UPDATE: Admiral alley confrontation leads to police gunfire

(1st three photos by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)

10:37 PM: Big emergency response headed for the area of the Admiral Pub after a gunfire report. One person is reported injured, one in custody, at least two suspects at large. Police are closing traffic in the area. Updates to come.

10:52 PM: From radio communication – the victim was shot in the head, behind the pub. K9 teams are helping search. A gun has been found in/near a trash can.

10:57 PM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli reports that he’s heard from witnesses that the “shooting happened in the alley behind the Admiral Pub. The shooters exited through Admiral Pub, got into a truck and tore off to the east.” Police, however, are searching on the suspicion that the suspects might still be in the area.

(Photo by WSB’s Patrick Sand)

11:21 PM: New information from SFD. The person injured was NOT shot: “Update: patient is a 29 year old male with minor injuries and did not require transport to a hospital. Initial reports of a shooting are incorrect. Confirmed reports of an assault,” SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo told us via email. Police aren’t commenting further, but we’re told a public-information officer is on the way.

11:48 PM: Per scanner, police are reopening California SW in the area.

12:16 AM: The newest information from SPD spokesperson Det. Patrick Michaud (whose briefing we recorded on video and will update when our crew gets back here): They’re still sorting out what happened but – An officer happened onto people getting into a fight of some kind in the alley behind Admiral Pub/Yen Wor Village. Guns were drawn. The officer fired. Part of the investigative presence is because of that. More as soon as your editor here gets to listen to the briefing.

12:38 AM: Adding to those details: All the shots fired were from the officer’s gun. The two people in the alley fight who drew theirs “did not have the opportunity” to fire them. As we reported above, one gun was found. No one is in custody; police are still talking to the injured man to try to find out more about the circumstances – there’s a possibility the “fight” might have been a robbery. Meantime, the Force Investigation Team is on the case and the officer who fired will be on paid administrative leave. (Added – the video:)

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  • Mj October 24, 2019 (10:42 pm)

    I heard sirens, and sure enough the WSB had the answer posted.  Thank you

  • Joe October 24, 2019 (10:44 pm)

    Wowza, the police are definitely out in force. There must have been 10 that zipped over Alaska and up California. I hope everyone is ok and the suspects caught. 

  • Mahood October 24, 2019 (10:45 pm)

    I live at Cali and College and I heard four rapid-fire shots from my apt. I need to walk my dog not sure if it’s safe. 

    • WSB October 24, 2019 (10:50 pm)

      NO. They don’t know where the suspects are so while I’m usually a voice of calm I would say for now, stay inside. Also b/c they have K9 teams searching.

      • Megan October 24, 2019 (11:26 pm)

        Just talked to a co-worker at Admiral Pub, she thought shots may have been fired inside the Yen?  Everyone is safe inside the Pub, they were unaware of the incident and did not hear gunfire over the karaoke.  They were made aware when she tried to leave after her shift through the back door and was told by police to stay inside, that the parking lot was closed down and cars would not be able to leave while they were investigating.

        • Micah October 24, 2019 (11:52 pm)

          Nothing happened inside the yen luckily, been here all night!

          • Megan October 25, 2019 (12:26 am)

            Glad to hear! Unfortunately with it being in the parking lot, it’s going to reflect poorly on both businesses 😏

  • Mahood October 24, 2019 (10:48 pm)

    I can hear the K-9s and people yelling. I think its best to stay inside if you are in the neighborhood.

  • Quora October 24, 2019 (10:49 pm)

    Laying in bed and I think I’ve heard close to 10 emergency response vehicles fly down California. Absurd that this lovely neighborhood has to deal with something like this.

    • Joe October 24, 2019 (10:55 pm)

      I hear ya. It’s also absurd this happens anywhere. 

    • M.B. October 24, 2019 (11:20 pm)

      Good evening. I’m going to go with benefit of the doubt here and am commenting with only good intentions. I’m not sure you’re aware, but there are people out in the world who might read a silent, “but it’s not absurd in those other neighborhoods,” into your last sentence. It’s troll bait.

      • A October 25, 2019 (9:29 pm)

        Or, maybe a concerned citizen that lives in the neighborhood. That is confused by all the reports, like myself. 

