FOOTBALL: Chief Sealth over West Seattle in 2019 Huling Bowl

10:07 PM: At Southwest Athletic Complex, Chief Sealth International High School has just won the annual Huling Bowl game against West Seattle HS for the third year in a row. Final score: 42-0. Details and more photos later.

ADDED EARLY SATURDAY: About the only bright spot for the Wildcats – playing as the home team (both teams play home games at SWAC) – was that the game stayed scoreless until 3:14 remaining in the first quarter, when Sealth #11 Bishop Jackson scored his first of two touchdowns.

Sealth #22 Jesse Brown also had two TDs:

That’s WSHS #9 Khalel Kelley above with Brown. The second quarter was when Sealth really broke it open, adding three TD, starting with one by #32 Elias Orbino:

The halftime score was 28-0. Sealth added one touchdown in each of the final quarters.

And with that, Head Coach Ted Rodriguez and the Seahawks kept the trophy.

If you’re new to the area and wonder what the “Huling Bowl” name is all about – here’s the backstory. The pregame barbecue dates back to the game’s namesakes but these days you’re more likely to find a principal at the grill – where we found Sealth’s Aida Fraser-Hammer before the game:

Both schools had merch tables:

We’ll add a few more photos later this morning.

UP NEXT: Chief Sealth (2-1) plays their homecoming game at SWAC next Friday, 5 pm vs. Ingraham; at 7 pm that night, West Seattle (0-3) visits Nathan Hale.

31 Replies to "FOOTBALL: Chief Sealth over West Seattle in 2019 Huling Bowl"

  • Friend O'Dinghus September 20, 2019 (10:29 pm)

    Way to go Hawks! Keep them hits coming.

  • N.A. Neighbor September 21, 2019 (7:40 am)

    That debacle of Sealth players running through West Seattle’s tunnel and injuring our players before the game even started was such bad sportsmanship. I hope Sealth is penalized. 

  • Steve September 21, 2019 (7:56 am)

    They still have a ‘Huling Bowl’?  Seems they could find a new sponsor in WS…they’ve been out of business forever. 

  • Jay Bird September 21, 2019 (11:58 am)

    Thank you for saying that N.A. Neighbor. I thought that was terrible and Chief Sealth coachs just let it happen. Chief Sealth played a good game but way too rough and unnecessary considering the score. Go Wildcats!! 💙💛

  • KR September 21, 2019 (12:20 pm)

    This game was NOT a charming rivalry. The Chief Sealth Team behaved despicably and the fact that it started with the horrible stunt at the beginning and continued through the entire game indicates this type of behavior is, at the very least, condoned by their coaches. I went to support both schools and was in utter dismay as the Chief Sealth team ran down the WSHS tunnel line screaming, “This is our field!!” and then blindsided the incoming WSHS players, injuring #2. The adults on that field should be ashamed of themselves. Unsportsmanlike behavior like this should be punished from the top down. Not a proud moment for Chief Sealth. Please don’t represent my town like that. Win or lose, that was not winner conduct. 

  • Sealth Parent September 21, 2019 (1:34 pm)

    Yes, that was a pretty crappy move on the behalf of a few of the Sealth players. I don’t know what they were thinking. As a Sealth parent, I apologize. These boys are better than the behavior they displayed.

  • Sealth Alumni September 21, 2019 (1:52 pm)

    I am a Chief Sealth alumni and I found the conduct of the Sealth football team pregame to be disgraceful.  That sort of behavior is ridiculous.  Not only did they injure one of the West Seattle HS players in that stunt, they also hurt one of the band members when breaking through the tunnel line.I did appreciate the good natured camaraderie between the cheer teams and bands.

    • West Seattle Neighbor September 21, 2019 (2:49 pm)

      I thought the cheer teams were great. It was really nice that Sealth’s cheer hawks when to support WSHS cheer when they did their dance at half time. I noticed that WSHS band played a few times when they weren’t supposed to. They lost the game, they should’ve let sealth band play longer at the end. 

