WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Caught on cameras … before stealing them

That’s a screenshot of one of the thieves who stole three surveillance cameras from West Seattle Christian Church in The Junction between 3 am and 6 am on July 25th. WSCC’s Worth Wheeler tells WSB, “From what we can tell there were 2 to 3 individuals involved and they went to quite a lot of effort to removed the cameras, even using a long bamboo pole, standing on our a-frame signs, and bringing one of those extendable gripping devices with a grabbing claw at the end.” Here are video clips showing some of their activity including the camera thefts:

Police have been notified; we don’t have a case # yet.\

9 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Caught on cameras ... before stealing them"

  • DD August 3, 2019 (6:01 pm)

    This is taking property theft to new heights. Person on ground looks like a female accomplice …hopefully some footage will be workable for the police .  

  • BrianD August 3, 2019 (6:56 pm)

    We see videos like this all of the time on the Blog, some with clear face shots, some not.  My question is this:  is anyone ever apprehended due to these videos?  Do the police recognize any of these people?  If not, unless you recognize your neighbor dumping trash into your yard, what good are they?

    • WSB August 3, 2019 (7:32 pm)

      Actually, yes. Without even trying, I can think of three cases in which arrests resulted. In addition, we publish crime reports, with and without imagery, because many find value in the heads-up of knowing something happened (they may choose to take preventive action), may want to help the victims (Senior Center fundraising f/e), and many other reasons.

  • Jethro Marx August 3, 2019 (7:37 pm)

    Is this possibly some awkward and weird performance art? ‘Cause the irony is quite entertaining, in a sad way. If the church had not been taking measures to counter crime, would any crime have occurred? Are they setting a stumbling block in front of their sinning brethren? At any rate this is a boon to the church; I could write a year’s worth of sermons from this odd happening! What bizarre cohort of thieves plans such an involved, yet awkwardly executed heist, with such meager loot? As to their identities: my money is on some militant atheists, who grew up with overbearing and hypocritical parents. Or stoners- it could just be some random stoners.

  • Yma August 3, 2019 (9:42 pm)

    Why? Just why? Whoever you punks are you’re not making a point, you’re not helping anyone. Go away.

  • Swede. August 3, 2019 (11:40 pm)

    That’s a lot of work for (at best) a few hundred dollars worth of cameras…

  • Jim P. August 4, 2019 (11:41 am)

    Might want to consider non-removable or other types of security screws for the mounting plates.

  • Liz August 4, 2019 (11:37 pm)

    Heading to the pawn shop?

  • face less August 9, 2019 (5:50 pm)

    the small one with the Uggs on is a female

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