  • Admiral Rob October 24, 2019 (10:53 pm)

    That was crazy. Walked out of Mission, and four loud shots as we were walking across California Ave. Jumped in the car and drove south away from the gunfire. Saw cops instantly coming from all directions. Wow.

  • J October 24, 2019 (10:58 pm)

    We just arrived to parliament tavern and most of the block is being yellow taped off. At least a 4 block radius. Stay inside and stay safe friends.

  • Abcgirl October 24, 2019 (11:03 pm)

    Quota, unfortunately all to common in west Seattle your” lovely neighborhood “is not immune to the increase crime in west Seattle, no neighborhood should have to deal with this even  affleuent north admiral

    • Quora October 24, 2019 (11:34 pm)

      I can’t comment on how this makes me feel about my neighborhood? Of course other neighborhoods shouldn’t have to deal with violence, but this is a post about a shooting in my neighborhood so you are going to have to deal with it.

    • CityGirlTillTheEnd October 28, 2019 (11:02 am)

      Thank you for this! We live in a CITY in case anyone has forgotten. This kind of stuff happens. West Seattle is no different, nor will it ever be. Bad people live/work/hang out in all areas, all the time. 

  • PatsFanNW October 24, 2019 (11:03 pm)

    Not the kind of thing I expected moving here in 2014.  If you’re lax on crime – all types – this is what you get.  Fellow neighbors – please consider this as you return your ballots.  Current trend is not good and why does it take 4 gunshots to get police presence?  Why do we continue to tolerate under-staffing of SPD and under-prosecution?  Money says the “perps” are repeat offenders.  Let’s do better, starting this November.

    • 2 Much Whine October 25, 2019 (7:16 am)

      So now that it has been determined that the only shots fired were from SPD does that change your narrative at all?

    • alkimark October 25, 2019 (7:37 am)

      Agree 100% .  The ballots in your mailbox contain the potential to fix this with Change

    • Lagartija Nick October 25, 2019 (11:17 am)

      This narrative is ridiculous. Crime happened before this current council and crime will happen after this council is out of office. Crime happens in liberal areas and crime happens in conservative areas. Violent crime rates have consistently been dropping for the last 20 years or more. In the block watch article WSB just posted, the police spokesperson said that crimes rates continue to drop 7% year on year. And Toomuchwhine is right, it’s clear the police were on the scene and did their jobs. Get a new narrative.

  • Haley October 24, 2019 (11:04 pm)

    I live across the street, heard the shots and went to the window. Saw a few guys jump into what I think was a black truck and take off. Then yeah, a LOT of police came.

  • Quora October 24, 2019 (11:05 pm)

    So a shooting in an alley behind a pub. Drug deal gone wrong?

    • WSB October 24, 2019 (11:16 pm)

      No idea of circumstances so far.

  • Alki resident October 24, 2019 (11:06 pm)

    Would love a description of the truck. In the meantime please pray for the victim. This is just sickening.

  • the_peoples_champion October 24, 2019 (11:06 pm)

    caught the k9 search heading south on California on the SDOT camera and grabbed a screenshot.

  • Ernie October 24, 2019 (11:09 pm)

    I heard four shots clearly, and I’m on the other side of Fairmount ravine. 

  • GA October 24, 2019 (11:12 pm)

    I have a honey bucket in my front yard bc of construction. It’s unlocked. I heard noise like someone in it. I’m paranoid. What do I do

    • WSB October 24, 2019 (11:17 pm)

      Are you nearby? Call 911. Sometimes suspects hide where they can.

    • Alex October 24, 2019 (11:41 pm)

      I was in the admiral pub and didn’t hear a thing, it was karaoke night so idk

    • Rick October 26, 2019 (4:29 pm)

      Flip it over and set it on fire. Probably raccoons coyotes. Either way, watch ’em scramble!

  • Shaheen October 24, 2019 (11:20 pm)

    My gf is working at the pub and the story so far is that it was a targeted shooting inside the yen wor that filtered out into the alley…

    • Gene October 25, 2019 (7:59 am)

      Funny how stories get  started –

  • WSB October 24, 2019 (11:24 pm)

    Some good news, SFD says the injured person was NOT shot. Updated above.

  • M October 24, 2019 (11:31 pm)

    I witnessed two men attacking the victim in the parking lot behind admiral pub before hearing the gunshots.