  • Wshs football alumni September 21, 2019 (4:04 pm)

    It is what it is. Chief Sealth did what they did and they won. They’re thriving and now everyone is against them but when they’re not everyone is still against them. I love West Seattle highschool a lot but you’re taking it beyond limits. If west seattle did that everyone would laugh and think it’s funny but cuz Chief sealth is known to be a “bad” school with “bad” kids this one act is the end of the world to everyone. West seattle lost and parents need to stop being mad and teach their boys to man up instead of moping over a banner that was ran through. They came in to destroy and won 42-0 fair and square. When West Seattle beat them in the oast nobody was giving sealth mercy. No mercy in the game of football

    • Chief Sealth Parent September 21, 2019 (4:18 pm)

      100% Agree with WSHS Football Alumni. While I still believe it was a crappy move, I believe if WSHS did it everybody would be okay with it (as everybody always is with the favored boys here in WS) Chief Sealth should not have done that and I hope they learned their lessons but if WSHS did this I’m sure it would be a non issue.

    • Gene September 21, 2019 (5:02 pm)

      What Baloney!

      • Ev September 23, 2019 (3:09 pm)

        It’s not  baloney. It’s a fact. West Seattle high school is a primarily white school. They have, more funding, more opportunity, and more privilege. Unfortunately for the wildcats, that didn’t show on the field last night. And nothing can change the fact that Cheif Sealth had an outstanding game, and deservedly took home the trophy. For those who are concerned about the level of physicality on the Cheif sealth’s side I want to remind you Incase you forgot that football is a high-risk sport. If you don’t want you kid to be playing in such an aggressive environment then maybe football is not the right sport. Don’t be mad that your team was out played once again.

  • West Seattle Parent September 21, 2019 (4:15 pm)

    I thought it was funny. Chief Sealth worked hard and West Seattle did but not as much as Chief Sealth. I applaud the Seahawks for having a good game and finally coming out and showing their talents as a football team. Football is rough and that is a known fact and we can’t argue that. Also it’s a rival game, no one takes rivals game easy. And in their defense, it is their field, the home of the Seahawks. If you are bothered by them saying “it’s our field!” Maybe West Seattle should have their own field instead of stepping in Seahawks grounds to borrow their field. Anyways, congrats Seahawks and I wish them the best of luck in their next games and I hope they destroy more teams cause they worked hard. 

  • Jay Bird September 21, 2019 (4:41 pm)

    I don’t know why you’re saying CS is a bad school? Who said that? True they won, but there is no need to break rules and collar bones to do it. I’m not a WSHS football parent but I do think it was wrong to run through a banner considering it was a WSHS home game and not allowed and hurt a player!!! Come on, let’s all be friends West Seattle.

  • KR September 21, 2019 (5:46 pm)

    And something else to remember, the posts above weren’t about the game. They were about the PRE-game actions. And it wasn’t just football player on football player there. That spirit tunnel was made up of cheerleaders and band members. NONE of them were wearing protective gear and helmets during this exercise. (Of course they weren’t THEY NEVER DO!)YES, there is no mercy in football (I don’t think anyone suggested otherwise) all the more reason pre and post game sportsmanship is essential. Especially in a cross-town rivalry where some of these kids have been friends for years. When a talented player is seriously hurt in a  dumb pre-game stunt, we can stop and evaluate that.  And when a band member is hurt because of a dumb stunt, we’re not talking about how talented a team is or is not. We’re talking about bad choices. No one is taking away the validity of the win or the talent of Chief Sealth, but we can talk about bad choices on the part of the players and coaches and we can talk about sportsmanship. And it still has nothing to do with their performance in the game.

  • wlcg06 September 21, 2019 (8:46 pm)

    Two of the WSHS cheerleaders came close to being trampled before the game. WSHS players were injured. Plus a band member was injured too!? Nice job Sealth coaches! There is more to coaching than what happens on the playing field during the game. Players should be learning sportsmanship and how to carry yourself as a young adult. The coaches and principal on the Sealth side should initiate some corrective action here, maybe some suspensions for the players. This falls squarely on their shoulders. And over at WSHS, I am curious if athletic director is able to protest the game.

