Today’s highlights, featuring Election Day and the return of #TurkeyTuesday

It’s Election Day – the voting ends tonight and the vote-counting begins. We found three candidates signwaving in the fog around 8 am at the 35th/Fauntleroy entrance to the West Seattle Bridge. West to east:

WHAT’S ON THE BALLOT: Doing last-minute research? All the links are here. If you want one last look/listen in the City Council District 1, find all our coverage archived here.

VOTING DEADLINE: 8 pm tonight if you’re using a King County Elections dropbox; earlier if you’re using postal mail – you need to be sure your ballot gets postmarked with today’s date. No stamp necessary. If you need voting assistance, the county vote centers are open until 8 pm.

ELECTION RESULTS: As usual, there will be one set of results released, expected somewhere in the 8:05-8:15 pm vicinity. After that, weekday afternoon updates until everything’s counted.

ELECTION NIGHT PARTIES: So far we know of three – same three candidates we found out signwaving – Herbold at Great American Diner/Bar (4752 California SW), Tavel at Talarico’s (4728 California SW), McDermott at Pizzeria 22 (4213 SW College). Any others? – thank you!

Other highlights after this #TurkeyTuesday photo of The West Seattle Turkey, now in our area for 6_ months:

The photo is from Lauren, who explains, “Realized I haven’t seen any turkey photos on the blog lately. Probably because the turkey spends about 1/2 her time in my backyard. She is kind of like that friend your teenager has: they’re over all the time, eats all your food – and you’re kind of annoyed by it, but you know they don’t have a great home life, so you just roll with it, and now they’re an honorary member of your family. That’s the West Seattle Turkey for us.” Now, on to the non-election highlights:

BABY STORY TIME X 2: Two options for you and your up-to-1-year-old: 10:30 am at Southwest Library (9010 35th SW) and West Seattle (Admiral) Library (2306 42nd SW).

DREAM DINNERS OPEN HOUSE: 6 pm-8 pm, sample the holiday menu, meet the new owners, and – if you are new to Dream Dinners (WSB sponsor) – assemble a free dinner to take home. RSVP – the info’s in our calendar listing. (4701 41st SW)

UNDOING RACISM & TEACHING EQUITY TO CHILDREN: 6-8:30 pm workshop at Alki Elementary, led by Families of Color Seattle. All welcome – RSVP info is in our calendar listing. (3010 59th SW)

PAWS ON PATROL: 6:30 pm at the Southwest Precinct, dog owners and their well-behaved pups are welcome at this second training meeting for the new SPD program encouraging them to be on the lookout for crime/safety issues while out walking. (2300 SW Webster)

WEST SEATTLE BIKE CONNECTIONS: 6:30 pm at Neighborhood House High Point, monthly meeting. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

SOCCER: 7 pm at Southwest Athletic Complex, West Seattle High School plays Roosevelt for third place in the Metro League and a spot at the state tournament. (2801 SW Thistle)

SEE ALL THE LISTINGS: Browse our complete calendar here.

25 Replies to "Today's highlights, featuring Election Day and the return of #TurkeyTuesday"

  • Jort November 5, 2019 (11:54 am)

    I am sincerely looking forward to the end of junk mail season. Hopefully, soon, the Hydrant can go back to being a less ironic piece of performance art.

    • Seriously? November 5, 2019 (1:43 pm)

      @Jort, it would be awesome if there was an option to opt out of the useless mailers. Anyone know how to start a campaign for this? 

      • KM November 5, 2019 (4:54 pm)

        I’m constantly thinking about this. Currently, the only way out of junk mail is to un-register to vote, or hope you get in contact with the correct campaign early enough to be removed in time for the final mailers to go out, which is darn near impossible. I would love to enact an opt-out, and while we’re at it, a double-opt in for commercial mailers such as magazines and coupons. If I order something from Nordstrom, they shouldn’t automatically be allowed to send me catalogues unless I request them.

  • Plf November 5, 2019 (11:55 am)

    Thanks so much for the update on Admiral Turkey, much more uplifting then politicians

  • Chris K November 5, 2019 (12:21 pm)

    I will be attending Lisa’s victory party.

