BLUE ANGELS: Seafair arrival at Boeing Field tonight

7:25 PM: Usually the Blue Angels fly in for Seafair around midday, but the Museum of Flight – their “home” while here, at the south end of Boeing Field – says they’re due in around 8 tonight (they performed in Grand Junction, Colorado, this weekend). As we’ve reported over the years, the MoF is where you get the “behind the scenes” view as the Blue Angels take off and land before and after their practices and shows.

8:20 PM: They’ve arrived:

ADDED: Reader video as they taxied at Boeing Field:

Though you’ll likely see/hear them on VIP flights the next few days, as usual Thursday-Sunday are the big days – Thursday with morning and afternoon practices, Friday-Sunday shows. The schedule indicates they’re flying a little later in the day than previous years. Also a reminder, Seafair says the I-90 floating bridge will NOT be closing for this year’s practices and shows.

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  • Angela July 28, 2019 (9:01 pm)

    Yup. I heard them do a fly over at about 8 pm tonight. I’d heard they were coming. The B team, the Thunderbirds, snuck up on us once, long ago, in another State and city. Coming up over a ridge, to surprise me level on, and I will never forget that sound and how the ground shook! So it was tonight, we didn’t see them, but I knew it was the A Team this time (the Blue Angels) flying past (over) our house here just off of Rainier Ave, Seattle.

    • Chris August 4, 2019 (3:24 pm)

      The”B” team…lol. Learn what you’re talking about-CJ

  • Jan Seeley July 28, 2019 (10:12 pm)

    I didn’t hear them, as I am in the Admiral  District, but that feeling of when the ground is shaking, and it permeates your body, and , for me, almost confirms life. I have had some fairly serious health issues in the last year, and I’m looking forward to it again.

    • newnative July 29, 2019 (9:02 am)

      That’s odd, I’m in the Admiral District too and I definitely heard them and saw them. 

  • Nolan July 29, 2019 (8:46 am)

    Spare a thought for every family left unhoused and every citizen left unfed so the armed forces can have toys like this:

    • Question Authority July 29, 2019 (10:12 am)

      I’ll spare a thought as well for those same armed forces are why we’re a nation of the free.

    • Gene July 29, 2019 (11:14 am)

      -and it starts.

    • Scott July 29, 2019 (2:30 pm)

      War Hawks have a hard time thinking of the poverty in their own country.  The whole affair is noisy and obnoxious.

    • Rumbles July 29, 2019 (5:57 pm)

      Shucks, looks like you got it all figured out, Nolan.  Meanwhile, time to watch the air show!!!

    • D July 31, 2019 (2:51 pm)

      It’s a huge waste of tax payer dollars to bring noise and air pollution to our ‘once the most quiet places on earth.’ Oh how we’ve sold our souls to the blue devil…

  • West Seattle Hipster July 29, 2019 (10:56 am)

    I always look forward to the Blue Angels and the amazing shows they put on.  Glad this tradition continues to occur.

  • Enid July 29, 2019 (11:42 am)

    Can’t say I don’t enjoy watching them but the cost is unjustifiable.  If just a fraction of the military budget were spent instead on education, we’d actually have a much stronger country.

  • Yma July 29, 2019 (11:51 am)

    @Nolan  yes there are things we need to address as a country. But NO – this is SeaFair, this is Seattle. The Parades, the ships, the Hydros, the Pirates, the Torchlight Parade, the Blue Angels – it’s all part of it.

  • Chris July 29, 2019 (1:38 pm)

    Does anyone know more about thenew for the blue Angelsshow this year? Trying to figure out the best spot to watch with kiddos.

  • Mark July 29, 2019 (3:48 pm)

    Chris, I believe they simply moved the centerline down a ways in order to not have to close I-90. Wherever you normally go to see them should be just fine again this year.

  • Joe July 29, 2019 (6:11 pm)

    With the new focal point, will you still be   able to catch the show from say Bellevue or Medina Park?

  • Teresa July 30, 2019 (2:02 pm)

    I saw them over Everett last night! Very exciting

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