    • Whec September 21, 2019 (10:02 pm)

      Don’t be mad that ws played a bad game

  • ws resident September 21, 2019 (10:18 pm)

    The comments on this blog are truly ignorant. The incident happened before the game, not during. And the field is not Chief Sealth’s. It is called the Southwest Athletic Ceter and is home to CSIHS AND WSHS. It just happens to be across the street from CS. So the players yelling “not on our field” are not making anyone proud. At this game, WSHS was designated as “home team”, hence the tunnel and banner. Can only imagine the dim futures for the coaches, students, and school leadership that do not produce some corrective actions real quick. Its things like this that give Sealth it’s reputation, not perceived “inequalities”. If your school is so talented, let’s see if you can figure out what the right thing to do is frim here. I’m sure the students and parent who went to the hospital wiuld appreciate a little personal accountability and responsibility taken for one’s actiin. Enough with the excuses.

  • Brian September 22, 2019 (9:56 am)

    I wish the community could get this excited about a sporting event that doesn’t subjugate our children to permanent brain damage.

  • NA September 22, 2019 (1:32 pm)

    As a chief sealth player, we had no intention of injuring anybody. We were waiting almost 10 minutes in a huddle for them to go and we felt very disrespected by that. The next thing you know they come sprinting through their paper and the injuries happen. We understand it was disrespectful to act in that way, but no harm was intended at all. The fault is not on the head coach in any way. We are deeply sorry for the unintended injuries. That being said, if west Seattle did the same thing, it would not be looked down on. 

    • ws resident September 22, 2019 (1:43 pm)

      You dont know what other people would or would not do, you alone are responsible for your own actions. Always throwing out the “disrespect”  card. Here to tell you that as an adult you dont automatically get respect from people, you go out and earn it every day…nothing ever given, so let’s not hear about “disrespect” from anyone who hasn’t actually earned anything yet. No doubt you will…but tired of hearing teenagers demand their respect…you know what adults respect? Humble humility, people who never put themselves above others. But most of all, show respect to earn respect.

    • High school coach at a private school September 22, 2019 (3:15 pm)

      Your guys were the “away team” so the “away team” goes on the field first at any football game. The “home team” runs out last. What your team did was not acceptable by any means. So you guys fault “disrespect” so your logic was to run through West Seattle’s banner? And yes it does fall on your coach, your team is under the leadership of him. 

      • West Seattlite September 22, 2019 (11:15 pm)

        Sealth was prepared to take the field but were waiting because the West Seattle Band and cheerleaders had formed a tunnel across the sideline where the crowd was. If the had wanted Sealth to come out first they should have got off the field so Sealth could make their entrance. Please go back to RECRUITING and stop commenting on things you have no idea about.

    • Shea September 22, 2019 (10:48 pm)

      This is to the adults attacking the students who are commenting saying “I am sorry”. Do not treat students as though they are any less than you. That wasn’t very sportsmanlike of chief sealth i agree. But hiding behind a fake name on a neighborhood blog isn’t going to do anything. Chief sealth won, get over it. I have gone to both west seattle and chief sealth and i 100% know that you parents would not complain if west seattle won the game. I’m a manager for the Chief Sealth football team, so I see these boys working so hard almost every single day (because i dont show up every day but the players obviously do) and let me tell you, they work so hard every single time, so they do deserve the win. So don’t hate on hard working students (WHO ARE MINORS) when you are probably in your late 40s and has already experienced life.

  • sealth student September 22, 2019 (5:35 pm)

    hello everyone as a student at the game I would like to say that I feel like it was not the best thing for sealth to do but i know our players did not mean for anyone to be injured. Sealth does deserve repercussions such as apologizing for their behavior and actions and more. I would also like to say that our boys may have made a bad decision but are not “bad” kids or disrespectful and truly have big hearts and when it comes to a rivalry game it brings out a competitive side in us.  (not an excuse for behavior)also you do not know these kids at all besides this mistake I understand where you are coming from by saying you earn respect but it really hurts to hear because these boys work their heart out every day, never ask for anything and have home lives that none of you know about. One mistake does not define them at all and it hurts to see that a player has apologized and taken responsibility to say he’s sorry to be told that he has no respect hurts my heart. These boys do have my respect and many others. Also the west seattle football players have my respect because I bet they work hard a student at sealth I do feel horrible about the students injured because nobody should be hurt and I wish them a healthy and speedy recovery. just my humble opinion. thank you.

