About the police response in Morgan Junction

In case you wondered about the police response north of California/Fauntleroy this past hour: Police at first responded to what was called in as a man assaulting a woman. Then the report changed to a possible attempted robbery. Police found a victim at California/Graham, and the suspect on the east side of the street. A sergeant we spoke with told us that the suspect was reported to have confronted two women on the street, claiming he had been a victim of theft. Police determined that what he was claiming was false, and he was taken into custody. They say the women he accosted are OK.

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  • Nick February 16, 2020 (7:37 pm)

    Scary to this kind of activity in the neighborhood. 1/2 hour before the police arrived my wife, 3 year old and I walked past on our way to Thriftway.  There was an agitated man yelling and talking to himself.

  • Helpermonkey February 16, 2020 (7:37 pm)

    We were at whisky west tonight, and saw an obviously high dude just leave his backpack on the ground at the bus stop and wander off north. It looked like he was wandering off, face to the ground maybe looking for smokable cigarette butts. Eventually, maybe about 1/2 hour later, another dude came up, looked around and then picked up the backpack and quickly take off walking north. We never saw the guy who left his bag come back while we were there.  I’m guessing this guy who accused the women of robbery was the guy who originally left his backpack on the ground while he wandered off, then assumed he’d been stolen from. I couldn’t give a good description of the guy who picked up the bag other than tall, thin, and wearing a hoodie. High guy was thin, acting high/moving erratically, wearing a hoodie and a jacket. 

    • WSB February 16, 2020 (7:51 pm)

      According to the sergeant, first he was claiming the theft was from his home, then from his car.

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