WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: About the Fauntleroy Park police search

Thanks for the tips about a police search in and around Fauntleroy Park. We went over to find out what it was about and talked with the person whose report led to the search. He said he was doing volunteer work in the wooded area just east of the Fauntleroy Church lot when he happened onto a man camping there. When he told the man he wasn’t supposed to be there, he told us, the man indicated both verbally and with a gesture that he was armed and wanted to left alone. The man who’d been threatened subsequently called 911. so far, police have not found the suspect. (And in case you are in the area and wondering, the SFD medic response in the church lot is completely unrelated.)

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  • WSResident November 16, 2019 (3:37 pm)

    There is someone who often comes in to the Y who verbally assaults people. I wonder if this is the same person?

    • Bonnie Stewart November 17, 2019 (9:06 am)

      WS Resident…do you have a description of this guy?

      • WSResident November 17, 2019 (3:50 pm)

        He’s white, probably in his mid 40’s to mid 50’s. Not sure about hair color. I think brown.

  • flimflam November 16, 2019 (3:40 pm)

    yet another example that allowing, encouraging or enabling “campers” or “encampments” is a really bad idea. 

  • 1994 November 16, 2019 (8:32 pm)

    Thanks to the volunteer who spoke up & called the police.  Sounds like a nervy dude who does not want to be informed the park is not a camp ground.

  • Someone Who Likes to Walk There November 16, 2019 (8:56 pm)

    Nervy dude?  This is someone illegally squatting in our parks/green space and threatening others with a weapon. Guy needs to be caught.

  • Seaman November 17, 2019 (8:07 am)

    People need to chill out. This guy may need the right help by someone telling him the right information so he can be led to the right place. He is just protecting himself and maybe lost. Doesn’t mean he is a criminal.

  • John November 17, 2019 (11:15 am)

    I have heard the term Urban Frontierman, that is a thing?

  • Jim P. November 17, 2019 (11:29 am)

    ” He is just protecting himself and maybe lost. Doesn’t mean he is a criminal.”Yes, yes it does if he is doing illegal things and threatening people with deadly force who run across him.  Hard to find a clearer example of criminal behavior.”Protecting himself” from what?  Clean up volunteers and ordinary citizens who might object to his taking over parkland for his own good pleasure?You will note he had the wit to not be there when police showed up, so he is definitely connected to this universe quite adequately.

    • Jethro Marx November 17, 2019 (1:34 pm)

      The information provided here does not indicate any threats were made, only that he was armed (not a crime) and wished to be left alone (again, not a crime.) I’m not assuming he’s not a criminal, only confirming that no crimes are reported in this post. I think you would find that illegal camping is more like a civil infraction. But I get it- you don’t like people who aren’t like you, in your own estimation. Enjoy your non-crappy shelter and privileged outlook on life.

      • WSB November 17, 2019 (1:58 pm)

        Sorry if our description wasn’t strong enough. Patrick talked to the person who made the report and this did not sound like a “by the way I have a gun, just FYI” so much as “I’ve got a gun so you’d better scram.”

      • Mark Schletty November 17, 2019 (2:26 pm)

        Seaman and Jethro — I am quite amused at how much your defense of an armed, threatening man illegally camping in a park sounds just like the Republican’s defense of Trump  I have heard in the impeachment hearings.  Amusing.

        • Jethro Marx November 17, 2019 (5:32 pm)

          I am glad to be a source of amusement in what must be trying times for you, Mark. Is this where the election of a President has got you, though? Anyone you disagree with “sounds just like” someone else you disagree with? I think if you read carefully you’d find I only commented on whether or not it was accurate to say the man was committing a crime, based on the initial report, (which has now had a bit more tone revealed.) I don’t think he should be camping in a park or green space, and I don’t think he should threaten people, even if it’s a vague, not-quite-a-crime kind of threat. But your logic would take my simple fact-based claims and turn them into politically charged statements. Now that sounds more like a page out of the book those politicians learned from, what?

      • Alex S. November 18, 2019 (11:25 am)

        Since when did holier-than-thou progressives start defending potentially violent, armed, aggressive men?  // “But I get it- you don’t like people who aren’t like you,” They “aren’t like us” because they intimidate volunteers with weapons?  That’s your argument?  It’s not a strong one. 

  • WS Neighbor November 17, 2019 (4:15 pm)

    Thank you, Patrick and WSB for your excellent journalism, your calm and even approach to controversy and your boundless community spirit.  Making excuses for armed criminals is not compassion, Jethro.  And your accusation of “privileged outlook” is out of line here.  Maybe instead of pontificating at your comfy computer you might get out there to personally make a difference for the thousands of homeless folks who deserve help improving their circumstances.

  • 1994 November 17, 2019 (10:08 pm)

    I do enjoy my non-crappy shelter that I have worked hard for.  Don’t ‘knock’ those of us who work & are able to sustain a dwelling while at the same time providing lots of funds for the city, state, feds….to supply  those not as fortunate to work and sustain their own non-crappy shelter – the rest of us provide for them.  

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