    • J October 25, 2019 (12:05 am)

      Have you contacted the police? It sounds like a big game of telephone after the last update by WSB

  • Brenda October 24, 2019 (11:32 pm)

     The Wor seems more like it. Dirtbags 

    • East Coast Cynic October 25, 2019 (12:58 pm)

      And the Wor has some of the worst chinese food in Seattle.

  • Larry October 24, 2019 (11:42 pm)

    Live probably 100 ft. from where the shooting occurred.  Heard the shots and was hoping they were just firecrackers – but reality set in when I heard what was at least 15 emergency vehicles descend on the area.  Live across the street from the Admiral Pub and there are police cars all up and down California.  I can see down the walkway to the alley where the shooting occurred.  Have been watching the whole area cordoned off with police tape, K9 units searching the area, and flashlights going up and down the alley searching.  So glad to hear no one was shot.  Seem like tensions are starting to ease up.

  • Eat the rich October 24, 2019 (11:47 pm)

    Can you clarify if there was a shooting? “ Update: patient is a 29 year old male with minor injuries and did not require transport to a hospital. Initial reports of a shooting are incorrect.” does that mean reports of someone being shot are incorrect, or reports of shots fired are incorrect? 

    • WSB October 25, 2019 (12:15 am)

      Former. Yet another update to come now that a police PIO is on scene and has talked to us.

  • steve October 24, 2019 (11:54 pm)

    So was a gun found and a suspect in custody?

  • Michael October 24, 2019 (11:57 pm)

    I was in the admiral pub for karaoke when this happened. I didn’t hear any shots or see anything out of the ordinary. It could’ve been from Yen Wor since they share the parking lot or came from the alley.

  • WSB October 25, 2019 (12:42 am)

    And one more update, likely the last for the night – ALL the shots fired were by an officer.

  • Crayon October 25, 2019 (12:55 am)

    Just heard someone get read their rights.

    • WSB October 25, 2019 (1:14 am)

      Heard a scanner mention of “Miranda read,” but given all the twists and turns this has taken, will wait till we can talk to police later this morning to confirm.

      • Crayon October 25, 2019 (1:15 am)

        Definitely, I do have a recording from my window, but the audio is probably very low.  Haven’t reviewed footage yet.

        Edit: Audio is garbled.

  • Pro Police October 25, 2019 (7:09 am)

    Yeah for the police showing up when they did.  We need more police patrolling like this.

  • Alki resident October 25, 2019 (9:04 am)

    What was officer aiming at? Four shots and didn’t hit anything? I give up on this story. 

    • Jim P. October 25, 2019 (12:15 pm)

      Ever spend time in a “Hogan’s Alley” shooting exercise against pop up and moving targets under adverse circumstances where some things might be innocent people and your heart is pounding and adrenaline has flooded your system?Ever fire a gun at all?

      • Alki resident October 25, 2019 (9:02 pm)

        I’m a gun owner hence why I’m asking why he’s shooting in the first place. Do you think it was necessary to fire upon this group? Where did these bullets land? 

        • Bradley October 26, 2019 (2:18 am)

          Perhaps it’s best to leave those questions to the SPD and their forensic experts? I was involved in a shots-fired incident nearly 30 years ago and I can assure you that SPD investigators were VERY thorough then and even more so nowadays.

  • raymond asplund October 25, 2019 (10:30 am)

    Maybe you shouldn’t report till you know wtf happened. A lot of presumptuous bs here.

    • Chuck October 25, 2019 (11:29 am)

      First day on the Internet? Dude, it’s a neighborhood blog and real-time reporting (and comments) are going to evolve minute-by-minute. While accuracy is absolutely important, Tracey’s job is to get the “word” out first and ferret out the details as best she can with time. I value her timely reporting immensely.  / And mixing posts here, but I absolutely agree that a change of representation on the Council is absolutely warranted. Vote out ALL who do not value the critical role our police department plays in keeping this crap from happening. We need more cops and more funding. Hell, I see more cops in my Mom’s small town in CA than I ever do here on a given day. We are dangerously understaffed. Ridiculous. Vote ’em out! 

      • Seattlite October 25, 2019 (12:30 pm)

        Yes, Chuck, Seattle’s dangerous law-enforcement policies do not allow SPD’s police officers to do their jobs effectively in protecting Seattle’s citizens, their own lives and Seattle’s streets from an out-of-control criminal population that is allowed to roam Seattle’s streets 24/7. Seattle’s voters, unfortunately, are complicit in Seattle’s current law-enforcement policies by voting for city council members who do not support Seattle’s SPD and police officers.

