‘We need YOU!’ Chief Sealth IHS PTSA president’s plea

(WSB photo from last June’s CSIHS commencement)

Getting to the goal of high school – graduation – isn’t just a long haul for the students. It takes a lot of work from everyone supporting them – teachers, family, and the community. Yes, fall is fundraising season and generous community members might have a bit of donor fatigue. But if you can sign up for one more good time for a good cause, the Chief Sealth InternationaL High School PTSA president Nicole Sipila has a message for you, looking ahead to their November 16th dinner/auction (5 pm at Brockey Center):

This is it. We are down to two weeks before the auction and we NEED YOU!

I’m going to be FRANK, we need 6-8 more tables of (10) to make this event pay for itself and raise $30,000, money enough for each group, Denny Sealth Performing Arts, Athletics and PTSA to have $10,000 to cover their year’s budgets.

This can seem like a lot of money, I know. But when you’re talking about 1150 students it doesn’t go very far. Did you know that we currently have 80 identified homeless students in our school? These are just the students who the administration knows about. It doesn’t count the others who are scraping by, surfing on friends and family’s couches. PTSA supports these students with our $10,000. Operating the Closet and food pantry. Giving money to teachers and department heads to buy supplies and other items that students need for success. Also, PTSA provides access to funds for ASB/Student groups and clubs that are also trying to make a difference in our school.

The Athletic department is always having to replace uniforms and equipment. Our scholar athletes use these things, hard! Five days a week with practices and games. Balls, bats, swimsuits, gym matts, uniforms don’t last forever, they must be replaced. And I hope you can understand how embarrassing it is for our kids to show up at events with mismatched uniforms. They work their tails off, and we need to support them. There is evidence that kids who participate in sports and other outside school activities do better in school, are more likely stay out of gangs and are less likely to use drugs & alcohol AND most importantly, more likely to graduate! Sports and activities are an important part of the high school experience. Athletics needs our support.

Music and Arts! This is what makes us truly human! The DSPA is an amazing organization that supports all the various music and performing groups at Denny & Sealth. Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Choir, Mariachi and hopefully soon, Theatre. These groups have excelled at Sealth and Denny. Winning numerous awards and traveling around the PNW to further the notoriety of our programs. And like sports equipment, music instruments need to be replaced and maintained. Hours of practice and performances take a toll. DSPA strives to offer scholarships to students who would not otherwise be able to afford an instrument, travel and perform. Because what is music & art if there is no audience to appreciate it?

So, this is it, Sealth. You’ve heard it, as plainly as I can state it. Please, please, please, show up for our kids. We are sweetening the pot so to speak. If you buy a table of ten, starting tonight, Friday Nov. 1st through Sunday, Nov. 10, you’ll get the early bird prices for your table and a bottle of red and white wine waiting for you and your guests.

This is really a fun event. Come in costume or not. It’s for the children but the adults get a great night out. Watch our amazing students perform and get to know other Denny and Sealth Parents.

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  • Bonnie November 5, 2019 (7:29 am)

    Thank you for posting this for us! It will be a super fun event. We will have a wine grab, wheel of fortune,  50/50 raffle, music and great things at our auction. Like Brandi Carslile? 2 tickets to her upcoming show at the Seattle Symphony!! 

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