WHALES NEARBY: Orcas in the area

It’s getting late to catch them tonight but as tipster Kersti Muul points out, you might see them in the morning: Southern Resident Killer Whales from J-Pod were passing Bainbridge Island, southbound, shortly before sunset.

6 Replies to "WHALES NEARBY: Orcas in the area"

  • Kersti Muul October 13, 2019 (6:51 pm)

    Typical morning exit time is usually between 7:30-9 AM…

    • WSB October 13, 2019 (7:08 pm)

      Hopefully they find an abundant breakfast first!

      • Kersti Muul October 13, 2019 (7:26 pm)

        Fish egg Benedict 😂

  • Community Member October 13, 2019 (9:32 pm)

    Do the Orcas typically travel through the night? Or do they stay put and sleep? 

    • Kersti Muul October 13, 2019 (10:07 pm)

      Not a lot is known about nighttime behavior. They do travel at night though.There is a current study being done by NOAA and DFO to ascertain just that. Just finished the second season of the Dtag project, it aims to look at night time behavior in hopes of impacting shipping, if necessary.  Jeff Hogan is part of the Dtag team; a west Seattle-ite and director of the local ‘Killer Whale Tales’ non profit.  

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