have driving teenagers who are out of school and they are more than willing to help (as long as there’s cash involved by Mom and Dad of course!).Simply place your order over the phone or online and choose “in store pick-up”, leave your address in the comments and let us know you would like for us to deliver. We will deliver on T/Th/Sat between 3 pm-5 pm (if demand is high we may deliver on other days-we will wait and see).

This isn’t ideal! Nothing can replace coming into the store, browsing and shopping at your leisure, but we will try our best to get books (and workbooks, puzzles, games) any way we can. We are happy to give you recommendations over the phone or pick a surprise recommendation for you-we are always happy to share our thoughts and ideas with you!

5 Replies to "BOOKS: Updates from Paper Boat Booksellers, Pegasus Book Exchange"

  • Also John March 17, 2020 (7:03 pm)

    Pegasus Book Store rocks.  The workers there are amazing.  I’ll walk in and say something like…’as a kid I read a book about such and such.  The book had monsters and spaceships, etc.’      

    The next thing I know an employee is telling me the title and going to see if they have it.  Their memory of books amazes me.

  • elisabeth fredericksen March 17, 2020 (7:04 pm)

    Thank you, Pegasus! Elisabeth

  • Karen March 17, 2020 (7:48 pm)

    What a wonderful way to serve the community. I’m telling EVERYONE 👌

  • Michelle March 17, 2020 (8:49 pm)

    I did pick up ordering from Pegasus a few days ago. So easy! They worked with my budget and made recommendations. I highly recommend others do this. So worth it!

  • Eric @ Paper Boat March 18, 2020 (8:52 am)

    We have had an incredible concerted support over the last week. Thank you West Seattle!  Our online store is up now – select “In store pick up” – Let us know if you want curbside pick up (or if you can’t leave home, leave your address and we will deliver to you free of charge – as long as it’s in West Seattle.  We appreciate all of you more than you know!  

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