YOUR VOICE, YOUR CHOICE: Admiral rally as voting wraps up for 11 District 1 proposals

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Have you voted yet? 11 West Seattle/South Park safety projects are vying for funding as Your Voice/Your Choice voting goes into its final weekend. Supporters of one proposal rallied again this morning:

The safety concerns at 45th/Admiral, on the path to both Lafayette Elementary and Madison Middle School, actually surfaced separate of the YVYC process. But once Hollye Bondurant learned the current voting includes a proposal for 44th/45th/Admiral, she signed up to be a YVYC “champion” and has been recruiting voters, including at recent school curriculum nights, and today at streetside:

She also invited local elected officials to come see for themselves – two more did today:

Councilmembers Lisa Herbold (meeting Bondurant’s son Noah) and Lorena González, both West Seattleites, stopped by his morning. She talked with them about what else could be done if funding doesn’t emerge from this procsss. They lauded her for her advocacy. Meantime, here again, as first published September 3rd, is the full list of projects that are on the District 1 ballot, all proposed by community members – each location links to a PDF with full details of the project:

Crossing Improvements on intersection of SW Admiral Way and 44th Ave SW
Estimated Cost: $120,000

Traffic Calming Improvements on 61st Avenue SW between SW Admiral Way and Beach Drive SW
Estimated Cost: $30,000

Crossing Improvements on 16th Ave SW & SW Holden St
Estimated Cost: $30,000

Crossing Improvements on 9th Ave SW from SW Kenyon St, SW Elmgrove St, and SW Thistle St
Estimated Cost: $120,000

Crossing Improvements on 16th Avenue SW
Estimated Cost: $120,000

Sidewalk/Trail Improvements on SW Barton St between 21st Ave SW and SW Barton Pl
Estimated Cost: $112,700

Crossing Improvements on Olson Pl SW & SW Roxbury St
Estimated Cost: $35,000

Crossing Improvements on 700 S Cloverdale St
Estimated Cost: $90,000

Crossing Improvements on Glenn Way and Oregon St
Estimated Cost: $10,000

Crossing Improvements on the corner of 39th Ave SW and SW Oregon
Estimated Cost: $45,000

Crossing Improvements on SW Alaska St. & 36th Ave. SW
Estimated Cost: $20,000

You can vote for any three; voting closes Monday. Here’s the online ballot, open to those 13 and up. If you want to use a paper ballot, open to ages 11+, you can get one at any Seattle Public Library branch (or print one from the city YVYC webpage).

5 Replies to "YOUR VOICE, YOUR CHOICE: Admiral rally as voting wraps up for 11 District 1 proposals"

  • Mike September 28, 2019 (7:15 am)

    Voted.  There’s only a couple on there that are worthwhile IMHO.I’d be interested in why Seattle has not gone to all-way crossing for all our major crossings, downtown and in the outside neighborhoods like West Seattle.  The Junction just clears itself rapidly and traffic flows well because of it.  There seems to be many simple steps the city can take at little cost to make traffic flow better and improve safety at the same time.  I don’t feel throwing new paint down or adding a randomly placed signal will help.

  • Kathy September 28, 2019 (2:10 pm)

    The amount of speeding, cell phone use while driving and disregard for pedestrian safety that I witnessed while joining this rally was alarming. At the end of the rally we crossed Admiral Way in a group (walking school bus). As we were halfway across, a person driving a large vehicle plowed right through the intersection, as they passed us, they turned, smiled and waved, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they were breaking the law and threatening lives. Drivers, you have a deadly weapon in your hands.  Do not normalize driving over the speed limit, distracted driving, violating pedestrian right of way. Every intersection is a crosswalk. SDOT, unless we can do something to improve driver behavior, you need to step it up and design more safety into all our arterials for people just trying to cross to get to school, work, shopping, bus, appointments.

  • Eric Torgerson September 29, 2019 (12:00 pm)

    As a local I have seen to much money wasted on putting paint on roads/crosswalk and bike Lanes that should be re paved first . Admiral Hill is it good example they half-assed that project i think it was 3 years ago didn’t SDOT  restriped over big cracks pot holes. the 1 block section of road that was done from lander street all the way down to 4 way stop SDOT  did not re pave the hole road they left the bike lane and shoulder with crack and pot hole and those blue painted cross walks  plastic poles on side roads off admiral way. wast of money it was a knee jerk reaction to the nightmare intersection at 59th and admiral way SDOT 2 years ago got rid of traffic lights and making it a four-way stop a crossing guard and kids were almost hit by a car after it was a 4 way stop that didn’t work SDOT they need to plan projects better and not waste our taxes money

  • Hollye Bondurant September 29, 2019 (8:31 pm)

    Thank you WSB for the coverage.  I appreciate my neighbors and the community for rallying for this cause.  Special thanks to Kris Stafie and Sarah Dillard.  Thank you to our leaders Joe Nguyen, Lisa Herbold and Lorena González who showed up to see what we experience first hand on the way to school.  Please vote district 1: 1A 19-3!

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