West Seattle Summer Fest 2019: Saturday evening coverage


6:06 PM: Art is part of this year’s West Seattle Summer Fest, more than ever. Above, Blue Geisha Tattoo is working on a Hedy Lamarr mural up by the California (main) Stage. That’s where Jeremy Enigk is playing right now:

Back in the booth zone, we found Phoebe from Spa Phoebe (new at Fauntleroy/Edmunds) with her pal Franklin:

We’ve even seen a cat at the festival:

6:25 PM: It’s not too soon to start reminding you that the West Seattle Farmers’ Market IS happening tomorrow – but it’ll be in the KeyBank lot (its old home) since the festival’s at the street. And since the market starts at 10 am, the festival does too (in past years, the official start time on Sunday has been 11 am, but we’ve noticed the wandering starts earlier, so this year the festival does too). Back to the entertainment – Balorico is leading salsa lessons on the Community Stage in Junction Plaza Park right now:

The Community Stage has one more scheduled act tonight – 7 pm, The Spider Ferns. Then tomorrow at noon, we are moderating a Summer Fest candidates’ forum with the City Council District 1 trio, Lisa Herbold, Brendan Kolding, and Phil Tavel. Ballots will be mailed next Wednesday so it’s almost time to start voting! Join us in the park on Sunday. Also tomorrow, note that the pie-eating contest has moved to 3 pm.

7:16 PM: We’re folding up the Info Booth for the night. Here’s a pan from inside earlier today:

Things are a little quieter now, but not by much! #1 question is “where’s the California Stage?” Answer: Up by the post office. It’s where you’ll find Night Beats (7:30), Jenn Champion (8:30), and Blackie (10 pm).

P.S. Thanks to the many people who have stopped to say hi. We’ve heard Summer Fest called the “West Seattle Reunion,” with so many people seeing neighbors and friends old and new, and that happens for us every year too.

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  • Beer Smuggler July 13, 2019 (11:13 pm)

    Great times! We brought some friends from other Seattle ‘hoods and they loved the fest. Neat stuff for sale – our group bought some antiques, plus clever screen-printed shirts, jewelry, and I think I now have a subscription to Imperfect Produce? Con: It’s a bummer that you can’t have a beer while watching music with your friend with a kid.Pro: We decided to walk up to the 76 and get some beers to-go to bring back to the music. Nobody cared. We’re responsible adults having a beverage while dancing with our friend’s kid. Loved that nobody said anything. I get why the rules are in place – keep teens from getting beers and keep adults from getting too rowdy – but really appreciated that there wasn’t a security presence shutting that down as long as nobody created a problem.

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