      • Terrell October 25, 2019 (1:32 pm)

        What do you mean “keep these things from happening”?? It was the cop that did all the shooting.

    • cjboffoli October 25, 2019 (11:50 am)

      Raymond,You might consider that showing up to a scene of breaking news can often be a dynamic and chaotic situation, with lots of information to parse, as the event itself is still unfolding.  Witnesses (and even first responders) sometimes convey conflicting information and part of the work involves passing along what we’ve heard as the story develops into a clearer picture.  In my experience, many readers value the WSB for its fast response to news events as they happen, just as much as they respect its editorial standards.  So I don’t know if its really a reasonable suggestion that reporting wait until the dust settles completely and the news becomes history. Journalists were out last last night doing the best job they could (in the cold and dark with armed suspects on the loose) to  communicate to people warm and safe in their homes (for free, BTW) what was going on and what we were hearing. At the very least I think that your job as a reader – in addition to viewing a developing  news story with a critical eye – is that you maybe offer a bit of patience for the process as well.  

      • A October 25, 2019 (9:37 pm)

        It’s very clear after your diatribe, and WSB is not to be counted on. Neighbors were very unclear of this situation .. information left and right..it didn’t make sence of a very scary situation. Sorry WSB. 

      • raymond asplund October 26, 2019 (12:46 am)

        This is very well thought out and I appreciate it. I just don’t like police firing off rounds for one. And businesses getting slandered for no apparent reason #2.

    • uncle loco October 25, 2019 (12:55 pm)

      Are you confusing the comments with actual reporting?

      • raymond asplund October 26, 2019 (12:47 am)

        Yea totally. Put a lot of stock into this.

  • steve October 25, 2019 (12:49 pm)

    Given all that’s happened I hope the officer is doing alright. Hopefully he has the day off to wind down a little. Thanks SPD!

  • Sherlock October 25, 2019 (1:03 pm)

    Seems you know more than us, do tell. 

  • Scubafrog October 25, 2019 (1:19 pm)

    SPD missed each each shot?  THEN lost the suspects, even with the benefit of K9’s??  WOW that’s’some inept policing.  You have to try to be that bad.  Maybe they’re depolicing most crime,  just to get more officers hired in Seattle.  

    • RealityVsVirtual October 25, 2019 (3:25 pm)

      Trying to shoot people that are moving, in the dark, without hitting the victim or missing wide and hitting people down range, and who may be shooting back at you, is a lot harder in real life than on Call of Duty.  I would assume that since the suspects had weapons, the cop was putting rounds down range to keep the suspects from getting a bead on him/her and not so focused on actually hitting the suspects.I assume since you feel you would have fared better, maybe Jack Nicholson could phrase it better than me.“I would rather you just said thank you, and went on yourway, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post.”

      • Scubafrog October 26, 2019 (9:41 am)

        Jack Nicholson!  :))   Clearly you’ve never been in combat.  Nor do the SPD put rounds down-range for cover fire in dark neighborhoods, this was a miss, and they lost their 2 perps (even with FLIR technology, K9’s and the entire SW Precinct to call on).Woe is me for for being critical of the SPD!When the SPD fails, it’s up to The People to hold them accountable.  I LOVE the boot-lickers who’re so quick to come to the SPD’s defense, “I hope you never need them!”, “their job is so hard, of course they don’t have to do it!”.   “let them fail!”.  The fact is, the SPD still isn’t in compliance with Police Reform regarding the undue deaths and assaults of many Seattle citizens.  They’ve stopped policing all non-violence related crime. I get to be critical of the SPD because I pay their salary.  They work for me.  

    • wscommuter October 25, 2019 (4:32 pm)

      It’s important, I think, in civil discourse to listen and hear other voices.  However, your comment stands out for its arrogant ignorance.  That is, unless, you were there and witnessed what occurred and are now accurately relating the facts.  If so, then my hat is off to you. But, obviously, you weren’t … and you don’t know what you’re talking about … but you nonetheless freely indulge in your glib condemnation.  In other words, you’re adding nothing to the discussion.  I wasn’t there last night either; I don’t know anymore than what I’ve read here.  So I reserve judgment and allow for the possibility that because I don’t know all the facts, there may well be circumstances that aren’t yet known about what was no doubt a fluid and scary situation; facts that would provide context and explanation for what we’ve been told so far.  Because I don’t know those details, I realize I probably shouldn’t be shooting my mouth off arrogantly criticizing anyone.  You may want to consider that.  

