West Seattle weekend scene: Filthy FemCorps pop-up performance

A surprise show at California/Alaska a little more than an hour ago – that’s Filthy FemCorps, the band with the self-description “a hot bag full of fierce women who aren’t afraid to be weird, genuine, raw, sweaty, confident, honest, loving, and real.” They pop up now and then, here and there – same spot 10 months ago, in fact – but you can also catch them at pre-announced events, like the annual street-band celebration HONK! Fest West.

4 Replies to "West Seattle weekend scene: Filthy FemCorps pop-up performance"

  • Roger January 26, 2020 (8:44 pm)

    Such a fun performance. I thought seriously about holding up traffic through one light cycle just to enjoy more!

  • Al January 27, 2020 (8:33 am)

    What band with all they did WOKE up the junction.  It was amazing. 

  • newnative January 27, 2020 (8:56 am)

    They are one my favorites of all the Honk Fest West bands. 

  • wssz January 27, 2020 (10:16 pm)

    So incredibly cool!!!! I saw you playing in the Junction but was in my car on my way to meeting so couldn’t stop to enjoy. Please come back soon and often! 

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