    • Patrick November 5, 2019 (12:49 pm)

      I pray for the sake of our city that you are incorrect.

  • mommyray November 5, 2019 (1:05 pm)

    Lisa’s vicious attacks on Tavel are unreal.  She has no substance.  Facebook ads saying Tavel is a Republican are hilarious!!   Funny she’s standing by a Business open sign when the city is dieing.    Time for someone new!!   I’m voting for someone who has some common sense!! 

    • S - in West Seattle November 5, 2019 (2:18 pm)

      I thought this position was “Non Partisan” according to my ballot. Which is just a joke. Parties need to on the ballot and who is the incumbent. Looks like the liberal side got a hold of our ballot and made sure it was harder to see who is in the wrong and to vote them out.  

      • WSB November 5, 2019 (2:51 pm)

        If you are referring to the City Council, the people who “got a hold” of the ballot and made the positions nonpartisan were in charge more than a century ago. They’ve been nonpartisan positions since the charter was amended in 1910.

        • Jort November 5, 2019 (3:43 pm)

          In fairness, perhaps we’re being unfair. Perhaps, actually, it is part of a sinister plan that time-traveling “liberals” set in motion, 109 years ago, to one day take total control of city government and exclude conservatives for all eternity! Liberals are really playing the long game today! OOGA BOOGA!

          • Peter November 5, 2019 (5:47 pm)

            Damn! You’re onto us!

    • Peter November 5, 2019 (2:18 pm)

      The city is NOT dying, nor is it “dieing.” That’s just nonsense anti-Seattle propaganda being pushed by one far right media company. Maybe Tavel isn’t a Republican, but he’s definitely being embraced by the right wing. 

      • Jort November 5, 2019 (3:44 pm)

        Seattle is dying so much that it’s home to nation-leading property values and many of the most valuable companies in the history of the planet. SO MUCH DYING!

        • KM November 5, 2019 (4:57 pm)

          Perhaps the city is dieting, and that’s why there’s more vegan food options everywhere.

  • MJ November 5, 2019 (1:10 pm)

    AT glad you have found a good hang out spot.

  • Um, No! November 5, 2019 (2:38 pm)

    I vote for the AT!   Seriously,  could he do any worse?

  • Michael Waldo November 5, 2019 (3:10 pm)

    I have been worried about the Turkey, especialy as winter approaches. Also being lonely.  Looks like he has found some friends!

  • Scubafrog November 5, 2019 (3:34 pm)

    Tavel’s putting the homeless in more danger than they already are.  His hateful attiude towards them tells me everything I need to know about him.  “We’ll just have to ‘wait and see’, do some more studies down the line’ on the homeless”. He’s business first, people last.  Amazon *might* get their man.  West Seattle tends to be very sensible when we vote however, the pro-tavel crowd is likely just the vicious vocal minority.Tavel spends his time on far right wing radio mocking the homeless, talking about de-funding help for the homeless.  How does that do anything about the homeless problem?  Typical right wing approach.  Utterly Trumpian in his non-policy.

    • Barton November 5, 2019 (5:28 pm)

      That is utter nonsense.

  • M November 5, 2019 (4:50 pm)

    Thank you so much for the Turkey update. That made my day! I was hoping she was spending more time with other feathered friends! I was getting worried!

  • FreedomForTurkey November 5, 2019 (5:05 pm)

    Maybe if the turkey wasn’t penned up he’d resume being a fancy bird about town. Free the turkey! Free the turkey! We call him Giblets. #GibletsForCityCouncil

    • Lauren November 6, 2019 (12:20 pm)

      You can’t see it in the photo, but that coop run is open during the day (and I don’t lock the turkey in there at night)  The turkey comes and goes as it pleases. That turkey is freer than all of us!

      • waikikigirl November 6, 2019 (5:20 pm)

        Thank you Lauren for taking care of that wayward teen turkey!

        • MAC November 8, 2019 (1:47 pm)

          Indeed, thanks Lauren!! 

  • mikeready November 5, 2019 (7:01 pm)

    Many of them are addicted to drugs and choose to be homeless.  Let’s face reality. The city has been letting this go on way too long!  Tavel has my vote. 

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