    • Gene October 25, 2019 (4:52 pm)

      Inept policing????Sure hope you’re never in need of Police assistance.

  • Me October 25, 2019 (2:18 pm)

    Poor cops.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  I’m happy no one was killed.  Innocent or not.

  • Daisy G October 25, 2019 (2:46 pm)

    Raymond, maybe you’re new to the West Seattle Blog and don’t know that this is a legitimate news source, run by professional long-time news reporters. They know and practice the rules on reporting the news. In fact, their excellent, in-depth stories are often picked up and run by our local TV and newspapers as the source, and they are often credited for producing higher caliber, more in-depth stories than any Seattle media outlet. Unlike many communities that have “soft content” blogs, we are very lucky to have WSB and their  high level of reporting in our neighborhood.

    • WSB October 25, 2019 (2:58 pm)

      Thanks for the kind words. A lot changed in the course of a few hours in this case, more than usual. We’ve reported a few previous times, for example, on cases where a victim was first suspected to have a bullet or knife wound – resulting in a “scenes of violence” (formerly “assault with weapons”) level SFD callout as was the case here – then was determined to have a non-weapon injury. Anyway, I followed up with SPD regarding whether anyone’s since been arrested, etc., and the media office is expecting to have an update out later. Only thing of note otherwise is that the Twitter log now classifies the call as “armed robbery.” – TR

    • miws October 25, 2019 (4:20 pm)

      DaisyG,  Very well put. I would also like to thank CJBoffoli for his perspective as an on-the-scene journalist, as well as his overall assessment of WSB. —Mike

  • David October 25, 2019 (3:27 pm)

    I wonder where the bullets ended up? Someone’s house or car?

    • Bradley October 26, 2019 (2:27 am)

      The lone SPD officer was faced with an armed suspect during a violent confrontation involving mutiple suspects. Yet, you’re questioning his professional, split-second decision to use deadly force to save his life or the lives of others from the cozy comfort of your keyboard? Yes, that’s how silly your comment sounds. All SPD officers are responsible for each shot they fire. This situation is in the hands of experts, so just be glad the officer is ok and the victim is going to fully recover.

      • Cameron October 26, 2019 (5:31 am)

        How on earth did you get so offended by his/her post about wondering where the bullets ended up? He/she said nothing negative about anyone, just simply wondered where the bullets ended up.

        • Bradley October 26, 2019 (5:22 pm)

          Obviously, the bullets didn’t end up in someone’s house or car or it would’ve been reported in this story update. Let’s just be glad that the bullets from the perpetrator’s quickly-discarded pistol didn’t end up in the brave, quick-thinking officer or the victim.

  • Nicole October 25, 2019 (4:34 pm)

    Thanks SPD and WSB for the quick responses! 

  • Friend O'Dinghus October 25, 2019 (5:19 pm)

    Thank you for the fantastic coverage WSB. Nothing in this world is perfect, and to pretend otherwise is, to be frank, willfully disingenuous. I see a whole lot of faux outrage in the WSB comment section these days that never used to be here. Me thinks it’s the same crap agenda that’s currently infecting our country coast-to-coast. Please never feed the trolls, as they may well be on another continent and just throwing metaphorical hand grenades into our discourse. Be well everyone. Breathe deeply, use critical thinking skills, and support the authentic among us…even if you disagree….provided they are courteous, kind, and well-intentioned. Oh, and Seattle Police Department is fricking amazing….maybe the officer ‘missed’ because he was firing into the air over the perpetrators to get them to drop their weapons. One of them did too, apparently. Also, K9 cannot follow a trail once a person gets into a fleeing vehicle, so yeah, there’s that. Have a great weekend everyone; just keep your eyes and ears open, and maybe you too can help clean up our little peninsula.

    • Bradley October 27, 2019 (12:57 pm)

      Officers aren’t allowed to fire “warning shots”, ESPECIALLY into the air.

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