What’s next for the now world-famous Easy Street Records discoveries?

More than a few readers emailed in recent days to say they’d seen national/international coverage of Easy Street Records proprietor Matt Vaughan‘s discoveries of unique grunge-era souvenirs – a few items from the early days of legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, like this receipt:

Vaughan also found a $26 royalty check made out to Cobain (that Instagram link isn’t working, so we can’t show it to you too). After some days in social-media circulation, the finds made their way out to national/international news outlets, even CNN. We caught up with Vaughan over the weekend to ask what he’s going to do with the items. He said he doesn’t have a plan yet but thinks they ought to be displayed somewhere. He does plan to talk about the discoveries at this fall’s Southwest Seattle Historical Society brunch gala, as he’s a featured speaker. (Easy Street’s own history goes back 30+ years!)

10 Replies to "What's next for the now world-famous Easy Street Records discoveries?"

  • Swede. September 9, 2019 (10:07 pm)

    Saw these funds online to and got really curious WHERE he found them! And yes, theybshould be preserved and displayed for fans, not sold to some ‘collection’ to never be seen again. 

  • KT September 10, 2019 (7:51 am)

    Not sure how his rent receipt is valuable….

    • helpermonkey September 10, 2019 (11:32 am)

      so we can all recall a time when rent was actually affordable? 

  • A-Red September 10, 2019 (8:27 am)

    Easy Street is a West Seattle treasure. I bought some of my first records at Easy Street’s Bellevue location back in the early 80s <3

  • A-Red September 10, 2019 (9:14 am)

    Easy Street is a West Seattle treasure. Some of the first records I ever bought were from their Bellevue location back in the early 80s.

  • Marty2 September 10, 2019 (9:48 am)

    Hope he displays them in his store.

  • Sillygoose September 10, 2019 (10:59 am)

     Donate it to the Paul Allen collection at Seattle Center it will be a great addition to the collection.

  • West Seattle Hipster September 10, 2019 (11:28 am)

    Those are such cool finds of a great local musician and generational icon.  Would MoPop take them?  Could they be displayed at Easy Street?

    • Elton September 10, 2019 (12:25 pm)

      +1 for MoPop – they have a Nirvana exhibit

  • 1994 September 10, 2019 (9:08 pm)

    How bizarre! my college boyfriend rented one of the units at 114 North Pear for 1 year around 1987 or 1988. The property owner at the time gave him a duck to roast for the holidays . Sadly I see it is on Airbnb for $69 a night.

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