BIZNOTES: Morgan Junction edition – Thunder Road Guitars, The Bass Shop, West Seattle Thriftway

Local businesses are doing everything they can to keep serving you as long as they can during the COVID-19 situation. So we’re publishing updates as we get them. These are from three Morgan Junction businesses:

THUNDER ROAD GUITARS & THE BASS SHOP: We stopped into the shop at 6400 California SW to check in. Here’s their message for you:

West Seattle! Thunder Road Guitars and The Bass Shop are open for business and will remain open. We have more inventory in the store than ever with new guitars arriving daily. To be safe, we are taking daily measures to disinfect and wipe down surfaces, doors, etc. We understand and respect people wanting to stay out of public places and therefore we are offering free local shipping and/or delivery to all of West Seattle. We have gift cards available as well. We would love to see you! Tues – Sat 10 am – 6p m, online 24/7 and

Both shops are WSB sponsors.

WEST SEATTLE THRIFTWAY: Ownership/management of this independent local grocery store at 4201 SW Morgan (also a WSB sponsor) have this message for you:

(The “no personal cups” change for coffee bars seems to be increasingly common – though we’ve proudly brought a reusable cup to coffee shops going back to the ’90s, we’re leaving ours at home TFN.)

5 Replies to "BIZNOTES: Morgan Junction edition - Thunder Road Guitars, The Bass Shop, West Seattle Thriftway"

  • Yma March 13, 2020 (2:34 pm)

    Thank you Thriftway!if you’re open -we’ll be there

    • Matt P March 13, 2020 (7:05 pm)

      I keep seeing pictures and stories across the US of people raiding grocery stores, yet here in West Seattle where we’ve been isolated for longer, all the grocery stores are stocked.  I was in Thriftway on Wednesday and everything was stocked as far as I could tell.  Glad my fellow neighbors are being sensible.  We can stay isolated while still being sensible about going out and getting what we need.

      • WSB March 13, 2020 (7:21 pm)

        We shop our grocery sponsors 95% of the time (our longtime faves long before WSB) but today wound up in a corporate grocery store. While we were there, we looked around. Interestingly, just one section was truly decimated: Frozen vegetables. I secured only a bag of frozen pearl onions.

  • zephyr March 13, 2020 (8:42 pm)

    I love our Thriftway.  Wonderful people and great selection on many things.  So here’s a grocery question:  Do people have qualms about fresh vegetables that might not be so easily to wash?  Lettuce for example.  I rinse and drain and then when most of the water is evaporated I bag it and return to the crisper.  I don’t see how it’s possible to get viruses off completely–if they are there.  ***********************************Same with brocolli.  How on earth could you ever clean microscopic life forms from brocolli?  I could go on.  Other fruits and vegetables you could scrub or peel.  But brocolli?  Lettuce?  Any science on this?  I feel like I am uncharted waters with this novel virus situation regarding fresh foods.  One could just go to canned or frozen foods I suppose.   But isn’t this virus going to be around forever or a long time?  –Now that it’s here.

  • YES2WS March 13, 2020 (9:18 pm)

    Spritz clean the lettuce with vinegar maybe? And boil the broccoli? Good question. I usually just rinse lettuce and steam broccoli 

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