    • ws resident September 22, 2019 (6:26 pm)

      First of all, how do you know whether I know any of these students or not. Fact is I do. West Seattle is a very small place and lives intertwine. Also, although I am sure the work hard, dont presume its any harder than anyone else. Third, don’t assume that those of us in this forum dont have tough life situations or possibly grew up in appalling circumstances. There is more of that around than you could possibly know. The difference is some of us don’t qualify our behavior by making these issues an excuse for our actions. Lastly, I respect the fact that the student started with an apology. But whether they intended to hurt anyone or not, the fact is they did. And bringing up perceived “disrespect” as the excuse is unacceptable. It would be nice to hear just “I’m sorry,” not “I’m sorry, but…” Just own it!

      • West Seattlite September 22, 2019 (11:09 pm)

        “WS Resident” you are literally screaming at children on the West Seattle blog right now. Calm down and be an adult. Nobody is excusing what happened but let’s be rational and look at the entire situation. I’m not even sure the player injured in the incident was the one taken to the hospital. #2 was the player injured in the pre-game stunt and he remained on the sideline for the entire game, even wearing his helmet at times and hugging other players. I’m pretty sure the significant injury is one that occurred in the 4th quarter of the football game. So many people on here getting so upset over having half of the actual facts. The West Seattle Blog needs to take this story down already.

  • Sealth Alum September 23, 2019 (12:37 am)

    Nice to see WS getting some of their own medicine after years of being the dominant team in this rivalry, love seeing how the tables have turned! I also do think it’s pretty weird how the Wildcats use SWAC as their home field, what’s up with that? They literally have to go all the way across West Seattle to Sealth to play their home games at their rival’s field right across the street from Sealth. What happened to WS Stadium?

    • WSB September 23, 2019 (1:00 am)

      Actually, as noted above, this was the third consecutive year that Sealth won the Huling Bowl game vs.WSHS.

      As for home venues, I don’t know when WSHS played at WS Stadium, but their home games have been at SWAC for the decade-plus we’ve been doing this. SWAC is school-district-owned, WS Stadium (where some private schools play) is not. – TR

  • CS Parent September 24, 2019 (2:59 pm)

    I am a parent of a Sealth Football player and see both sides of this. 1) What the players did was not a good choice and resulted in unfortunate (yet unintended )injuries. Any of us who think back to High School can probably remember two things very clearly – getting  very worked up for cross-town rivalries and all kinds of shenanigans and 2) Making fueled- up decisions that turned out to not be good. I agree, they made a poor decisions. I agree that the Head Coach is ultimately responsible. I agree (as I discussed with my son) that sorry but… negates the sorry. I am hopeful that the Coach and the team will formally issue a “We are sorry that this happened and that injuries were sustained. We will use better judgement in our actions and in regards to Sportsmanship moving forward” apology. As a Chief Sealth Football parent, my son and I offer our apologies and ask for forgiveness and understanding that sometimes teens don’t make wise choices. 

    • WS Parent of a FB Player September 25, 2019 (5:27 pm)

      CS Parent and Sealth Student – thank you both  for your apologies.  As a parent I know that our kids will be impulsive and make some really dumb decisions, and those mistakes shouldn’t define who you are.  I hope the Sealth coaches that encouraged this behavior will get some guidance and supervision as it appears they have even more growing up to do.   We are one community with multiple public and private high schools and we want all of our students to be SAFE as they learn the skills they need to be successful in life.  This is West Seattle, and we all have connections to both schools.  Let everyone learn & grow from this and let us all be an example of how both schools can come together moving forward.  

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