WHALE ALERT: Resident orcas in the area again!

11:57 AM: Thanks to Kersti Muul for word that Southern Resident Killer Whales are in the area again! Southbound off Bainbridge Island – still north of Elliott Bay – at last word.

1:35 PM: In comments, Robin Sinner reports: “1:15 pm, just saw two breaches from Constellation Park in West Seattle, southbound to red buoy.”

6 Replies to "WHALE ALERT: Resident orcas in the area again!"

  • Robin Lynn Sinner September 23, 2019 (1:16 pm)

    1:15 pm just saw two breaches from Constellation park in West Seattle south bound to red buoy 

    • WSB September 23, 2019 (1:32 pm)

      Thanks for the update!

  • Noelle Morris September 23, 2019 (1:32 pm)

    Great show!! UK Royal AF!!!

  • Noelle Morris September 23, 2019 (1:35 pm)

    I got this shot off the Southworth/Fauntleroy ferry yesterday!

  • Carol Skvorak September 23, 2019 (1:46 pm)

    They are hunting now offshore with a small boat getting rather close.  I just wish folks would remember they are starving and need to hunt, and that chinook runs are seriously depleted.  The ferry exercise today right where they were trying to hunt today was already disruptive.  Perhaps the boats should leave them be.

    • Robert Vert September 25, 2019 (5:54 pm)

      Carol,Why don’t you take a look in the duwamish river right now and see all the nets that are killing every species of fish that exist in the river!!! I’ve lived here my entire 39 years of life and remember the days when we would catch many many kings and silvers in the duwamish river.  Now you are lucky to catch a silver that would top 4lbs, because they use 6″ mesh and those are the only sized fish that can sneak through the maze of nets.  It’s disgusting the ignorance of most folks. 

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