WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen blue scooter; mail theft

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:


Make/model: 2018 Honda Metropolitan
Color: Dark blue body, beige seat
License: 9F5337

It was stolen from the 3500 block of Walnut Ave SW.

Call 911 if you see it.

MAIL THEFT: Jim reports this happened last night in the 3500 block of SW 100th:

Our mailbox (which is a locking mailbox- see attached) was pried open with some sort of a tool (screwdriver I assume?) and our mail was stolen. Our neighbors said they heard a commotion around 3am and saw an SUV pull up and then pull away a minute or two later. It looks like they attempted to hit several of the mailboxes in the cluster of mailboxes (and items were taken from mailboxes that do not have locking mechanisms.)

The neighbor also reported that he saw the person/persons walking up to doors of the homes in the area to see if they were locked. I guess it all happened so quickly he did not have time to call the police.

In the last 3 months, our car (in an off-street carport) was broken into as well and several items were taken.

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  • Joan August 24, 2019 (8:07 am)

    Mail theft is a crime, of course, and very disturbing. But, I can’t imagine they’re getting much of interest these days. They’re welcome to my 99.9% junk mail! 

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