TRAFFIC ALERT: First 35th/Alaska weekend closure – with big detour – begins

The first of at least two weekend-long 35th/Alaska intersection closures – as part of the Avalon/35th repaving-and-more project – is under way. With SDOT warning of a long detour, we checked out the perimeter tonight. Above, eastbound SW Alaska is blocked at 36th. Below, no turns from Avalon to 35th, either direction:

And if you are heading north on 35th, no photo, but there is indeed a big barricade and traffic-control officer there too, restricting use to “local access.” This is all an attempt to stave off major side-street cut-through driving. The SDOT detour map is here, in PDF.) If you are riding the bus, the info on Route 21 – including a shuttle bus – is here, in PDF. This is all scheduled to last until “early Monday,” but we will keep watch on Sunday in case of an early reopening. The next closure is set for next weekend.

16 Replies to "TRAFFIC ALERT: First 35th/Alaska weekend closure - with big detour - begins"

  • Iga December 14, 2019 (11:17 am)

    And NB Fauntleroy is down to one lane at Alaska. Not great planning. 

    • WSB December 14, 2019 (11:40 am)

      Haven’t been through there yet today but – for the apartment-construction project? That’ll be on and off for months.

  • CW December 14, 2019 (11:39 am)

    An additional heads’ up – NB Fauntleroy is down to one lane south of Alaska for construction work (concrete pouring?).  When I was heading north a little before 10 it was slow but not too bad, when I headed south a little after 11 traffic was backed up from Alaska to south of Findlay.

  • West Seattle Hipster December 14, 2019 (11:50 am)

    Sounds like Zero Vision to me.

    • Jort December 16, 2019 (8:00 am)

      Automobile traffic inconviences ≠ efforts to save lives in preventable collisions.

  • Sue H December 14, 2019 (12:21 pm)

    Yeah I got caught in that Fauntleroy mess as well with the apartment construction. I know that’s been going on and off for a while, but seriously, when there are the other closures going on nearby they thought that Saturday morning was the perfect time to do that? Had I known in advance how backed up Fauntleroy was at 10am I would have gone a different way. Even a warning sign to let you know the right lane is closed a block or two back would have been helpful.

  • andrea helman December 14, 2019 (1:11 pm)

    One can only hope that the drunks on the 21st floor making these decisions see what they do…tho’ I fear they sleep well at night. Who decided the turn lane on a major artery was a good idea. REALLY? 35th travel has never been the same. But wait theres more. And we pay these people???

    • jno December 15, 2019 (5:54 pm)

      The turn lane on 35th wasn’t a good idea, it was a great one. I’m an able-bodied person and it was terrifying even for me to cross it as a pedestrian.

  • Messy December 14, 2019 (1:45 pm)

    It took less time to tear down the viaduct then to repave Avalon & 35th. And West Seattle has been the most impacted with the tunnel and viaduct. We pay our high property taxes, so give us some consideration in your planning.

  • Seriously? December 14, 2019 (6:36 pm)

    WTF people? 35th is closed from MORGAN. The stated reasoning is to avert people from using residential streets. What do you think EVERYONE did this morning when they got to 35th and Morgan??? Took the first f’in right on the next residential street. Duh. Would  love to know who the crew of “engineers” is. Every traffic project in west Seattle has been planned half-assed. Way to go! Dumbfu**s.

    • KM December 14, 2019 (7:32 pm)

      Unclear what you mean by everyone getting to “35th and Morgan” and then turning “f’ing right” on the next residential street, because that would have required driving past a barricade at last in the northbound direction at least. The right turns from 35th and Morgan during this detour are Morgan/Sylvan (northbound drivers) and 35th Ave (southbound). I couldn’t continue through the full intersection only to take a right on a residential street, unless I wanted to drive through a barrier and past a traffic cop. If people are detouring prior to 35th and Morgan, they are welcome to do so, but seems like a big hassle so not sure why they would.

    • Seriously? December 14, 2019 (10:05 pm)

      Just clarifying that the above post is NOT from the original “Seriously?”. This (the one writing now) is the original “Seriously?”. Seriously – get your own handle. I give myself a bad enough “rep” without any help ;)

      • waikikigirl December 15, 2019 (4:21 am)

        WOW this is not cool someone using your user name!

        • WSB December 15, 2019 (10:29 am)

          Since we have never required registration for news-story commenting (just forum use), how would they know? Hasn’t happened often over 13 years, but occasionally it does.

          • Seriously?"OG":) December 15, 2019 (3:39 pm)

            It happens. I’m not really worried about it. Just thought it was kinda funny, but I do get myself in enough trouble without help :D

  • flimflam December 14, 2019 (9:45 pm)

    “residential streets” are still open to the public as i understand…

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