CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Gabriel Putnam back in jail

(Screen capture from security video last June)

Three months ago, we reported that a warrant was out for Gabriel Putnam, the 39-year-old man arrested and charged after this video-recorded Beach Drive burglary attempt in June. Tonight, in a routine check of the King County Jail register, we noticed he’s back in custody. Two and a half weeks after his June arrest, Putnam was released into the CCAP program, but stopped making the mandatory check-ins, so a warrant was issued. The jail register and court documents show he was arrested in Idaho and was extradited here, booked into jail last Thursday and held in lieu of $25,000 bail.

13 Replies to "CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Gabriel Putnam back in jail"

  • Eric1 October 29, 2019 (11:08 pm)

    Am I wrong to wonder why we extradited him?  I mean why bring a criminal back to Seattle to get released here after the customary slap on the wrist?  If we left him in Idaho, the long trip back is probably a bigger deterrent than the Seattle criminal justice system.

    • flimflam October 30, 2019 (5:20 am)

      to give him some serious Seattle -style justice!!! (you know, where we let him out on promises of reform, etc etc etc)

    • Airwolf October 30, 2019 (7:40 am)

      No you are not wrong to wonder, you are entitled to your opinion! But I disagree. He has to be held accountable for his criminal activity, whether it be here or in a different state and according to the law.  if the law is too lax or  not is a different discussion.

    • Jeremiah bullfrog October 30, 2019 (12:14 pm)

      Here is this nutjob’s Vimeo account:’t ask how I know 

      • WSB October 30, 2019 (12:41 pm)

        Appears to be the same guy. The clips are all dated “4 years ago.”

    • ColumbiaChris October 30, 2019 (1:27 pm)

      Same reason you don’t dump your trash in a neighbor’s yard, because pushing your problems onto someone else is a really s—ty thing to do. Presumably some of the posters here would be just fine with Idaho sticking us with their criminals.

      • CAM October 30, 2019 (4:56 pm)

        I would actually presume exactly the opposite. Why should they have to apply logic? They frequently ignore facts blatantly stated in the article. 

  • M October 30, 2019 (5:45 am)

    Agreed. Why bring him back and just catch and release. Leave him in Idaho 

  • Mj October 30, 2019 (10:14 am)

    I’m with Eric1, leaving the perp in Idaho would have been better in this case

  • Jim P. October 30, 2019 (11:01 am)

    “CCAP, formerly Day Reporting, holds offenders accountable to a weekly
    itinerary directed at involving the offender in a continuum of
    structured programs. The goal of CCAP is to assist offenders in
    changing those behaviors that have contributed to their being charged
    with a crime”I wonder what their success rate, if measurable, is?  Looks like our lad here has zero intention of changing his behavior and indeed fled the state.He’s had a chance, probably many, to turn things around and stop harming other people’s lives but seems rather unwilling.Habitual offender laws sure seem like a good idea as there’s going to be some who simply will not stop being predators even if incompetent ones.

    • WSB October 30, 2019 (11:04 am)

      As noted in previous coverage, Putnam did not have a record before this, so “habitual offender” does not apply.

  • jissy October 30, 2019 (12:01 pm)

    I’M SHOCKED!!!  SHOCKED I TELL YA!!!!  (Said no one in WS, Ever!)

  • Someone November 6, 2019 (7:20 pm)

    Everyone on here is treating him like a criminal. I know him, and he was a friend to a lot of people in Alabama. Gabriel was a successful engineer, and a very intelligent person. He got very sick about 4 years ago and has been in rapid decline. Gabriel has schizophrenia and is not in his right mind. He needs help and support, not criticism. If he is a danger to others, it’s almost certainly due to his delusions from his illness. Someone help him, please.

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