TRANSIT: Why Metro says your bus might be affected by snow you can’t see

With intermittent snow showers expected to continue this evening, and temperatures dropping into the 20s, transportation could be affected tonight and tomorrow in a variety of ways. Slick/icy roads, for one, and transit, for another. Metro‘s latest updates (see them all here) include this reminder that your route might be affected even in a non-snowy area:

As roadway conditions vary throughout the county, some riders may find that their route is on snow route or delayed despite a visual absence of snow. Some Metro routes are connected and operate in a loop across the region, spanning areas with no snow and areas with much snow. For example, Route 5, which starts in Shoreline and today traveled through snow, connects to Route 21, which extends to West Seattle, an area that didn’t see much snow. Other routes contain hills or icy road conditions, challenges that aren’t apparent to all bus stops on the route but may result in delays to the entire route.

If buses go on snow routes, you’ll find yours on the route’s timetable here. Metro’s winter-weather information is headquartered here;

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